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Another question mark at the end of this book Why do you leave us hanging I know, so we can read your next book Which I will do when it comes out.
This book is about a girl who at 17 gets her world turned upside down and the main culprit is her mom Though it may seem to have a lot of witches, fae, vampires and the rest, it is actually a of a mystery novel to me The amin character is hunting for answers, hunting for her mom and trying to be a good witch all in one but when push comes to shove what will she do to save her little sister with the help from her friends, she does everything inher power and theirs to do what needs to be done but can she truly do it in enough time before her mother lets all unseelie loose upon the earth Well written a bit long on the read time but well characterized too would reccomend to YA readers She Wished Her Mom Would Disappear Now Her Mom S Missing, And All She Wants Is To Find Her AgainTeen Witch Rosamunde Broke The Spell Her Mother, Rosmerta, Used To Control Her Family And Reported The Illegal Use Of Magic To The Faerie Court So Her Mom Became A Fugitive From The Law, Taking Rosa S Younger Sister Akasha With Her When None Of The Faeries Can Track Down Her Mother, Rosa Realizes That She Ll Have To Be The One To Find Her MomRosa Takes A Dangerous Risk Getting Close To The Mysterious Exiled Unseelie Who Helped Her Mother Go Into Hiding To Gain Their Trust, She Ll Have To Break The Rules Her Faeriekin Friends, Ashleigh And Glen, And Kitsune Boyfriend, Kai, Worry That She S Getting In Too Deep But For The Chance To Confront Her Mother And Save Her Sister, Rosa Will Sacrifice Anything Maybe Even The Things That She Believes In The Most Did I enjoy this book I think Ms Walker fell into one of the classic second book in a series blunders she sacrificed a few rounds of editing to get things published quickly Her story was just as fun as the first though this one tends to dwell on teen relationship angst instead of cool magic stuff , but the grammatical errors and or editing misses were significantly common in book two Witch Hunt is a great second installment, but Ms Walker s editing misstep cost her a star.
Would I recommend it Yep If you liked the first one you ll like this one, just be aware that it s not as cleanly written.
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com 2014 11 me Witch Hunt is the second story in the Fae of Calaveras County series It continues the story of Rosa and her family with Rosa trying to locate her younger sister, Akasha Akasha has been taken by Rosa s mother, Rosmertz Rosa has a new boyfriend in this book and is dealing with the loss of her sister and mother while also being torn between her mother s plotting with the Unseelie and her own ties to the Seelie court There is some romance, some magic and there are a lot of decisions that Rosa has to make throughout this book.
This is a well written story that incorporates the openness that is being found often in society In this story a witch may date a magikin, fairy or human and bisexuality is a given Family is discussed and what family and friendship can and does mean varies from one person to the next within the story Fun and filled with issues that made me think, this story is one I believe will appeal to teens.
5 stars In Book 2 of the Fae of Calaveras Rosa returns following the warrant of her mother s arrest for breaking her oath to the Fae Courts Her mother has kidnapped her sister Akasha and they are on the run trying to avoid the Seelie while trying to come up with a plan to help the Unseelie on the other side of the veil and in the human world In an attempt to track down her mother herself Rosa begins to work with the Unseelie by supplying them with a narrative that describes the Count s brother s attempt to open an undocumented veil between the worlds Rose uses her daughter to supply the things she will need to open a new veil herself but Rosa s choices lead to devastating consequences for herself and her friends Book 2 picks off exactly where Book 1 left off with one minor change This time around Walker tells the story from Rosa and Rose s point of view This was a little difficult to keep track of when the chapter began describing something mundane and witchy and using their names because of the similarity it was taking me a few pages to realise I thought it was the wrong Ros Like the first book Witch Hunt is fast paced and I finished it in a day I was really annoyed with Rose this time around because her motivations were lacking and she was a completely moral less character that the author was trying to push us to like As if her motivations were a reason to feel bad for her It was a pill I wasn t happy to swallow and the the story continued the I was rooting for something to backfire and get her killed because really, she s an awful bad guy SPOILERS Her justification for controlling her family with mind magic and turning to the Unseelie was because she had an affair and her husband wanted to rightfully leave her so she forced him to stay Rosa actually does feel bad for her mother s plight, understanding if that s the right word to use that she was desperate to keep her family together And yet Rose takes off at the end of the book with Akasha because Samuel isn t her real father so he has no claim to her So why spend 13 years forcing him to raise your children if you didn t want him to be the father to them I was annoyed but I couldn t stop reading There is something magical in the spell that Walker herself weaves in her story.
I was enthralled with book one and started Witch Hunt book 2 right away Again, this author has a gift for writing She is subtle with her plot line and creates a world that the reader can escape within My only criticism is the ending I feel she leaves too much unresolved I don t want to ruin it for anyone, so I ll say that I still feel like I get manipulated into a story line that is dragged out like a soap opera at times There is an inconsistency with how important the mother is to the cause and her involvement I feel like she is of a minor member at times and then the plot implies she s important I m confused.
Overall, an excellent book that I would recommend I will continue to read the series The character development is wonderful and the book is well written.
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A story about teenagers struggling with their parents, friendship, love and different views of the way their community is constructed, complicated by magic in different forms and shapes Nice touch some of the chapters are told by the evil mother I m looking forward to reading part 3 Thank you, Kristen, for sharing this story I read 2 of the 3 books in the series and found them to be a decent read in the YA genre with a whole lot of fantasy thrown in Writing about and handling teenagers is rather difficult, but the author manages to bring out their characteristics with perfection.
The writing is simple and the story line is interesting with a setting in a small town where both magic folk and humans co exist The humans know about the vampires, sorcerers and others and even go to school with them There is a lot of fun and everything seems perfect in Rosamunde s little world, right up until she starts to ask questions This leads to a shattering of her previous perceptions and changes everything, turning her world upside down What do you do when the world as you know it is not actually how it is The story on the whole is entertaining and fun with its serious moments An enjoyable read, the story is well introduced and light in the first book, then takes on a slightly serious tone with adventure and exploration thrown in.
Read it to know Witch hunt was a great addition to this series In Witch Hunt, Rosa has to face a lot challenges than she did in the first book She not only has troubles with her mom, but now she s having troubles with the fae court, her friends and her boyfriend Not everything is so rosy any, there s a bigger dose of reality injected in this book There was a lot of focus on the building and deteriorating of relationships, whether it s between Rosa and her family or Rosa an her friends There was also a lot mystery surrounding Rosa s mom and what she was up to It was interesting to see how it all came together and how quickly things changed I loved the lesson in this book lieing doesn t get you anywhere I m really excited to see what happens next, I have tons of questions that need to be answered This is a great book for teens and adults, with a mix of mystery, paranormal and fun, you can t go wrong I received this ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review.