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[Darren O'Sullivan] ¿ Our Little Secret [young-adult-historical-fiction PDF] Read Online Ë I m a sucker for a psychological thriller so when I saw this pop up on Twitter I knew I had to request it The premise sounds great A man waiting to throw himself infront of a train, what led him there Why is that the only solution Our Little Secret is the debut novel by Darren O Sullivan It begins with a man on a train station platform This man, Chris, is waiting for a train Not to get on it, but to jump in front of it, so that he can be reunited with his wife He doesn t factor is Sarah, who happens to end up on the platform at the same time Suddenly, everything he has planned in advance gets thrown in the air as he is unsure what to do.
What follows is a very tense psychological thriller Chris has lost his wife, and he can t cope without her Sarah is struggling along in her own life too When they are thrown together in unusual circumstances, can they find any good in their lives to share with each other I can t write this review without mentioning this next bit Within the first few pages, I had it figured out I don t know if that s because I read so many of these books or there were subtleties that I picked up on which were indicators of what was to come Whatever it was, I knew where the book was going in the first 5% of reading BUT the author has a real talent for grabbing the reader and not letting them go until the end Darren O Sullivan has a great writing style, and he has created some excellent characters The vignettes into the characters pasts are totally at odds with the current situation, which I loved, as it shows a completely different side to them.
Our Little Secret is definitely gripping Packed with drama and with a super cast of characters, O Sullivan is definitely one to watch in the future If you enjoy psychological thrillers, then this should definitely be on your list Recommended Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm I really wasn t expecting much when I picked up Our Little Secret By Darren O Sullivan, not sure why that was but I got a very pleasant surprise indeed as Our Little Secret is quite the sparkling gem.
From the moment I started this, I felt such a compulsion to read on, the way its written it gripped me in its Talon s making me a part of the story from the onset and I was just so motivated to find out the outcome for all involved.
It forged such an emotional connection with me with its flawed but so understandable characters and I found it such addictive reading indeed.
I must admit I did guess quite early on what the twist was but that really didn t affect my overall enjoyment factor at all.
So Our Little Secret tells the story of the night, Sarah happens across Chris at the train station, setting into motion a chain of events after she unexpectedly saves his life.
In return, Chris himself becomes just as determined to keep Sarah safe from the secrets he holds.
As I said earlier I quickly twigged what was occurring but I still really enjoyed this splendidly told mystery.
So Our Little Secret quickly drew me in, the writing was fabulous, it had intrigue and mystery in bundles, was really well thought out with multi dimensional characters, that you believed easily and an overall overcast of doom that really got to you.
So would I recommend this Well yeah Course I would.
Our Little Secret By Darren O Sullivan doesn t overcomplicate things and as a result, it works It shows the intricacies of human behaviour lying just beneath the surface and the everyday masks we conceal ourselves behind.
It was a fascinating read I really enjoyed.
Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and the author for providing me with an arc of Our Little Secret This is my own unbiased and honest opinion Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm 3.
75 starsSetting view spoiler England hide spoiler This book requires a bit of patience and understanding It s a slow burn The characters both confused and frustrated me at times Despite the relatively slow pace through most of it, I had a hard time putting it down 4.
5 out of 5 Sarah is unlike any character I ve ever met and I just wanted to shake her sometimes others I wanted to help her, protect her not unlike her little sister Chris has a plan He s going to jump under the train Under, so the driver doesn t have to see him He will jump under the train that doesn t stop, the train that doesn t carry passengers He will jump at a time where the station is deserted, so no one will be scarred for life after seeing his final moments and the gore that follows He will jump on a certain day, one that s important to him and his wife It s all come down to this It s time to join his wife.
Until Sarah appears, a stranger that ruins everything Having left the home of her cheating ex for what she hopes is the last time, she s early to the station Without money to grab a drink and sit at a bar or cafe, she just plans to wait for her train This means she s there to witness Chris sway on the platform At first she s alarmed to be alone with a man she assumes is drunk and maybe unstable, but she sees something good in him When he eventually notices her, he tries to get her to leave but something makes her stay She ruins everything After she realizes that she definitely stopped this mysterious man from ending his own life, Sarah becomes a woman obsessed He will try again, won t he She can t have that She feels connected to him somehow She cannot get him out of her head She has to find him, has to help him Chris doesn t want to be found He doesn t want to be seen with anyone The murderer that took his wife from him warned him that he d be around watching and waiting Don t tell, or I ll kill again, someone else important to you Keep our little secret, orwill die He lives in fear, slowly becomingparanoid and pushing everyone away, lying to everyone But Sarah won t leave him be I received an ARC of this book from Net Galley and HarperCollinsUK HQ Digital, thank you My opinion is honest and unbiased.
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com Our Little Secret s premise is what drew me to this book as it sounded rather intriguing, and it is definitely an interesting read.
I enjoyed that fact that it has the elements of a thriller mixed in with acharacter driven narrative Part of the story is set in Peterborough, which I always find interesting to read novels about I m originally from Peterborough and so I recognised a lot of the places featured.
The writing itself isn t what I d call amazing it s engaging enough and an easy read but the writing style didn t strike me as anything special That said, the story itself is an easy read and it touches upon some important issues in a sensitive and interesting way.
I have to say that I worked out part the twist from quite near the beginning of the story, which barely ever happens, but I still quite enjoyed it it was a good twist and I would read other novels by Darren O Sullivan in the future.
Many thanks to HarperCollins UK for providing a copy of this novel on which I chose to write an honest and unbiased review.

T W Mentions of SuicideI would like to thank the publishers HQ for sending me a physical ARC of Our Little Secret for review As of right now, I m going to leave the star rating blank because I m really not sure what to give it I was very close to DNF ing it after ten chapters but since the formatting in my copy actually made the length quite short, I decided to finish it It follows a man called Chris who witnesses a strange man murder his wife Julia and force him to keep this a secret Otherwise, he will return to murder him Chris struggles to cope and the story starts with him trying to take his own life, however, is saved by a stranger named Sarah who was travelling home after seeing her ex boyfriend During the novel, it becomes clear to Chris that his friends doubt the missing wife flown back to Australia to see her Dad story and want to uncover the truth I really didn t enjoy reading this one, I really do love thrillers and scary stories but I found the pacing and storyline to be quite disjointed The multiple mentions of suicide and some of the actions both Chris and Sarah did also made me feel quite uncomfortable at times It was graphic and definitely something that shouldn t be read before bedtime since I was feeling a little scared after I finished reading Follow my blog www.
word After the murder of his beloved wife Julia, Chris has lost all joy and hope for a better future and has decided to end his life by jumping in front of a train He has planned it all right down to the last detail a deserted platform in the middle of the night, a fast moving freight train, no witnesses, no trauma to anyone Noone would miss him, and no one would have to bear witness to his final desperate act Except that on the night, things don t go to plan A woman arrives on the platform just minutes before the train is due to arrive And even though Chris tries his best to get rid of her, she refuses to leave What should he do Should he still jump and know that the traumatic images of his suicide will haunt this stranger forever Sarah s face is tear stained as she arrives on the platform late at night She has just broken up with her boyfriend and her life is a mess She doesn t even have enough change for the train ticket, let alone a cup of coffee, so waiting on the dark, windswept platform is her only option She spots a lone, barefoot stranger standing on the platform, too close to the edge, swaying in the breeze, and recognises in him the same hopeless desperation she feels herself Tentatively she tries to make contact and changes both their lives with a simple act of kindness to a stranger.
Apparently, there is an old Chinese proverb that states if you save someone s life, you become responsible for that person and their actions forever It s an interesting premise, and one which would make for a lively discussion after reading Our Little Secret Sarah is certainly taking her responsibility seriously, tracking down the stranger whose life she unwittingly saved, stalking him, trying to worm her way into his life I really liked the way O Sullivan portrayed this damaged woman, whose choice in men is reflected in her own lack of self worth and despair Told in alternating chapters from both Sarah s and Chris POV, the story explores the dark places of the human psyche, which would drive a man to seek death as his only option and a woman to seek solace in trying to fix the life of a total stranger, whether he wants it or not Underlying it all is the mystery surrounding Chris wife s death, which has driven him to despair and adds an element of menace and danger underlying the storyline.
Although I had worked out some of the answers fairly early on, I really enjoyed O Sullivan s portrayal of his two damaged protagonists and their journey towards the inevitable finale I really liked the author s writing style, and his way of introducing little snapshots of his characters pasts, which added a constant undercurrent of darkness to the story Perhaps some clues could have been withheld a bit longer to prolong the mystery for me, but it still kept me interested to the end.
Our Little Secret is a slow burning psychological thriller exploring the deep dark corners of the human psyche and how a simple act of kindness to a stranger can change two people s lives forever An enjoyable, character driven debut novel I look forward to readingfrom this author in future 3.
5 stars Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the free electronic copy of this novel and for giving me the opportunity to provide an honest review blog facebook instagram I have had this book on my wishlist for a while now as that plotline really grabbed my attention Sounds intriguing doesn t it But then I saw some very mixed reviews and it fell further down the TBR pile The imminent release of Darrens new book Close Your Eyes made me realise I had better put my big girl pants on, read this one first and make my own mind up And I m glad that I did I thought that the premise of Our Little Secret was absolutely brilliant Chris is standing on a deserted railway station platform waiting for a goods train that he is going to throw himself in front of He has been planning his suicide for nearly a year, down to the finest detail including no witnesses But he didn t plan on an unexpected spectator being in the wrong place at the right time to prevent a tragedy occurring Sarah now feels responsible for the life she saved but that obsession goes both ways and Chris also becomes fixated on stopping Sarah discoveringabout the details leading up to that terrible night.
Lots of reviewers have said that they worked out where the plot was going within the first couple of chapters and I do have to say that this is definitely a book that isabout the journey than the destination What they don t seem to mention is the beautifully crafted story that revolves around Chris and Sarah and their cat and mouse relationship where we are never too sure who isin danger of losing their self control Chris is a man on the edge literally , in the depths of despair from losing his wife and trying to protect all those around him from the person responsible But Sarah sees something in Chris and feels a connection between them that she can t let go undiscovered I loved the chemistry between this couple and found their scenes together full of tension The build up to the final few pages was completely gripping and the shocking truths really hit home with just the right amount of drama for me.
This was indeed a pageturner, full of emotion and interesting moral dilemmas which kept me glued to my kindle And as most of you know I have one of those brains where I spot every little spelling mistake etc so I was surprised to read reviews that mentioned these as I certainly didn t notice any I must have been too engrossed in the story itself to spot them if they were there Overall this is an enjoyable debut showcasing an exciting new talent and I can t wait to read Close Your Eyes now 3.
75 Stars rounded up A thrilling ride that starts with a jumper, and the woman who stops him Chris Hayes life has fallen apart His wife Julia is gone and he can t live without her Therefore, he came up with what he thought was a well thought out plan to be with his wife He was going to jump in front of a late night train One with no passengers One no one ever waited for He planned it perfectly But minutes before he was to jump, someone else showed up at the station and she ruined everything Sarah is a mess She spent the night with a man who could care less about her She leaves his place with a few dollars on both her train pass and on her debit card, having now idea if she can actually make it home They had dated for five 5 years and he cheated on her for most of it At this point, her self worth is down the loo When she arrives at the train station, she spots a man, wavering at the edge of the platform, kissing a picture of a woman and is immediately entranced She doesn t hesitate she speaks Life is altered For both of them Chris Hayes wishes Sarah never spoke to him Never made contact Sarah however, can t get Chris out of her mind She wants to help him Wants to make a difference Her sister Nat is against it Sarah doesn t listen Chris long time friend Steve tries to be there and help him through the rough times Chris refuses Chris and Sarah become bound together and both are keeping secrets If you want to know what they are, you ll have to read this one for yourself Our Little Secret by Darren O Sullivan was an enjoyable psychological thriller that built slowly and kept that slow burn throughout It kept my interest with characters that were interesting yet pained That said, this wasn t an intense quick read at least for me In addition, though I had storyline figured out fairly early on, it didn t detract from my enjoyment of the novel.
Thank you to NetGalley, Harper Collins UK, and Darren O Sullivan for an arc of this novel in exchange for an honest review Published in NetGalley and Goodreads on 7.
17 Will be published onon 7.
A Deserted Train Station A Man Waits A Woman WatchesChris Is Ready To Join His Wife He S Planned This Moment For Nearly A Year The Date The Time The Train But He Hadn T Factored In SarahSo When Sarah Walks On To The Platform And Sees A Man Swaying At The Edge She Assumes He S Just Had Too Much To Drink What She Doesn T Expect Is To Stop A Suicide As Sarah Becomes Obsessed With Discovering The Secrets That Chris Is Clearly Hiding, He Becomes Obsessed With Stopping Her, Protecting HerBut There Are Some Secrets That Are Meant To Stay Buried Forever Perfect For Fans Of Clare Mackintosh And Holly Seddon