å Rage (Her Monsters Book 1) Ü Download by À K.A Knight

å Rage (Her Monsters Book 1) Ü Download by À K.A Knight I m a monster tooI love this book I love the theme What is beauty if it hides the true monster inside That is what Dawn and herself as she is being beaten and killed by her husband She feel for his beauty and charm, his false words and easy smile only to become trapped by his goons in a cage where bruises and blood mar her skin She knows now that there are true monsters out there that hide behind masks So when she claws she way up through soil of her shallow grave in the forest and finds herself at the feet of a real forest god in all his terrifying glory, she feels no fear She sees only the beauty that is the monster before her, raw and powerful She will soon learn that she too is powerful powerful enough to call out to four sleep monsters across the world to her These four powerful being are all different, old, but all heed to the call of their Fated mate and do whatever they can to get to her It s a story of vengeance, hope, new beginnings, intrigue, drama, and steamy scenes I will definitely be following this series and I this another I just hope the wait isn t agonizing long because the cliffhanger if killer.
Well let s shake things up, flip them all around, beat them down and then freaking wreck them shall we I ve taken some time to think about this book and I kind ofthan liked it.
but there is just so much going on here in book one that I m afraid to over commit into 4 star territory That being said this FMC, is like the Harley Quinn of the paranormal world This book is very dark and full of every trigger you can imagine but despite all that I couldn t put it down The whole time I was reading it I was thinking to myself that this is it This is the bad guys anthem I have expected this from other authors in the past and they have come up short but K.
A Knight delivers MONSTERS Its not pretty but for some reason its damn satisfying.
Full disclosure there really isn t much supernatural world building here The reader is kind of thrown in This would normally totally put me off, but, for some reason, It didn t even bother me here, never even slowed me down Really I have no idea how we have ended up in this supernatural world, there aren t any explanations here in book one Maybe answers will come further along in the series I feel like ifinfo had been provided it might have made for acohesive and better flow to the read in general but like I said it never slowed me down.
FMC, Dawn, after a horrific and traumatic experience with her husband which ended in her death Awakens and crawls out of her shallow grave with a monster awake inside her As Dawn awakes to her new self, filled with vengeance and a thirst for the death of those that have wronged her, her magic calls to those strong enough to be her mates They hear her call.
It seems there is a plague of supernatural across the city and women of all races are being taken and forced to reveal their powers or discarded by a group called the others It seems that Dawn s ex was working with them and now they are on her radar since they stand in the vicinity of her revenge With the help of some of her monsters she rights some of the wrongs done to her and others but its not enough She still has mates en route, somemonster than even she is expecting, and some ready to burn the world down to get to her.
Really we have so much going on here.
its almost overload but this series has reached something deep inside me and hooked it I can t wait to see what happens as we are left on a cliffhanger What is going on in this world Maybe we will find out in the next book.
My Husband Killed Me Then He Screwed His Way Through The City, The Only Problem I Didn T Stay Dead It Seems Killing Me Woke Something Deep Inside, Something So Dark And Buried So Deep I Never Knew It Was There I Don T Know What I Am, I Don T Really Care All I Can Think About Is Revenge, Even As The Monsters In The Dark Start To Surround Me Their Horns And Black Eyes, Mouths Filled With Fangs Claiming I Am Theirs My Monsters Will Have To Wait, He Will Regret The Day He Crossed Me Are You Scared Of The Dark You Should BeReverse Harem Romance Warning This Book Contains Scenes And References Of Abuse Assault That Some Readers May Find Triggering Along With Graphic Sex Scenes And Violence This Is A Dark Book Now that was a great story Dawn coming back to avenge her death and meeting her mates was such a good story line Oh that ending I was waiting entire book for her to meet mate number 3 and finally it happens and then ends book I really have to read book 2 I loved the take on all the paranormals Seriously hope book 2 comes out soon Great story Absolutely loved it.
Dawn s husband abused her, finally killed her But he didn t get the job done and when she comes back she wants revenge She doesn t know how she s back, she doesn t know what she is and it doesn t matter Now she s powerful Now she s deadly Now she s a monster And she s not alone.
This is not your typical RH A forest god, a fallen, a soul eating dragon, and a minotaur, not to mention the little monster Dawn Vampires, fae, shifters, and witches It s a paranormal feast The monsters are lethal but lovable The humans are not It s emotional, surprising, entertaining, and so original It s hot A little too bloody for my tastes I don t like my sex quite so violent, but it seems to be working for Dawn and her first two mates This first book is setting the stage introducing the characters and laying out the major storyline There is great attention to detail The connections are being made and right as it all starts coming together, it all falls apart It ends with quite a predicament You will be screaming for .
FANTASTIC So I didn t read any other reviews before I started this book and I am really glad I don t know what those single star reviewers were reading, certainly not this book It was great It is dark, it is twisty, and it is steamy Pretty sure that was in the blurb provided by the author Along with the standard trigger warnings I was really bothered by the reviewers who didn t getthan 25% in before deciding to trash it with a terrible review They spenttime misspelling their inaccurate description of a story they didn t bother reading, than actually giving it a shot I love these characters and their darkness I love a good monster, or at least one who is chaotic neutral Dawn has a crappy life with her horrible husband But in her afterlife she gets to focus on her revenge and embrace her rage Her knew life feeds on sex souls Not too surprising since her former life had her on the wrong end of the sucking New Dawn is amazing Not 100% sure on what she is now, but it honestly doesn t matter She is all about her plans for revenge and labeling the monster she has become is incidental Her only real concern is not dying again before her vengeance Nos is steady and wise, not one of the typical males in a harem Griffin is a little crazy and a lot conflicted Dume Aska are just trying to get there It will be interesting to see what other obstacles get thrown in the way and what other monsters could have been called This is my first novel by the author but it won t be my last This book is the first in the Her Monsters series and it blew me away It is a much darker and raw read that deals with abuse and is not your usual RH Dawn is back from the dead and is out for revenge and there really isn t anything she isn t willing to do to get it Dawn is not your average woman and her men are anything but normal With a Forest god and a Fallen at her side as well as a minotaur and a one of a kind soul eating dragon claiming her as their mate, there is nothing they won t do to see Dawn get her revenge Dawn and her men stumble across something much larger than just dealing with her ex husband and then the real craziness and chaos begins K.
A Knight has a way of capturing her readers from the very start This story is packed with action, sexiness and suspense that leaves you begging for .
It s no secret that Knight can get gritty with her offerings Rage on the other hand is a masterpiece of another level Dark and gritty, this isn t for the faint of heart Those warning are there for a reason This book isn t going to be for anyone Rage isn t a pretty emotion It can cause you to do things you regret , a second later.
However there also the festering kind, the one that builds in your heart, eating away at the light Causing you heart turn to black.
The first in a new series, Knight s latest offering blows her previous books out of the water If you loved her debut, this book will be your cup of tea if you can handle the elements in this book As this book is something else.

I finished it but this was bad Wish I would ve DNF d but I had such a hard time bc the premise sounded unique enough I expected it to be good In the end the death was anticlimactic 1 starPay attention to the trigger warnings the author had kindly provided, they re accurate I can t add much.
DNF %I liked it to begin with And then I did not.