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↠´ Read ↠´ All of This is True by Lygia Day Peñaflor ê DNF at 120 pages I found this pretty boring and no matter what, i just couldn t feel anything for the charactersThe way the book is set out is really interesting and the premise sounded really cool, but I just found it moving too slow and not much really happened in those 120 pages, and I kind of felt like I was wasting my time I had no care to find out what had happened to the characters at this point, so I ve decided not to continueToo many other books to be read D I read this entire book on a flightthat s how addictive it was I couldn t put it down The entire concept was so unique and well executed, with little twists all the way throughout it It ll keep you thinking, and make you question what you believe.
Miri Tan Loved The Book Undertow Like It Was A Living Being So When She And Her Friends Went To A Book Signing To Meet The Author, Fatima Ro, They Concocted A Plan To Get Close To Her, Even If Her Friends Won T Admit It Now As For Jonah, Well Miri Knows None Of That Was Fatima S FaultSoleil Johnston Wanted To Be A Writer Herself One Day When She And Her Friends Started Hanging Out With Her Favorite Author, Fatima Ro, She Couldn T Believe Their Luck Especially When Jonah Nicholls Started Hanging Out With Them, Too Now, Looking Back, Soleil Can T Believe She Let Fatima Manipulate Her And Jonah Like That She Can T Believe That She Got Used For A BookPenny Panzarella Was Than The Materialistic Party Girl Everyone At The Graham School Thought She Was She Desperately Wanted Fatima Ro To See That, And She Saw Her Chance When Fatima Asked The Girls To Be Transparent With Her If Only She D Known What Would Happen When Fatima Learned Jonah S Secret If Only She D Known That The Line Between Fiction And Truth Was Complicated Than Any Of Them Imagined DNF This is so boring and the characters are extremely annoying I thought it was going to besuspenseful or psychological but it s a bunch of rich teen girls speaking and typing in OMG s Apparently there is something shocking and or twisty coming, but I have no interest in finding out what it is.
This is such a meta mindscrew, and I m fascinated that someone was able to write all these layers It s not a twisty book in the sense of shocking surprises, really think Dangerous Boys rather than Dangerous Girls, where it sabout watching psychological evolution or its reverse rather than being stunned by any particular jaw dropper If you ve ever been fascinated or consumed by an author s cult of personality, this is a must Even if you haven t, read it anyway it s an utterly compelling examination of human behavior, the quest for absolution, and the lengths people will go to for success, notoriety, or simply just to fit in.
This book is something else I really want people to know this It s totally different from what I m used to read, the format of the book itself makes it eveninteresting This story is told through interviews, journal entries, and book excerpts At first I thought it would be harder to follow the story, but not at all There is no problem between the different timelines or formats, the story wasn t dense but extremely fluide I was also scared I wouldn t able to tell whom from whom between the characters each had their ownPOV and their counterparts in the book within the book, but I never had this problem Each character has their own thoughts, their own way of thinking and speaking, it was easy to tell whom was whom.
I want to talk a bitabout the format of this book, because I truly think it s one of the things that makes this book so special Mostly because it s well done Like I said, this book is a mix of interviews of Miri and Penny, Soleil s journal entries, and excerpts from Fatima s new book These different ways to tell the story made it memorable This switch between fiction and reality was fascinating because we truly saw how thin the barrier between the two was.
I find this book extremely important considering what s currently happening in the bookish world, especially in KidLit This book is about an author whom gets close to a group of teenagers, befriends them to know their deepest secrets and eventually writes about them This book deals with toxic relationships and boundaries It s important to remember how influential authors can be, especially the author of your favourite book It s human nature to want to knowabout how your favourite book was written, but there are some boundaries both the author and the reader shouldn t cross In this book, Miri, Penny, and Soleil are so obsessed with Fatima Ro that they create a plan to befriend her, and in return Fatima is so obsessed with them and their way of living that she ends up writing about them and their secrets, their precious truth.
I definitely had a hard time putting this book down, I read the first half of this book on a Sunday and the second the next Tuesday, if I hadn t been busy with University on the Monday I would have finished sooner This story is just addicting, you never really know what s going on and the only way to find out is to readandEven when you think something is true, turns out it s not The author did really well with this aspect It s an amazing mystery book And there is also a huge psychological aspect behind this story, it plays a huge role and it s also explained really well in the story Honestly I m having a hard time thinking of one thing I didn t like about this book it s really not simple.
I m sorry I can t tell much about the story itself without spoiling, I think it s really a story you have to go into without knowing much because every bit of information can spoil you and reveal something I m just really excited to readof this author in the future 4.
5 I received this book as part of an ARC tour in exchange for an honest review.
I really loved the format of this book Telling the story through interviews, journals, email and also excerpt was very new and unique I was enjoying every moment of it and it flowed very well And the premise was obviously very cool It is a slow build but definitely worth it Yes, the characters are a bit na ve and a little bland but as I readI began to actually sympathize and like them Especially Penny, Soleil, and a teensy bit of Jonah Jonah was just trying to escape his past and be a better person but, in the end, it didn t work for him And all Soleil wanted was to love Then Miri, I did not like her She has no sympathy in her All she sees is Fatima, she worships her like a god Like girl open your eyes I felt so bad for Penny, it was like Fatima wasn t interested in her at all cause her life was not dramatic in any way I swear Fatima is a manipulative person She definitely took advantage of those kids I really want to know her side of the story though Like was it her intention to use these kids all along or she was forced to write about them cause of the deadline There needs to be a sequel.
This book definitely makes you think a lot It digs deep in psychology I called the plot twist form the beginning I knew what was going to happen but I still enjoyed it when it was revealed Overall, I loved this book I loved the format and the plot Amazing.
i REALLY enjoyed this i ve never read anything like this and i m not sure how to talk about this there are so many interesting themes that the author writes about that i found so interestinglike celebrity culture and how obsession can turn into something unhealthy but also how loving a book and loving an author can save you and change you in a positive waybut also in a super super negative way i figured out the twist if you can call it that from the beginning, but it s not really about that i wouldn t go into this expecting a fast paced thriller it sof a psychological examination of people and or characters i also REALLY like the ending and dichotomy of it i m being vague lol i m surprised by that anyway 4 stars, give it a go disclaimer i was provided an e arc of this through edelweiss thank you harperteen

The back of my advance reader copy reads FOUR YA OBSESSED TEENS BEFRIEND THEIR FAVORITE NOVELIST WHAT HAPPENS NEXT WILL SHOCK YOU If that s not enough to hook you, please trust me when I say this puzzle of a book is so good that it s maddening.
I m confused by my own feelings about this story.