Download Epub Format ¾ Up From Jericho Tel PDF by Ø E.L. Konigsburg

Download Epub Format ¾ Up From Jericho Tel PDF by Ø E.L. Konigsburg Not as strong as the other Konigsburg books, but the puzzle is pretty entertaining It s a bit awkward at first to combine the fantasy surreal world with the contemporary everyday setting And the main characters especially Jeanmarie are a bit annoying and there are some unnecessary conversations about racial immigrant stereotyping, etc that will create a controversy nowadays but I guess was still passable during the 80s when this book was written Not her best, but it s ok to cure the craving of some Konigsburgs.
I hate not loving one of her books, but this was a little dated and a little pedantic Great characters and great moral though.
Long Before There Was Dolly The Sheep, Jeanmarie Troxell Dubbed The Look Alike, Think Alike Girls In Her School Clones And Decided She Wanted Nothing To Do With Them That S How Jeanmarie Forms An Unlikely Friendship With Another Outsider, Malcolm Soo, Over An Equally Unlikely Activity Burying Dead Animals At The Remote Spot They Name Jericho Tel It S At Jericho Tel That Jeanmarie And Malcolm Encounter Tallulah, A Famous Actress Who Happens To Be Dead Although Not Too Dead To Send Them On A Magical Quest To Find Out Who Stole The Famous Regina Stone But Their Search Leads Jeanmarie And Malcolm To Something Far Valuable Than A Missing Diamond Adventure, Friendship, And Self Knowledge This was a weird little book I liked the characters overall message, but the plot was very odd It seemed to suffer from genre confusion It wasn t magical realism OR realism the supernatural elements were handled as if they were commonplace needed no explanation context I m not sure what to make of it The best thing here is Konigsburg s depiction of relationship between Jeanmarie and Malcolm Soo She s unbelievably skilled at creating convincing fictional versions of bookish, precocious pre pubescents She gets all the self satisfaction, dependence on half understood facts and concepts, and, most of all, the vulnerability and underlying desire for companionship The banter between Jeanmarie and Malcolm is funny and note perfect There s a lotgoing on in this book s plot, and the peripheral weirdos that Konigsburg throws in are as intriguing as anything in Louise Fitzhugh or Joan Aiken.
An extremely fanciful tale that I enjoyed once I decided to suspend disbelief Our teacher last year had shown us a film strip of microscopic life in a drop of water, and I thought that it should have had an R rating I found the unseen world violent, full of sex and with no redeeming social value What a metaphor It rings so true although I think life in a drop of water does have redeeming social value The trouble with logical explanations was that they only made sense They never explained senses My emotional self understands the depth of this statement, but when I try to cross over into my left brain to explain it logically, I can t find the words to describe And that, in and of itself, is a perfect example of the truth of these sentences.
not many books around with a dead tallulah bankhead as a main character another great read.
what i really enjoy about the books of e.
l konigsburg is the way she portrays young adults they are very real and very distinctive, not stereotypes or wooden dialogue they are kids i would want to hang out with or know and they are very much self possessed some might say they are outsiders, but a key aspect of the books is always friendship and how important it is to have a relationship with at least one peer.
Sometimes I feel like the inimitable Ms Konigsburg just puts plot elements into a paper bag, shakes it, pulls out a few, and thinks YA GOLD This one works though kids who bury dead animals for a hobby, a subterranean Tallulah Bankhead, and a motley collection of buskers, ventriloquists, and inept musicians Also, there s a jewel heist mystery I ve always wanted to be part of a heist Seriously, this one s impossible to explain, but it s worth reading, and like all Konigsburg books, can be completed in an afternoon.

I read this book as I was exploring books to read with to my 5th and 6th grade class I ended up loving it and read it to them with all of the voices of different characters They loved it And I loved it read it I know I read this once, but it was so long ago I do think that I need to read it again It made a big impression on me way back when.