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[Randal Rauser] Ë An Atheist and a Christian Walk Into a Bar [world-war-i PDF] Read Online è The Question Of God Is Simply Too Important And Too Interesting To Leave To Angry Polemicists That Is The Premise Of This Friendly, Straightforward, And Rigorous Dialogue Between Christian Theologian Randal Rauser And Atheist Justin Schieber Setting Aside The Formality Of The Traditional Debate, The Authors Invite The Reader To Join Them In An Extended, Informal Conversation This Has The Advantage Of Easing Readers Into Thorny Topics That In A Debate Setting Can Easily Become Confusing Or Difficult To FollowLike Any Good Conversation, This One Involves Provocative Arguments, Amusing Anecdotes, And Some Lively Banter Rauser And Schieber Begin With The Question Of Why Debates About God Still Matter They Then Delve Into A Number Of Important Topics The Place Of Reason And Faith, The Radically Different Concepts Of God In Various Cultures, Morality And Its Traditional Connection With Religious Beliefs, The Problem Of A Universe That Is Overwhelmingly Hostile To Life As We Know It, Mathematical Truths And What They May Or May Not Say About The Existence Of God, The Challenge Of Suffering And Evil To Belief In God, AndRefreshingly Upbeat And Amicable Throughout, This Stimulating Conversation Between Two Friends From Opposing Points Of View Is An Ideal Introduction To A Perennial Topic Of Debate This was kind of disappointing I expected muchin the way of thought out arguments Also, I think Justin Schieber could have been a bit stronger in his rhetoric He was too forgiving of the interruptions and often mocking, even condescending, attitude of his christian co author, Rauser That being said, there are some interesting points raised by both authors but there is also a lot of illogical, irrational crap.

Genre Christion Living, Christian theology, Atheist beliefsMy rating 2 starsLanguage Honestly I was shocked to see that there was a D in the book However, after that one, it was clean Age Range 18 Content Pretty clean There is a section briefly talking about sexual pleasure Conclusion Well I love biblical theology and the study of God, the Bible, and the universe this was not enjoyable In fact, it was rather boring They couldn t agree to anything important which makes sense but was still irritating Using bigs words, a lot of analogies, I still left with the feeling that they had no idea what the other person was talking about I did finish the book, but it was close to being a DNF book.
A worthy effort by two evenly matched opponents, yetenjoyable than most such exchanges in that authors Rauser and Schieber obviously respect each other Not sure they got to choose their title Schieber was called upon to defend the implications of a materialism I m not sure he holds, while Rauser defended a God of the Philosophers bare theism rather than the trinitarian monotheism of biblical Christianity I d buy a sequel, but next time I d hold out for paper rather than use the Kindle app on my smartphone again.