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Download Epub Format ✓ My Dreams Out in the Street: A Novel PDF by ¶ Kim Addonizio 12 27 10 This was nice, but I like the poem better Is it horrible of me that I was rooting for Rita to be killed I think I should mention that to my therapist 10 21 10 Oh man, I m afraid to read this b c I loved the poem these characters are from Jimmy Rita , and I don t want to have a different vision of them from what I have now But this on the 1 cart at The Strand, so you know I had to get it.
I took this home from the library because I recognized the author s name although I cannot remember whether we ve published in the same journals or what it is that makes her name familiar and because I rather liked the idea of a novel about street people in San Francisco The characters were well drawn, and the milieu was certainly recognizable, but I was a bit disappointed Considering that Addonizio is an award winning poet, the diction is awfully flat and even clunky If this had been written in first person using Rita , the diction would work it seems like her voice However, it s not in first person, nor are we always following Rita, so there s not much reason to use a narrative voice that suits a high school dropout who only knows one form of past tense My other complaint is that the story includes a murder mystery, yet while Rita ultimately escapes the murderer rather by deus ex machina why do the police show up so conveniently and his capture means that we should be able to learn why he killed the red haired prostitute, Addonizio is not about to give us the satisfaction of wrapping up that bit of plot I suppose that would ahem smack too much of genre fiction But if we re to have slice of life realism, then why is there the promise of a happy ending in which Rita is reunited with her husband, whose assault charge is so conveniently dropped and whose employer is so willing to keep him despite his arrest And why, for heaven s sake, is it necessary to make the murderer s accomplice turn out to be Rita s husband s pal Stan If we knew about the murder, we might buy Stan the sleazy jeweler as a murderer s accomplice, but as things are Give me a break So this is an easy to read novel with rather appealing characters but it has some irritating flaws.
My Dreams Out in the StreetKim AddonizioSimon SchusterNew York, 2007Streets of HopeKim Addonizio s, My Dreams Out in the Street, is a written journey of the quest for redeeming oneself and the inspiring idea that hope is still a concept to be revered The novel s protagonist, Rita, is a young woman trying to survive the streets of San Francisco while searching for her husband, Jimmy, who had left her a year ago Jumping from shelter to shelter, selling her body for money and battling a drug addiction, it almost seems impossible for Rita to come out of her situation a changed person reunited with her long lost loved Little does she know, Jimmy is still residing in the city and very much in love with Rita However, he too is battling with his own demons as he sets out to change his life around for the better Rita is also conflicted when she finds herself as a witness to an investigation headed by the novel s third main character, Private Investigator Gary Shepard Gary and Rita begin working closely together and eventually become involved, creating yet another obstacle standing in the way of Rita s dreams to be free of the streets and reunited with Jimmy once again As Addonizio molds Rita in the story, the reader can sense the despair, embarrassment and fear Rita has internally Depicting scenes of hardships Rita has endured adds to the complexity of her character and gives the reader insight as to where she comes from, how she got to her current position, and why she is the way she is Though the novel reads mainly in Rita s point of view, it also incorporates the views of the other primary characters as well This creates a better understanding for the purpose of the reader Both the characters dialogues and subconscious thoughts create a vivid description of the scenes and inner workings of the people involved Though My Dreams Out in the Streets incorporates effective use of imagery and creates believable characters, the novel itself is a bit formulaic and almost too predictable The novel is sectioned off into pieces that tell the story of each character and the climax does not really arise until the last chapter, which may lose the reader s interest rather quickly As the novel concludes, it almost seemed as though Addonizio tried to rush each character s plot just to tie them in together for a plausible ending As a reader, it left me confused and wanting it just seemed too coincidental and interrupted the flow of the piece.
However, Addonizio does attempt to raise the notion that hope still exists and to never give up on something that you hold so close to your heart Even in the darkest times where all seems lost and there is no way of freeing oneself from physical and emotional depravity, the characters in My Dreams Out in the Streets, somehow find the light to guide them to freedom The novel is about never losing sight of your dreams, which Addonizio successfully accomplishes.
have been staring at the screen for the last fifteen minutes trying to find words to describe my reaction to My Dreams Out In the Street Well, that for sure indicates that it was a good book But did I like it I think I am going to sit on the fence for this one.
First the plot Rita Jackson is a 23 year old addict She is addicted to drugs, alcohol and smoking She is homeless She is married but does not know where her husband is She freelances as a prostitute when she is pennliess And she has seen a man disposing of a dead body someone he might have killed And he knows that she has seen him 100 pages and I already gasping for air with the hopelessness of it all My Dreams out literally pulls you by your collar , from you bed into Rita s messy world There were moments when I had to put the book away, walk around the house to steady myself as waves of nausea hit me My biggest challenge was my difficulty to relate to this protagonist Even when I tried to push my boundaries and try to imagine this world and this character, something would happen that would seem so unreal and shake me For instance, Rita having vodka for breakfast, daily Then for lunch and then for dinner Rita losing all her belongings once, twice and then again.
This books its not just about Rita Its also about Gary Shepherd , a private investigater , who works in the hell holes of San Francisco trying to find justice for people just like Rita As he walks in to a chapter, you breathe a sigh of relief He is instantly drawn to her and provides some emotional and financial support to this deeply disturbed yet earnest woman Once he discovers that Rita has witnessed the very murder he is investigating , he promises to protect her Even if it means sleeping with her and cheating on his wife A 21st century fairy god mother But there is redemption for him and for her Nothing dramatic Maybe because this isn t a fairytale as much as its about real people.
The writing is choppy , very new age Sentences in your face There is no escape in decorative literary mouldings As I read I felt I was walking in those god forsaken alleys of San Francisco , whether I liked it or not.
I wish you could give half of stars I would give this book 1.
5 I wanted so much to like this book I mean, the author is from Oakland Big Ups to O town , she s tatooed, and appears on back cover with a beer in her hand I dig that kind of shit Plus, I really love the title Be that as it may, I was not so taken with what I found between the covers It was akin to assuming that someone with all of the external goods was going to be raucous in the sack after they had spent half the night sucking on your earlobe, only to end up naked in their bed and have them tell you they aren t in the mood Or maybe I m thinking of something else I wanted this book to be a good storytelling lay It wasn t The characters left me wanting for so much The potential for a complex, enticing story was there But I don t know that Addonizio has the writing chops for it The denouement was so predictable as to be forgettable Addonizzio is a poet who took a respectable stab at a novel, but it doesn t feel like this is her genre I d like to think that I would find her poetry much worth reading.

In the book My Dreams out in the Street by Kim Addonizio the author is trying to emphasize the theme of desperation Kim Addonizio tries to get us to understand what Rita Louise Jackson and her lost husband Jimmy are going through , she shows this by writing their thoughts and dreams The events in the book reveal that the author s world is viewed in a big city full of violence, drugs and problems The way the other wrote the book made me realize how some people have it bad in the world, that my problems aren t as big as others I tried to put myself into Rita s shoes, living on the streets, prostituting so she could eat and not having any friends or family she can trust , it definitely made me understand why my parents say that my life could be worse and to take things for granted It also made me think about the people who don t have anything , just the clothes on their back and a backpack that I see everyday but don t do anything to help them and I thought of myself as a selfish person I recommend reading this book, I bought it from a bookstore because I liked the cover but the inside was better It might sound strange when you start reading but you won t be able to put it down, it s a easy and fun book to read The character Rita is an honest , funny and smart person and when you read this book you ll be thankful for what you have in your life.
beware of a novel whose author s publicity photo pictures them holding a bottle of beer yes everyone drinks in this novel a lot it reminds me of that i am a gritty bad ass bay area attitude i got really sick of back in the 90 s, which is when and where the novel takes place rita lives on the street, half the time trying to scape together money for a hotel room the book is hard to put down, you want rita to make it, you want rita to get her shit together rita was a little hard to swallow because her character was stupid in a way i didn t think was realistic a person like that wouldn t last on the streets longer than three months, tops this is some kind of cinderella pretty woman bullshit but maybe the fairytale aspect is what makes her story palatable why can t someone write a real story about a woman on the street who gets her life togetherwithout some man at the end of the rainbow Well, I picked this up because the cover art looked enticing on the library s shelf, and I dig addiction memoir s , but the book is a complete dragI made it as far as page 71 out of 256 pp and I am returning it with the rest unread I could not care less about what happens to the lead character the author does very little to establish empathy, there are just stark facts and spare details about her junkie life and once you fail to establish a connection with the characters of a book, pretty much all is lost I have too many books on my reading list to waste any time on this one.
I ve loved Kim Addonizio s writing from the first book of hers I picked up, which wasJimmy and RitaThat book, told in poetry, related the tale of a young, down on their luck couple who live skating the edge of homelessness in San Fransisco After that I devoured the stories in her collection,The Box Called Pleasureone a story about a young girl and her mother who have broken down at a gas station stays with me to this day Both her poetry and her prose are magnigicent, so I was excited to see that the sequel toJimmy and Ritacame out in July of this year I only got to it though about a month ago I expected the sequel to be a poetic narrative like the first book and was initially surprised disappointed to find the book was prose That disappointment faded as soon as I started reading In fact, I think the sequel is superior to the first book Despite the grim nature of the tale, I found I didn t want the story to end I was entirely caught up in Jimmy and Rita s lives The book begins with our young married couple split up Rita doesn t know why her husband Jimmy never returned to their rooming house she thinks he decided he didn t love her any In truth, Jimmy has been arrested for taking part in a robbery gone wrong Now out of jail, Jimmy is ashamed, not sure he deserves Rita or if she wants him back And Rita s had to leave her hotel the last place Jimmy knew where to find her and is living sometimes at a shelter sometimes at an abusive friend s, but always on the street Rita s life is dark she prostitutes herself, she has a drug habit she s trying to lose, she endures a brutal kicking in the park, and worst of all she witnesses two men moving a dead body in one of the flop hotels where she stays for a few nights Chillingly, the murderer sees Rita too You re dead, he whispers to her while she cowers behind a locked bathroom door The man goes away, but Rita feels his words are a pronouncement that he will find her and kill her In contrast, Jimmy has found himself a job as a waiter His life is finally starting to look up, and he when he sees Rita from a bus window one afternoon, he kicks himelf for not getting out and going to her He s still ashamed of himself, but slowly he begins to entertain the idea of finding his wife again Then a drunken night with a couple of friends and some girls from a bar threatens to pitch Jimmy s life back in the toilet, when one of the girls accuses him unfairly of rape In the meantime, a man who has become entranced with Rita and offers to help her out of the mess her life has become, watches his own marriage disintegrate while his desire for Rita takes on an obsessive bent Is he a possibility for hope in Rita s life, or just another bad episode waiting to happen This novel was so good Many times heartbreaking, reading this put me on edge, wanting the best to happen for the characters with whom I d quickly made a big emotional investment, worried that nothing could ever turn around for them again, and terrified that the murderer would catch up to Rita But most of all I wondered and worried, would Jimmy and Rita ever find their way back to one another This novel is gritty, often harsh, often lovely, and just damn good ReadingJimmy and Ritais not at all neccesary to dive into this book Each stands alone, and like I said, I like this one best.
Rita Jackson Is A Young Woman On The Skids, Spending Her Time In Shelters And On The Dot Com Drunk Streets Of Late S San Francisco She S A Young Woman Haunted By The Murder Of Her Mother When She Was Thirteen, And A Young Bride Haunted By The Disappearance Of Her Husband, Jimmy, Who Split After A Nasty Argument Than A Year Earlier Together Jimmy And Rita Were Slipping Into Drugs And Hard Times Rita Is Filled With Feelings Of Guilt And Failure, And The Hope That She Will One Day And Jimmy She Doesn T Know That He Is Still In The City, Still In Love With Her, Waiting Tables In An Expensive Restaurant While Trying To Get A Foothold In The Straight LifeWhen Rita Witnesses The Aftermath Of A Murder, Her Own Life Is Endangered She Becomes Involved With Gary Shepard, A Married Criminal Investigator Drawn To The Dark Side Of This Young Woman What Unfolds Is A Story Of Three Flawed People Struggling With Themselves As Much As With Their Circumstances, As Each Of Them Is Pulled Deeply And Dangerously Into The Consequences Of Their Decisions When A Drunken Night Leads Jimmy To Jeopardize His Second And Last Chance, It Seems Unlikely That These Sweet, Damaged People Will Ever Come To Anything, Let Alone Find And Miracle Of Miracles Save One AnotherBut Fate, In Addonizio S Hands, Works In Strange And Beautiful Geometries And Redemption, She Tells Us, Is Never Impossible