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¶ Stray Moon  Download by ↠´ Kelly Meding The East Coast unit of the Para Marshals went through a lot in STRAY MAGIC Their team is no longer whole, but when they find out that werewolves are going missing Shiloh is determined to help.
There was a ton of mystery going on in Stray Moon I enjoyed all of the investigating aspects of the storyline Shiloh and her mother get a pretty big shock when their connection to the bad guy is revealed I didn t see it coming either.
There really isn t any romance involved in Stray Moon, but the connection between Shiloh and Jaxon grows as she slowly learns about the connection that they lost when her memories were taken I m still really confused about Tennyson Sometimes I feel like there is a small romantic connection between him and Shiloh and then other times I just feel a sort of sister brother protection vibe happening Either way, they work really well together and I hope he continues to want to tag along with her and her team on future adventures.
There was plenty of action, the world building continues to grow the world and the characters continue to entertain and intrigue me The Strays series will continue to be on my wishlist This book was provided free of charge from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Book Source Publisher via EdelweissAfter loving the first book in the Stray series, Stray Magic I jumped right into Stray Moon, I mean how could I not Stray Moon picks up within days of the events in Stray Magic Shiloh and the gang are on a paid suspension from the Para Marshals but that doesn t stop them from investigating the missing werewolves from Stray Magic While the focus was on the vampires in Stray Magic this time around the focus is all about the werewolves Both groups have been targeted by the same big bad We learn who that is in the last quarter of the book and it leaves Shiloh and her mother reeling from the familial connection Shiloh has to deal with the memory loss of someone in her life I don t want to name the character because it s a spoiler for the first book Because of some hidden powers, Shiloh is able to work around the memory loss with shared thoughts and the other character It seems Shiloh half djinn side is not the only part of her that gives her strength Her magical genes from her mother s side of the family are shaking things up with new emerging powers I think Shiloh will only getpowerful and interesting as the series continues Stray Moon much like its predecessor, follows the small group of friends into a case where they save many lives and learn there is a bigger agenda when it comes to the humans vs paranormals It looks like there might be a war coming and I can only hope that Tennyson, Master vampire continues to want to do a ride along with Shiloh and the gang as they try to find the big bad who is still at large The hardest thing about reading Stray Magic and Stray Moon back to back is waiting for the next novel in the Stray series I Need It Now.
My Rating A, Loved It This book was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
If you ve followed my reviews for a while, you know I am a fan of Kelly Meding In fact, I finally sat down and read the 2013 Carniepunk anthology recently just to read the short story that sparked this series And overall, I liked this book But someone needs to sit down and have a chat with the editor.
No one should have given the green light for this much repetition I mean, yes, it s very important that Shiloh has forgotten Jaxon In book one, I remember being so perplexed about who the love interest in this series would be And then, at the very end, when she agreed to lose her memories of the person she loved most boom Jaxon appeared to be the guy Add to that, I understand that coming to terms with her feelings despite the missing memories was the big emotional arc here But for the love of Pete, this must have been reiterated at least once per page If I didn t already have a history with this author and an investment in the characters, I would have put the book down I almost did anyway And that s a shame because, otherwise, it was a good book.
Though the vampire crisis was solved in the first book, Shiloh and her team know there are missing werewolves out there This story follows their efforts as they try to track them down and figure out why they vanished in the first place Along the way, we are able to enjoy the interplay of characters like Novak the incubus and Tennyson the master vampire We get to delveinto the goddess mythologies as well as pack culture, all of which I enjoyed.
The character relationships and dynamics are well done I am still intrigued, in particular, with whatever the heck is going on between Shiloh and Tennyson And of course, I am down with her and Jaxon Vincent has always felt kind of like a throwaway The twist on the villain reveal was kind of cool and I didn t see it coming.
I am interested in where the series will go next, but if the next book beats me over the head with the repeat stick again, no amount of author love, worldbuilding, good characters, or plot will bring me back for a fourth installment.
Take from all this what you will and decide how much this issue would bother you against what is otherwise a solid offeringARC provided by publisher There was a lot going on in this one Some of it was really good, some not so much One thing is for sure, Shiloh and her people aren t going to give up quietly, they are going to keep fighting and do the right thing because as they found out with this book there is evil out there, ready to take you down and subvert you and you can t let them win.

Source Publisher Genre Urban Fantasy Rating 4.
0 Thoughts Stray Moon is the second installment in author Kelly Meding s Stray series Para Marshal Shiloh Harrison s team is in shatters Two members have been outed as being double agents for a mysterious employer Their team leader betrayed them, and Shiloh herself bargained away her memories of the person she loves the most in order to save lives But, there s no time to wallow in self pity Not with the US Marshal services keeping an eye out for anywrong doing on their part Full Review Gizmos Reviews HEAVY SPOILERS AHEAD NOT BEHIND SPOILER TAG YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED Aaargh, why you are doing this, author Erasing the memory of Jaxon from Shiloh s mind because apparently, she loves him the most in the first book, and now Jaxon has been taken by the evil mastermind, who is actually Shiloh s own grandfather AAARGH, I need to know if there s book 3 in the progress Anyway, a great follow up to Stray Magic released last year, Shiloh and the rest of her team Novak and Jaxon with an amused Tennyson tagging along, helps another Para Marshall to locate missing werewolves In which, Shiloh discovers about his grandfather The pace is fast, and Kelly Meding teases with the possibility of Shiloh and Jaxon rekindling their love, even if Shiloh cannot remember anything about Jaxon In the first book, I sort of wanting Shiloh with Tennyson, but now I feel like he slike her older brother I hadn t heard of this series I honestly don t know how but with an opportunity to review a title that offered something different from the norm, I was all in And what a ride this was Entering in the second book can leave some holes, but most of these were related to the what happened before , all generally explained in the story, but not really making a difference to just how much I enjoyed this story Para Marshall, Shiloh Harrison is a Djinn and the new leader of the East Coast unit after the death of her boss In the previous novel, she had made a bargain with her memories to save a team member and that loss is reverberating throughout the current story Was it a betrayal, and is the person she saved worth giving up those memories But, evenpressing is the disappearing werewolves that have been noticed by the leader of the West Coast division, and if Shiloh and her team are bold enough or bored enough with the virtual house arrest of their unit to defy orders and jump in to help Shiloh isn t particularly concerned with the ramifications she was sworn to serve AND protect, and she knows that her skills as a Djinn, as well as her skills in finding answers will be of use What is happening to the werewolves, and will Shiloh be able to untangle the many webs that surround this case Who is in charge of the cover up and will she be able to answer questions around Kathleen and Damien, can she save Jaxon, and is there a way to get her memory back and if she does will it provide the answers to the many questions she has Oh this was a sweet set of circumstances that providedquestions with each and every new answer, with twists, turns and evenquestions with each page Never ending from first to last, the story takes us from interrogation to California, then on to a small town in Kansas, with black magic, a new witch, the arrival of Shiloh s mum for some answers and her ongoing friendship with a master vampire also intent on finding the source of the threat here in Kansas Uncovering information that can and does affect relationships, as well as the additions of new members and increasing roles from long standing members, relationship angst and some drama all come together with one hell of a cliffhanger that has me chomping at the bit for the next book after, of course, having read the first and re reading this one with information that I may have missed due to the author s skill at flushing out the backstories and motivations both overt and covert with each of the characters I loved Meding s use of the paranormal elements that added an extra oomph to the characters, and the ongoing questions that Shiloh has about her place and skills, while still managing to always choose the most honorable path at the time with the information she had made her a standout character and one that we hope the best for A wonderful introduction to this series, that doesn t feel too complicated as you start, but builds interest in the first book and will leave you clamoring for the next I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via Edelweiss for purpose of honest review I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own responsibility Review first appeared at I am, Indeed This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life in books.
This was great This is the second book in the Strays series which picks up just after the events of the first book so I do recommend that this series be read in order The first book, Stay Magic, is fantastic so you wouldn t want to miss that book anyway I loved the fact that this book hit the ground running and the excitement held throughout the story I really enjoyed my time reading this wonderful story.
Shiloh and her crew are technically suspended from their jobs because of how their previous assignment worked out That doesn t stop them from agreeing to help locate a group of missing werewolves in an unofficial capacity along with a member of the West Coast unit To make mattersinteresting, Shiloh cannot remember anything about her former boyfriend and current team member, Jaxon, because her memories were wiped away in a deal she made.
This story is told from Shiloh s point of view and I had a great time being in her head It was great to see how she was struggling with the fact that she had no memories of Jaxon while he worked to deal with learning that he was the person she loved the most in the world I thought that this aspect of the story was done extraordinarily well and I loved getting the chance to see Shiloh get to know Jaxon all over again I feel like I got to know both Shiloh and Jaxon a lot better in the process I thought all of the key characters in this book were very well done.
I thought that the story was exciting and the mystery was rather complex Shiloh and her crew have an interesting set of abilities and I like how well they compliment each other Shiloh is still learning the full extent of her abilities and I found it exciting to learn what she could do right along with her There is no shortage of paranormal beings in this book and I find it interesting that really anything could happen at any given time I couldn t figure out the mystery until everything was revealed which is exactly how I like for things to happen I found this book to be quite the page turner and there was at least one major thread that has left me very eager to see what will happen next I would highly recommend this series to others I think that this is a wonderfully exciting story filled with fantastic characters in a well developed world I cannot wait to see what Shiloh and the crew will be faced with next I received a digital review copy of this book from Harper Voyager via Edelweiss.
Initial ThoughtsThis was excellent It does begin right after the events in the first book so this would be a series that does need to be read in order I liked the whole set up for this installment and liked the characters evenI can t wait to readof this series.
Para Marshal Shiloh Harrison Has Always Been A Great Number Two For The East Coast Unit But After Her Boss Is Found Dead Having Betrayed The Paranormals He Was Sworn To Protect , She S Suddenly Thrust Into A Leadership Role She Isn T Prepared For And It Doesn T Help That She Traded Away Memories Of One Of Her Most Important Team Members To Save Another S Life During Her Last MissionToo, She S In Charge Of A Unit That Is Mired In Bureaucratic Red Tape, Meaning She S Essentially Under House Arrest But A West Coast Para Marshal Has Astral Projected A Warning Werewolves Are Going Missing, And She Needs Shiloh S Help Last Time It Was Vampires This Time It S Werewolves Half Djinn Herself, She Knows She Can T Just Sit Around And Do Nothing While Paranormals Are Getting Snatched Her Old Boss May Have Broken His Oath, But Shiloh Will Do Anything To Serve And Protect