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[ Pdf High School Reunion µ gender-identity PDF ] by Mallory Kane ☆ This wasn t bad It was entertaining with out crazy ridiculous characters like previous books from the series This book is the last one she released for the series even though there are still two other characters she never touched on This book also left you hanging a little on what the outcome would be between the two lead characters.
Though I really prefer Harlequin Presents overall, this was actually really good I ll have to read of this kind I am definitely intrigued by Intrigue OMG I m so sorry, I know that was the worst pun ever Plenty of suspense and mystery found in this book The ending was a bit abrupt.
Really liked this the unsolved mystery was good, complex enough to make the culprit not immediately obvious, but not so convoluted that it didn t make sense The length limitations on this series often means at the suspense is not at all suspenseful, or that half the clues are summarized at the end Not the case for this book The cool girls are a high school clique who bullied other kids, including Laurel Funny that no one recognizes her as an adult she moved away right after high school Now at their 10 year reunion Laurel is back as an FBI agent investigating a suicide of one of their classmates that she believes was a murder Cade was her secret high school crush and is now the chief of police As they investigate, additional things happen two people are killed, others hurt, fires as the murder tries to cover up past crimes I really liked that even though Cade wants to protect Laurel, he always remembers that she is trained to take care of herself And even with the sexual tension between them he doesn t engage in stupid macho displays and she doesn t become a ball buster they both respect each other The HEA isn t final at the end of the book, but it s clear that these two are adults and they ll figure out how to arrange their lives to be together.
it was not a much of a surprise A very nice romantic suspense that includes the uncertainties of going back to your hometown for that High School Reunion.
Her High School Reunion Unleashed A KillerSomeone Wanted FBI Special Agent Laurel Gillespie Dead And With Good Reason Her Not So Discreet Investigating Into The Decade Old Suicide Of A High School Classmate Indicated It May Have Been Murder Now The Killer Was Determined To Stop Laurel From Discovering The TruthPolice Chief Cade Dupree Resented Laurel S Invasion On His Turf Not Only Did She Stir Up Trouble In His Town, She Also Stirred Up Feelings Inside Him But When A Madman Targeted Laurel, Cade Vowed To Protect Her At All Costs Could They Learn To Trust Each Other In Time To Outwit A Cold Blooded Murderer