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Å This Splintered Silence Þ Download by à Kayla Olson Another book about a young girl trapped in a sudden position of loneliness and leadership on a ship hurtling through the dark vacuum of space First book read this year, and it was quite an underwhelming read.
Unfortunately, I didn t get too invested in it so I probably won t be giving a hardcore, gif infested, raging review, but here s basically it BOOOORIIIIIIIING.
I m not sure if it was simply the writing, or if it s just the main character s voice that kept repeating their sentiments with the same words in different patterns every time You know, when they feel this ONE SPECIFIC THING, but they just had to go about it dramatically for pages x infinity I feel like it was trying to be emotional, but at a certain point, it feltmonotonous because of how they kept going back to it over and over.
Plus, there s a love triangle that sent me on a yawning spree The climax was also quite underwhelming, and the resolution too short and abrupt Unsatisfying Too bad, too, cause space operas are totally my jam Insert crying gif here.
Lindley Hamilton Has Been The Leader Of The Space Station Lusca Since Every First Generation Crew Member On Board, Including Her Mother, The Commander, Were Killed By A Deadly VirusLindley Always Assumed She D Captain The Lusca One Day, But She Never Thought That Day Would Come So Soon And She Never Thought It Would Be Like This Struggling To Survive Every Day, Learning How To Keep The Lusca Running, Figuring Out How To Communicate With Earth, Making Sure They Don T Run Out Of FoodWhen A Member Of The Surviving Second Generation Dies From Symptoms That Look Just Like The Deadly Virus, Though, Lindley Feels Her World Shrinking Even Smaller The Disease Was Supposed To Be Over The Second Generation Was Supposed To Be Immune But As People Die, Lindley Must Face The Terrifying Reality That Either The Virus Has Mutated Or Something Worse Is Happening One Of Their Own Is A Killer 2.
5 starsWaaayy too much of Lindley feeling sorry for herself, whining and running away, hiding out to get it away from it all She spenttime doing that then anything else If the author would have cut at least half of that needless, self reflection crap out and focused on the actual story, it would have been a decent book.
A gorgeously written, tautly plotted thriller I inhaled this book and relished the twists and turns it took I love the way This Splintered Silence weaves science, technology, grief, panic, and the nuance of human relationship into a tightly woven web and an ending I never saw coming.
5 starsThis book cuts cleanly two ways for me The first 50% I wasn t a fan of, but the second 50% was really quite good Frankly, the first half was a little too slow paced for a thriller, but once past halfway the book did catch my interest And I never did suss out the culprit until the actual end and found many people suspicious , so I did think that was done well.
The comp title of Illuminae did feel slightly accurate, though it lacked the same gripping intensity and amazing AI Illuminae had And I did like the narrator s voice, I confess.
You can find the full review and all the fancy and or randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight 3.
5 This was quite a fun book While not perfect, I found it to be quite enjoyable and I was certainly invested in the mystery aspect of the story Let s break it down into likes dislikes, because I cannot really talk about the plot too much for fear of spoiling The Stuff I Liked It was incredibly entertaining Despite any other flaws, I just plain really liked the story Is it murder Is it a virus mutation Something else I am not telling obviously, but you get the idea there are a lot of possibilities Which keeps the reader engaged, as you d imagine And while I thought I might have figured it out a few times, I didn t actually until much later The explanations seemed legit I mean, okay, I don t actually know from a scientific perspective because I am not some kind of space biologist or something But to my common sense it sounded reasonable And really, that is all I need Sometimes in the adults are gone shtick, the reasons are suspect at best Here, that isn t the case I really felt for Lindley and the other characters Can you imagine all the adults just dying over a few week period Because it sounds awful Not only do you have to figure everything out on your own, but you have to deal with a crap ton of emotions while you re doing it Then throw in dead friends and well, it s not a great scenario The stakes are crazy high I mean, they re in space by themselves with who knows what killing them I don t actually think stakes get much higher, as a rule The Stuff I Didn t Especially at first but really throughout the thing I had a hard time keeping track of who s who Lindley is the main character, and narrator And we spend a ton of time in her head, obviously And she does spend time with other characters, but there are just so many of them Even her inner circle is six people, and man, I had trouble keeping them straight The romance situation is a veritable Gale Katniss Peeta love triangle But where the aforementioned triangle added something to the story, I didn t feel like this one did I didn t really care who, if anyone, she ended up with, though I didn t dislike either guy either Bottom Line Super entertaining and full of action and mystery, it s definitely worth checking out if you re a sci fi fan

I barely had issues with writing styles whenever I read a book, but this is so unbearable My god Four chapters in and I m already rolling my eyesLinds he s the only one allowed to call me that, and everyone knows itI mean I think this line is enough for me to DNF it.
I m not a big science fiction reader, but since This Splintered Silence featured elements of the mystery and thriller genres in it, I thought it might be an interesting read It definitely was, and Olson s ability to evoke sympathy for her characters and give thememotional depth than what I find typical in sc fi made it evenintriguing to me The romance aspect sort of took away from the plot itself, I found, but still gave the book another layer to the story.
I did find the book very chaotic and confusing at first, but its plausible storyline and relatable characters made up for that in spades, giving the book a lotto look forward to I would definitely recommend This Splintered Silence to readers who are new to sci fi as a genre, or who aren t really into the genre much but still enjoy some aspects of it.
I think most things begin to fracture without anyone realizing it s even happening, a sort of splintered silence that gives way all at once under too much weight, and without warning Themes survival, friendships, relationships, growing up together, evolving bonds, science, technology, space station, leadership, stepping up, grief, trust, asking for help, virus, mutation, murder, contagion, space, stress, pressureNothing quite like what I expected, This Splintered Silence is a surprising mix of familiar and well loved genres mostly scifi, somewhat dystopian, a little romance and a healthy amount of mystery, thriller, and suspense If you liked Kayla s debut novel, The Sandcastle Empire, this one will come as a pleasant surprise it s a sort of evolution, retaining all of the qualities I loved in TSE strong character development, engaging plot, incredible prose, solid world building and then it ups it a fewnotches Although the plot is certainly engaging, I would say that TSS ischaracter driven than anything Written in Lindley s POV, the focus is on how she s reactingthan what s happening around her It s about how Lindley deals with leadership and the pressure and stress that comes with the role, but also with how she decides on what to trust, who to trust It s really quite astonishing to get into the mindset of such an intense character like Lindley I first fell in love with Kayla s prose in The Sandcastle Empire, and this only rekindles my love for it The words fall so naturally together on the page it seems effortless I m not really sure how to describe it, but there s a distinct trademark in it, quite inexplicable Maybe it reminds me of a modern Tolstoy Tolstoy can write countless scenes of groups of people merely sipping tea but never do they seem too dull, but also never overly elaborate I say this because one of my favorite chapters in the book is just the main character eating chocolate and it s forever seared in my memory But my favorite parts are also the metaphors that aren t far fetched at all but are so unique and I m all admiration I wish I could come up with half the stuff that she comes up with I would have loved somedetails about the world, but it s solid enough to not leave you distracted about it The entire mood of the novel kept me on my toes and there was this point in the novel where you can feel the fraught nerves, the intensity of the situation when things have reached the tipping point.
For the few of us who appreciate a love triangle, there s something to be excited about it s not at all the focus, but the few scenes dedicated to it are really good the love interests are totally swoonworthy Overall, if you couldn t tell yet this was everything I was hoping for andI tried to wait it out before I wrote this review to give myself some time to tone down my enthusiasm to areasonable proportion Part of me is so happy I got to read this early, but part of me is regretful because that means I have to wait who knows how long for Kayla s next novel I highly recommend it to those who like scifi mystery thriller survival reads BLOG REVIEW ASSOCIATE LINK Buy your copy