ò A Deep Dark Call ☆ Download by è Rose Vane

ò A Deep Dark Call ☆ Download by è Rose Vane A lovely well written novel about immemorial Romanian folklore music, dance,hora, sorcova, wedding traditions, werevolves, strigoi and so on.
I expected what I came for in Wallachia a job as a governess and a fresh beginning, far away from all that tormented me in England Instead, I found a sinister manor house with secrets lurking down every dim corridor.
Eerie, erotic nightmares plague my sleep inspired, no doubt, by tales of the village s mystical guardians and my darkly handsome employer.
Ioan Marcu is as enigmatic as the lands where he and his daughter make their home The locals say that he is cursed, that he is behind the questionable circumstances of his first wife s death.
But I feel an almost supernatural pull toward him, despite the wall of solitude he s built around himself.
Our passion has reached a fever pitch, and I know we must confront the consequences of our lust.
For Ioan is no normal man, and I may just be the key to his powers full potential.
Review Great first book for this Author I really liked this mixing of mythos to come up with a new twist on werewolves.
This story had a gothic romance feel which I loved It was dark, atmospheric and super sexy It is a very fast paced story, so the romance is amped up Though Ioan and Lucy don t like each other for the first part of the story, for me it wasof not wanting to want the other and them throwing up walls As far as it is posted this looks as though it is a stand alone title but I really think this would make a good series There were Ioan s friends who were quite intriguing and would make great stories.
I can t wait to see what this Author offers next.
4Stars I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book provided by the publisher.
I Expected What I Came For In Wallachia A Job As A Governess And A Fresh Beginning, Far Away From All That Tormented Me In England Instead, I Found A Sinister Manor House With Secrets Lurking Down Every Dim CorridorEerie, Erotic Nightmares Plague My Sleep Inspired, No Doubt, By Tales Of The Village S Mystical Guardians And My Darkly Handsome EmployerIoan Marcu Is As Enigmatic As The Lands Where He And His Daughter Make Their Home The Locals Say That He Is Cursed, That He Is Behind The Questionable Circumstances Of His First Wife S DeathBut I Feel An Almost Supernatural Pull Toward Him, Despite The Wall Of Solitude He S Built Around HimselfOur Passion Has Reached A Fever Pitch, And I Know We Must Confront The Consequences Of Our LustFor Ioan Is No Normal Man, And I May Just Be The Key To His Powers Full PotentialThis Book Is Approximately , WordsCarina Press Acknowledges The Editorial Services Of Mackenzie Walton Lucy travels from London to a remote house in Wallachia, where she is to be governess to a widower s daughter It s all gothic and moody and I d hit take my money, online eBook retailer at the point in the blurb where it mentions she has erotic dreams Didn t even bother with the rest of the blurb, because I know what I like Sure, those next sentences could have gone on to say Lucy will have a secret baby and then she runs away for ten years and when they meet again tries to pretend hero isn t the baby daddy or something else that would irritate me, but it was a risk I was prepared to take I was in the mood for some smutty gothic, although this doesn t quite rate as high on the smut o meter as Sierra Simone s The Awakening of Ivy Leavold Plus, this is paranormal Not getting anyspoilery than that Although, since I ve mentioned Wallachia, and if you read any paranormal, you probably have at least some idea of possible directions this plot could be taking.
Lucy has the two classic gothic problems snarky servant conflict and attraction to her possibly murderous employer She s also going to discover some stuff about herself where her weaknesses and flaws are actually her strengths, etc etc, but characters do that without being paranormal, whether I want them to or not, so fine This isn t a ground breaking plot It s elevated by the fact that both hero and heroine manage not to be annoying or do too many ridiculous things They both seem to have some smarts, and they think about things Those erotic dreams rate mentions over fully described cinematic dream sequences, but there was enough going on in the book that I didn t feel I d been cheated What I enjoyed most about the characters was their introspection At a critical point the hero gets really annoyed with the heroine, and while this drives them apart he eventually has a sit down and a good objective think about what he s doing, and how he s going to fix it I really liked that And I really liked the ultimate resolution of the plot s broader issues, because it all went down in a way that was credible and aligned with the hero and heroine s values The balance of descriptions of their sexy times falls a biton the painful uncomfortable side than I d usually prefer, and there issmutty promise in the first part of the book that isn t delivered on in the later chapters There s also secondary character smut, which I m not really a big fan of, because those characters can have fun between the lines, rather than on the page I m time poor Stay on romantic target, plot The later chapters focuson the paranormal plot and the hero and heroine s emotional conflict I thought the romantic love elements could have been stronger, but Vane does at least make the distinctions between what s motivating them to boink all the time and the development of deeper feelings, and works on a resolution to both There s light and unobtrusive set up for another hero, and I ll probably read his book too He ll apparently need masses of boinking otherwise he ll die, what fun Il y avait de l id e mais mal exploit e I m not quite sure what to say about this one This is my first read from this author, so I can t compare A Deep Dark Call to her other works But this one didn t work for me for several reasons.
I did like the setting of Wallachia Romania, as that is still somewhat unique when it comes to the staging for romance and paranormal stories And given the release date, I was happy that this was set around Christmastime with lots of snow But that is about where it ended for me.
Lucy traveled alone from England to Wallachia to act as a governess for Ioan Marcu s young daughter, Alexandra It s clear that she is leaving England in disgrace and is determined to make this new employment work, but she wasn t expecting to fall in instant lust with her dark and mysterious employer Ioan suffered from the same problem on his first whiff of Lucy There is a quite a bit of earthy lusty thoughts happening, and things move very quickly from there Unfortunately, despite the instant lust, Ioan and Lucy never seemed to like each other Even when they were together, there was a coldness to their interaction that I did not like.
In addition to the hot and cold relationship, things moved too fast I know this is a novella, but I felt like it was all tell and no show I wantedcharacter development,details, andemotional involvement Much of the dialogue was strange and confusing and I was left scratching my head as to the author s meaning The prose was too earthy to be purple, but it was no less unappealing The plot conflicts were also weak and too easily resolved The whole story just left me feeling cranky and unsatisfied.
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book from the publisher, Carina Press.
5 stars.
This was an okay read for me, overall A Deep Dark Call by Rose Vane is the first book that I ve read by this author The execution fell apart here and there, but I enjoyed the gothic feel to this paranormal story.
Lucy travels to the wilds of Wallachia to be a governess She doesn t expect the enigmatic owner or the mystery that seems to live within the walls and tapestries There s so much to uncover in a place shrouded in myths and paranormal whispers The original blurb really peaked my interest I love darker storylines, and each page had enough intrigue to keep me flipping through.
Ioan is the master of the house, and he has this Mr Rochester vibe that I really, really loved He s not your average man, though, and Lucy s intrigued not only about his past but the erotic dreams she keeps having about him.
I just wish that Lucy s understandings of her situation didn t feel so glossed over She comes to just know certain things and I wantedpush pull Her reactions just felt a bit off to me I also wanted her connection to Ioan to havetime to develop.
That said, I really enjoyed the look into this world The side characters were interesting, there was just enough steam to singe the pages, and enough twists that make this story stand out I recommend it for anyone who loves a good paranormal mysteryI voluntarily reviewed an arc via the publisher on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Reviewed by Michaelene for The Librarian s Corner A bit too fast paced for my taste, but that can t be helped considering the format It s an enjoyable read, both entertaining and instructive in its use of authentic local customs and lore Yes, I do realize that paranormal romances aren t supposed to have much to do with real stuff , but this is a nice touch and adds substance to the wolf finds mate plot I particularly like the supporting characters, the right amount of Gothic feel, the language and the writing style mindful of genre conventions, yet compelling and distinctive The book does a good job of setting the scene for series development, and I look forward to the next installments.

A quick and easy read I didn t like it that everything happened so fast Lucy and Ioan met and the insta lust was off the charts They were consumed with sexual thoughts about each other I wouldn t have minded so much if they genuinely seemed to like each other but they did not The story was set up that way for a reason, but it was weird for a romance to have two MCs not like each other much Iftime had been spent developing their relationship this would have been very good.
I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
DNFI was really excited about this book It was supposed to be a gothic style PNR, with an English governess in Wallachia who falls for her enigmatic employer The blurb promised a sinister manor house, a possible curse, and questionable circumstances surrounding the death of the hero s first wife I was expecting Rebecca meets Dracula or something What I got was a story I had to put down three times in eye rolling frustration before I finally walked away for good around the halfway point It should tell you a lot that I couldn t get any further, since the book was only about 43,000 words.
It started out with a lot of scene setting, which ok, the author was trying to set the mood Wallachia is very different from London and wolves howl a lot Lucy, the heroine, has some kind of Past which forced her to leave her home and strike out somewhere entirely new At first, I figured someone must have deflowered her, especially since she wondered if her new employer was going to ravage her the first time they met an idea she was clearly not adverse to but since we later discover she s a virgin, I can tell you that wasn t it.
Anyway, Lucy and Ione have an immediate connection ie they want to boff each other right away This makes Ione run away to a brothel with his buddies where they often go to all have sex in the same room Mind you, this is not an orgy kinky guy on guy thing I guess in Wallachia, brothels do it differently The first time I set down the book was when Ione started ruminating on how his friends liked to do it with their various whores For instance, he wonders what he himself would have looked like from outside in moments like this An impatient, insatiable lover like George Rough like Iancu Skilled and patient Fastidious After all, we get to see the various ways his friends are boning through Ione s eyes.
I left the story and tried again Lucy keeps dreaming of Ione Ione admits to dreaming of her Of course that leads him to the obvious question if they re dreaming of each other, could they be sharing the same dream Seriously, why the hell would you jump to that conclusion His admission makes Lucy stomp her foot and tell Ione he s inappropriate in the stable, and then they end up hiding and peeping on another couple engaging in some spanking and nookie It gets her all hot It was as if his essence was already inside her, filling her Yet again she inhaled a scent that was unmistakably his soap and tobacco, very discernably all male, cock and unspent seed, blood that was hot and burning for her What in God s name does that even mean OK, now at this point, they just want to have sex with each other She says no, it wouldn t be proper, so he proposes When she says she doesn t want to marry him, he replies, I don t particularly want to marry you either, but I want to fuck you and you want it too I mean, who wouldn t swoon with a proposal like that Of course she says yes Then they get to the wedding night where Ione can smell Lucy s virginity and asks her if she s wondering how she ll fit this strange looking thing inside her.
That was when I quit.
I m pretty sure Ione s a wolf shifter of some kind, because there a lot of talk about wolves and the foreshadowing is rather heavy handed I just couldn t stick with it to find out.
This has some pretty good reviews on Goodreads, so maybe it s just me Your mileage may varyARC provided by publisher