[Trish Wylie] ☆ Her Bedroom Surrender [shinigami PDF] Ebook Epub Download ç formresponse.co.uk

[Trish Wylie] ☆ Her Bedroom Surrender [shinigami PDF] Ebook Epub Download ç Cute, fun read.

This book is just fantastic Trish Wylie packs an emotional punch, blending intense emotions, sizzling attraction, intense character development, laugh out loud moments and heart warming romance Cara, the h is funny adorable, the H Rory is to die for, he is a man of responsibility who takes care of his family the one he loves, it s so easy to fall in love w him The banter between them is laugh out loud funny, especially with the setting in the gym, w cara hang ups about her body rory working as her personal trainer while recovering after getting injured in his dangerous real work I liked that H finds h gorgeous he helps her feel good about herself.
Self Made Fitness Tycoon Rory Flanaghan Is Tall, Rugged And So, So Sexy When Cara Sheehan Starts One To One Sessions With Rory, Exercise Takes On A Whole New Meaning Though She Might Be Inexperienced In The Bedroom, Cara Knows Rory S Heart Is Locked Away But Rory Will Show Cara What She S Been Missing With One Touch, One Kiss, One Night, He Ll Have Her Complete Surrender