Trailer ↠´ Dark Horse: Achieving Success Through the Pursuit of Fulfillment PDF by  Todd Rose

Trailer ↠´ Dark Horse: Achieving Success Through the Pursuit of Fulfillment PDF by  Todd Rose Combination of research and self help book Rose and Ogas have interviewed dozens of dark horses, outstanding people in their fields who got their non standard paths E.
, of Jennie McCormick, who dropped out of school, but then discovered a love of astronomy and, as an amateur, discovered a new planet Rose and Ogas has combined their research on individuality to determine that successful individuals are motivated by fulfillment, which they offer a four step process to determining what your life fulfillment might be.
It all sounds a little self absorbed Maybe it works 4.
5 Building on his previous book The End of Average, Dark Horse lays out an alternate worldview from which to approach talent life development, sharing results from Rose and Oga s study of women and men who achieved impressive success even though nobody saw the coming Moving past the critique of standardization The Standardization Covenant to a mindset based on the science of individuality where every person has talent, the authors propose the Dark Horse Covenant, based on the belief that there are endless varieties of merit and infinite pathways to fulfillment They present four practical guidelines to personalizing your way to fulfillment, each of which have potentially powerful implications for education redesign work committed to learner centered practices.
If You Have Ever Felt Like You Just Don T Fit, This Book Will Change Your LifeKnow Your Long Term Goals, Work Hard Very, Very Hard , And Stay The Course In The Face Of All Obstacles Until You Reach Your Goal This Is The Commonly Accepted Formula For Fulfilling Goals And Dreams But What If We Have It Exactly Backwards While This Standard Formula Works For Some It Fails For Far Too Many Then There Are Those Who Buck The Formula And Triumph On Their Own Terms They Are Called Dark Horses Researchers Todd Rose And Ogi Ogas Have Studied These Dark Horses, And In This Groundbreaking Book, Use The Experiences Of These Mavericks To Demonstrate That There Is A Different And Better Formula For SuccessThe Dark Horse Project Was Born At The Harvard Graduate School Of Education To Research Alternative Paths To Excellence Dark Horses Demonstrate That The Secret To Personal Accomplishment Is Not Dependent On Connections, Money, Or Standardized Test Scores The Secret Is A Special Mindset That Empowers Them To Consistently Make The Right Choices To Fit Their Circumstances And Complement Their Unique Interests And Abilities The Philosophy Behind This Mindset Is Simple It Is Not The Pursuit Of Excellence That Leads To Fulfillment But Rather The Pursuit Of Fulfillment That Leads To ExcellenceDark Horse Reveals The Five Elements Of This Mindset That Have Been Road Tested By A Wide Array Of Individuals Nurturing Every Manner Of Aspiration No Matter Where You Are In Your Career, Rose And Ogas Show How The Dark Horse Mindset Can Guide You To A Life Of Purpose, Authenticity, And Achievement This wasn t nearly as good as the End of Average, but it was interesting enough to probably read again Audible I don t have too much time to write anything significant right now, but I enjoyed this book immensely It gave me several ideas that I would like to apply and further consider in order to better my own life and, perhaps, help me find that sense of direction in my life that makes me feel fulfilled I do plenty of things I enjoy I just haven t figured out how to tie them together into something fulfilling and unique I would say, though, that after about the 54% mark the interlude section forward , the material felt less useful That s not to say it was completely worthless, just that it had less of an impact on me than the first 50% or so.
Overall, though, it was a very good book One of the best self help books I ve ever read Very well written and intelligently laid out I didn t feel like the author was underestimating my intelligence or padding the book with useless insignificant examples Everything came together very nicely and felt like it had a purpose.
I wish everyone would read this important book I believe it puts forth a view that may, at a minimum, help our paradigms catch up with our current age It offers ideas of why and how a significant mindset shift can begin to move us towards securing the best possible outcomes for the most people at our time in history There are many interesting concepts here such as micro motives and quotacracy I found the last part of the book, the Interlude and the sections that followed, particularly vital and compelling, although I do not suggest skipping the earlier parts of the book That said, some sections arereadable than others I got a little bogged down in the middle of the book, but it is definitely worth sticking with it until the end Also, I get that personal story examples are always components of this type of book However, I do worry that they may allow readers to feel that the book s conclusions only relate to these dramatic cases, while the core ideas here are truly relevant and applicable to the masses As someone who s a proponent of major paradigm shifts over and above simple hacking of current systems, I found this book enlightening and encouraging in both theoretical and actionable ways.
While success may mean different things to different people in all walks of life, Dark Horse presents a new and refreshing perspective that helps demystify a stereotyped, rigid formula for perceived success and its pitfalls and a deeply ingrained formula for life long happiness pursuing success through knowing one s own micro motives, choices and trial and error strategies in pursuit of fulfillment to attain excellence, namely the standardization mindset vs the so called dark horse mindset as the authors vigorously advocate in the book, starting with a fundamental change of the standardization covenant that currently prevails the education system.

Quite good The book explains how there is a better way to motivate people than picking a passion and going to school for it and climbing the ladder It s by following your micro motives It helps you realize what motivates you isn t so much a passion as it is your micro motives This book feels like a career help book that doesn t give help in what step to take next but instead imbues you with these knowledge to determine what step you want based on your desires and is a real quest for fulfillment.
Long on anecdotes and platitudes about harnessing your individuality , short on actual insight.
This book really spoke to me The problems with standardization especially as a father with children in the public school system are ever present, and as a creative I m always looking for ways to push myself into that dark horse mindset Now I have a framework for things, preferences, and ideals I couldn t always articulate to myself and others I think this book is practical and important to really any type of person looking to challenge themselves outside the norm or to find their own winding path in life The stories and examples throughout are also very inspiring, and the book is structured well, building on previous professional examples and expanding them Definitely will read this one again