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ç Treacherous Trails (Gold Country Cowboys #2) ✓ Download by ß Dana Mentink Someone told me taking up your cross and following Jesus means you sometimes say no to what your heart wants Ella Cahill passed up the chance to follow her dreams when she turned down a career opportunity that would have left her disabled sister without a family caregiver It was the right thing to do Now, she is facing murder charges and is desperate to find the evidence necessary to clear her name Appearing by her side is her brother s best friend, Owen Thorn, home from active duty while recovering from a serious leg injury It seems right having him by her side, but how long will he stay Owen Thorn promised his best friend, Ray Cahill, to look after his sisters, but he couldn t prevent Ella from discovering a dead body in the trunk of her van She insists on her innocence and he believes her, but someone wants her to take the responsibility for a senseless murder They think they have figured out who, it s just a matter of finding out why In the mean time, why is Owen finding Ella s gorgeous red hair and sparkling green eyes so attractive, all of a sudden This little story has enough high speed chases to fill several books, so be prepared to ride down some treacherous trails as Ella and Owen race towards justice I received a copy of this book from the author and publishers The opinions expressed are entirely my own.
The magnificent strength of Ella Cahill took his breath away Ella Cahill gave up a huge dream to care for her disabled sister Now someone is framing her for murdering a friend who had send her a warning She is drugged and arrested Her brother s best friend and her friend since childhood, Owen Thorn, former Marine, wants to clear her name But Owen has promised her brother he would stay away from Ella Owen has problems of his own, too Can Ella and he work together and stop this killer before she is the next victim Dana Mentink is a favorite and this book just proves why Action from the very first few paragraphs that does not let up throughout the book Reading is was like running for your very own life, in a way Writing with super suspense throughout, Mentink once again proves she is a go to author for a grand, gasp worthy read Don t miss this one, folks I can t wait for the rest of the series to unfold Her spiritual themes are wonderful as well My thanks to the publisher for a preview copy of this book All opinions stated are entirely my own.
Falsely Accused Can She Escape The Real Killer In This Gold Country Cowboys Story, Farrier Ella Cahill Is Accused Of Murder And Only Former Marine Owen Thorn, Her Brother S Best Friend, Can Help Clear Her Name Now With Someone Trying To Kill Ella, Owen Must Protect Her Despite His Promise To Her Brother To Stay Away From Her But Can They Work Together To Find The True Killer Before She Becomes The Next To Die Treacherous Trails is an action packed addition to the Gold Country Cowboys series This novel stands alone, even though it is the second book in the series, so no worries if you haven t read the first one.
I really liked the history between these two main characters Owen was best friends with Ella s older brother growing up, and all three of them spent plenty of time running around being kids together in the past However, in this novel, the friendship of old between Ella and Owen began to morph into something decidedlythan simple comraderie The danger level was very high in this story and I enjoyed the many twists and turns in the plot While it was hard to watch as Ella was framed and treated unfairly by law enforcement, the support and connection that Ella had with Owen made it all worth it I look forward to readingin this series.
I received a complimentary copy of this book All opinions are my own.
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5 stars Mentink is stellar at grabbing your attention right from the start and keeping the tension high throughout the story The action doesn t ebb much once it begins which in this case is pretty much right away and one thing I always love about this author s suspense books is that several of her scenes are truly action movie worthy In Treacherous Trails, it s not so much about figuring out the culprit but instead staying on the edge of your seat, wondering a how Ella and Owen will survive this and b how the bad guy will get a satisfying comeuppance Mentink s suspense timing is fast paced, spot on and smartly written.
Also woven throughout the novel are moments of humor the unicorn shirt and romance Ella has loved Owen since they were kids, and Owen has to hide his own feelings because his best friend is Ella s brother who has made it clear that Ella is off limits to Owen This gives Ella and Owen an easy, tender, comfortable camaraderie that is also simmering with both sets of suppressed feelings Swooniliciousness ahead I still have not recovered from the purple heart moment Ah The romantical feels Bottom Line If you re looking for a protective former Marine cowboy hero, a brave strong heroine, and buckle up for a bumpy ride suspense novel, look no further All of Mentink s suspense stories are top notch, but I especially love the Thorn family characters in this series A quick read, packed with action and a tender message of dying to self, this is a great pick for your weekend I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book first seen at Reading Is My SuperPower Reviewed at The Power of Words in the heart of California s gold country, Treacherous Trails is an adrenalin and emotional ride if there ever was one and from the very first page, no less The villain is pure evil and we re pretty sure of his identity all the way, so it s figuring out who all is involved and seeing them captured that keeps you turning the pages Dana Mentink s writing flows smoothly and it was hard to put this book down I need to confess that I m not much of a suspense fan, but I enjoyed Dana Mentink s dog lover s series so much that I wanted to try this genre, and I was not disappointed What I like so much about Mentink s writing is that, even in suspense, she creates rich characters with realistic backstories that make you care about them Ella and Owen are appealing lead characters who are easy to connect with, and I loved the romantic tension between these two Owen is a fascinating blend of cowboy and military, and Ella s devotion to her disabled sister is moving I was confident that Owen and Ella would get together in the end, but the feeling of Ella s brother that Owen s wartime experience made him unsuitable husband material added good conflict.
On a spiritual level, there s a great quote on p 90 that I keep coming back to again and again Someone told me taking up your cross and following Jesus means you sometimes say no to what your heart wants Ella Both Ella and Owen have to deal with loss of personal dreams in one way or another, and their struggle reflects what the self denial Christ asks of us might look like Good food for thought in this story.
I enjoyed Treacherous Trails very much and look forward toof Dana Mentink s stories Just a personal request here Dana has a great sense of humor and I long forsweet, funny stories like the dog lover s series Recommended.
I received a copy of this book through Celebrate Lit The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
Clear your schedule, take a deep breath, and hold onto your saddles before you return to Dana Mentink s Gold Country Just like a wild mustang, Treacherous Trails is one wild ride.
From the first page Mentink yanks readers into Ella and Owen s story and doesn t let go With plenty of close calls and questions to be answered, this story goes by faster than a thoroughbred racehorse.
Oh, and let s not forget about the unicorn shirt This little reprieve had me laughing out loud.
With lots of combined memories, the history between Owen and Ella give this story depth and substance Ella s been hurt by Owen before even though it takes him a while to catch on As both of these characters fight to uncover the truth and save Ella from a murder conviction, they grow close once again.
But Owen knows what he wants, what he is made for, and Ella is not in that picture Can he give up one dream to discover an even better one Don t miss this action packed, family centric, twisty, blood pressure increasing suspense.
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I enjoyed this second book that I ve read by Dana.
I just enjoy her writing Such exciting stories and I love how there are so many twists and turns throughout the story.
I also love how God had a plan for each of the characters in Gold Bar just as he does for each of us in real life.
I very strongly admired Ella She s brave, courageous and the ability to look out for others.
I had a dream myself but it never came to pass bc I believed that God had a different plan for me.
Yes, it hurt very much but now that I m older I understand Ella is a hardheaded just like Owen Each is out for their own selves and not looking toward the Lord for helpWe are all just like Owen and Ella at times Too hardheaded for our own good I received this book for free This is my honest opinion and no compensations were not received Ella Cahill, a childhood friend of the Thorn family is mistakenly suspected of murder Signs that point to her continue while Owen Thorn does his best to help discover the answers to numerous questions The entire Thorn family stands behind Ella and her disabled sister, as she follows every clue that may help to clear her name.
Characters are strong and relatable, while a fast paced plot keeps the reader steeped in suspense This is not a book to slowly absorb The action continues to the very end of the story, and there are no clues as to which way the plot will lead Numerous signs lead to dead ends, while the real killer is still at large and posing new threats to Ella and her family I was propelled through this book This author has a habit of building a suspense filled plot, and leading the reader around corners that are not what one would expect I read this book so fast that I may have to read it again just to enjoy the story at a slower pace I highly recommend Treacherous Trails, the second in the Gold Country Cowboys series Disclaimer I received a copy of this book with no expectations for a positive review All expressed opinions are my own.
Eeep Another Thorn brother romance Keep a hyperventilating bag handy for this one because Owen is a bit of a brooder, a whole lot of compassionate and definitely a tortured soul Ohand a wounded heroliterallyhe has the purple heart to prove it.
I love that Ella and Owen have a lifetime of history She was the tag along kid sister of his best friend so he considers Ella family despite the years of separation due to his deployments Of course, Ella has been secretly crushing on Owen for years because he s that irresistiblebut she s been harboring a bit of resentment at his desertion too Not that there was anything between them back thenjust her girlish heart breaking over unfulfilled dreams plus a whole lot of hurt as life dealt her some pretty heavy blows that she had to weather alone She got off course for a time, but she s straightened up and life looks gooduntil someone sets her up for murder.
Owen in full protection mode my heart palpitations had palpitations stands by Ella as they work at clearing her name And Mentink has created one of the truly nastiest villains in this story And we all know up front just who he is which is an interesting twist What we all have to figure out is the what, why and where And that takes characters and readers on a hair raising, action packed adventure.