↠´ Boy in the Blitz ✓ Download by ä Colin Perry

↠´ Boy in the Blitz ✓ Download by ä Colin Perry Quite a charming read of the surviving diary extracts of a young man, working as an office boy in London in 1940.

A fascinating look into the mentality and spirit of the British during the Battle of Britain This diary of an 18 year old boy is exciting and tense Life goes on with bombs blasting, and Colin polishes his shoes and presses his shirt and rides his bicycle through the wreckage of the Blitz The kid is amazing in his perspective and enthusiasm, certainly showing potential as a writer I would love to find some reflections from later in his life.
The Diary Of Colin Albert Perry, Born In Camberwell In When War Broke Out On September Rd, He Was A Junior Clerk With The California Standard Oil Company In The Royal Bank Of Canada In The Heart Of London His Diary Ended In November When He Joined The Merchant Navy As A Ship S Writer