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[ Read Online Having Justin's Baby å epic-fantasy PDF ] by Pamela Bauer ✓ There S No Turning Back Once Paige Makes A Colossal Mistake That Could Cost Her The Best Friend She S Ever Had How Can Life Possibly Stay The Same For Her And Justin After They Spend One Passionate Night Together If Only Her Fianc Hadn T Run Off With Another Woman And If Only Justin Hadn T Been There To Comfort Her When She D Been So Utterly VulnerableBut Now She S Pregnant And Paige Can T Turn Back The Clock And Things Couldn T Get Any Complicated Because This Innocent Little Baby Puts A Whole New Spin On The Term Just Friends Really, a 3.
5 It s a best friends to lovers theme, and I thought the author did a great job of showing the uncertainty, the hurt, etc between friends.
2,5 estrellas Como idea no est mal, pero le falta consistencia Me ha dado la sensaci n de que toda la trama est cogida con pinzas, pero puede ser impresi n m a.

I enjoyed this book and the author s laid back, fast paced style It was a good enjoyable read My only gripe is that the story is lacking is the true love aspect In fact, the romance was a bit tepid All of the qualities that made the young heroine so likeable disappeared after the one night rebound with her friend that left her pregnant I left the story feeling like the couple settled for each other because of the baby.
The heroine Paige comes across as very selfish, maybe she s insecure but from the start she seems vapid and that makes me dislike her very much Justin I liked but I wish he started out with of a spine, letting her blame him, eurghh she was such a coward She genuinely came across so self absorbed I wanted to smack the white off her teeth