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[ Read Online Pedro and Me ↠´ anglo-saxon PDF ] by Judd Winick Ì MTV s The Real World San Francisco is the only season I ever watched with Pedro, Judd, et al At the time, it was a great escape and yet I appreciated it for its ability to give us a glimpse into life s struggles much realistically than what reality tv consists of today I remember thinking back then about what an amazing guy Pedro Zamora must have been, and was touched early on by his story I am grateful to have learned about him through this book It s a candid look at friendship, love, struggle and hope that comes with the territory when fighting a terrible disease such as AIDSbut also just in dealing with the journey of life in general Winick s story inspires me, invokes in me a sense of wanting to do , to do better in this world, to make a difference like Pedro did and probably still does to so many people I ve often agreed that we never really know just how much we might be able to impact someone s lifePedro s story has certainly impacted mine And, though this may sound very preachy and or idealistic, I believe that Winick s moving and poignant story helps solidify that every single one of us can make a difference in this world even if it s just to one other human being All we have to do is, remember to love each other So, so very important.
This graphic novel, for upper junior high and high school students, is the emotional, educational story of Pedro Zamora Winick describes his and Pedro s childhood and the experiences that brought them to apply for the MTV show The Real World He talks about their fears about moving into the house as someone with HIV and someone with no real knowledge about the disease For people who are not familiar with the real world, they may not understand the importance of the information about how sick Pedro was during taping The story shows how Pedro tried to put his own needs aside in order to change ideas about HIV and people with it He used his life and the show to educate people, knowing his had limited time left The story is an emotional account of friendships and the impact of HIV Winick s illustrations are personal and honest They carry the emotions of his story very well I enjoyed this book for multiple reasons This is one of the first casts of The Real World that I really knew I met them through reruns I would sneak during the summer some year during junior high Even though the show was missing the critical information about how sick he was I haven t seen a cast since that had such strong connections I feel like their secrets concerning Pedro s health might have caused that I would suggest this book to any students, but use it in a health class, history, or literature class Students could learn about HIV, health scares in America, ways to present powerful personal experiences through graphic novels or other storytelling methods.
You Are Eighteen Years Old You Get Up In Front Of A Thousand People Your Classmates, Your Friends, Basically The People Who Make Up Your Entire Existence And Announce, I M HIV Positive Told Entirely In Sequential Art, Here Is The Story Of The Life Changing Friendship Between The Author, A Cartoonist From Long Island, And Pedro Zamora, An HIV Positive AIDS Activist, Which Was Filmed Day By Day On MTV S Real World San Francisco As A Speaker And Educator, A Guest On Many Talk Shows Including Oprah , And When His Tragic Death Received Front Page Coverage In The Press, Pedro Taught A Generation That AIDS Was Not A Punishment For Moral Defects Or A Mere Killer That Reduced Humans To Wraiths Rather, He Showed How Those Afflicted With The Disease Could Live And Love Nobly With Intelligence, Humor And Great Humanity Judd Winick S Compelling Memoir Allows Each Of Us To Experience The Vitally Important Message Pedro Brought UsInspiring, Moving, Informative, And Instantly Accessible, Pedro and Me Could Become One Of The books That Defines A Generation A book that s hard to put down once you start reading The cartoonish drawing style made it all the sad.
Without a doubt, Pedro truly inspired a lot of people in both life and death That phone call from Bill Clinton was the best.
As a remarkable communicator and motivator, PML took away his gift How torturous I learned about this book from a Nerdy Book Club blog post.
This is a true story It s about a man who is HIV The author meets him when they make it through the auditions for an MTV series and become roommates in the house where the show is filmed The story talks about prejudisms and misunderstandings around the disease.
I knew someone that died of HIV AIDs about the same time When I think of the sadness and the shame around that time, it breaks my heart Society, in general, was not willing to talk about this issue Frankly, people still have a hard time talking about it Instead they run on assumptions and misunderstandings I m glad there are some people making efforts to make those kinds of things change.
I m coming a bigger fan of graphic novels all the time They express a story in a way that is different than just print The pictures mixed with the words can be very moving.
Approximate Interest Level Reading Level Junior High High SchoolFormat Graphic NovelAwards ALA Notable books for Children 2001 , ALA Best books for Young Adults 2001 , Robert F Sibert Information Book Honor 2001 Reliving the experience from MTVs Real World San Francisco, cartoonist and author Judd Winick relates of his experience living with and losing his friend Pedro Zamora, AIDS activist, to AIDS in graphic novel format I remember watching Pedro and Judd on the MTV Real World San Francisco series I have never personally known anyone with AIDS so watching the series was the closest experience I have ever had to knowing a real person with AIDS Pedro was a kindhearted and intelligent person with a very dynamic personality By appearance, he was very attractive, physically fit, and socially successful, which definitely challenged the pretenses of someone who acquired AIDS at the time The world definitely felt a loss when he died I kind of remember him being the first individual to die with AIDS Before that, the reporting seemed to be all statistics.
Pedro s story is truly powerful This book would be great to use in health classes.
A poignant, loving tribute to a friend whose courage and strength in dying was evident from day one Judd Winick met Pedro Zamora on MTV s The Real World, a voyeuristic reality show which chronicled the lives of six roommates thrown together for six months Pedro, HIV positive was Judd s roommate and eventually became a trusted friend along with another cast member, Pam Ling, a med student Pedro and Me Friendship, Loss, and What I Learned is much than words, it is part education, part memorial, and part divine intervention How those friends wound up together can only be given up to fate, karma, or divination Pedro s short life touched so many and his legacy lives through his friends understanding, compassion, and knowledge Morton West High School incoming Freshman reading list 2010.

I remember watching Pedro Zamora on The Real World in real time, back when I was an impressionable teenager, and I think that has something to do with why I never felt particularly drawn to this book I clearly remember Pedro s time as a proto celebrity of reality television, his mission of AIDS education in a time where it was still a new and frightening disease, and his untimely death I read this book as part of a comic book club at a local high school, alongside teens who weren t yet born when Pedro died, and I m glad I came back to Pedro s story This book isn t a retread of what television audiences saw it s a recollection of the man s life by a good friend.
Judd Winick, a fellow Real Word San Francisco cast member, considered Pedro one of his best friends, and this autobiographical comic follows Judd s own trajectory through his time on the show He portrays himself as well meaning but somewhat ignorant when he first meets Pedro, confident in his own tolerance but still irrationally nervous about sharing living space with an HIV positive person The book spends a little time on the show itself, mostly to explain its emotional effect on the cast members and to portray Judd s developing relationship with Pam Ling Rather than focusing on what people have already seen or can find, though, the story takes place largely behind the scenes, focusing on how Pedro affected Judd s worldview and, ultimately, how much he came to love Pedro and how much he now misses him.
I m not familiar with Judd Winick s art in other comics, but the art here is phenomenal It has the expressiveness of classic Crumb art with none of the abrasive, odd proportions There s just enough realism to connect the comic to photographs and videos of the events it recalls, but it s still enough of a comic to have its own look and feel.
I suspect my enthusiasm for this book is colored by the fact that I m familiar with all of the people involved, but I believe it s a good read for those that aren t Winick s art and his ability to convey the powerful emotions that surrounded Pedro s life, work, and tragic decline make this a universal tale, regardless of when and where it was set.
I know this looks like the cover to an after school special, and it is actually like an after school special But don t judge me.
I first came across Judd s work with the hilarious Barry Ween series which I do adore I should write reviews for them But I did not enjoy his collection of Frumpy the Clown , which was unfunny newspaper type strips So I picked this up a few years ago with no idea what it was about.
Turns out it s an autobiographical comic on the author s relationship with his friend Pedro, who was an AIDS advocate in the 90 s They met by becoming roommates in a MTV reality show There are no surprises here and it ticks all the boxes for being a heartfelt story with a message.
But what really spoke to me reading it this time through is the message of acceptance of differences and the need to be exposed to diversity In the final stages of the audition process for the show Judd was asked by the producers if he was comfortable to share a room with someone who is HIV positive Being a liberal kind of guy he didn t even think before saying yes, but then later admits that he did have some prejudice based purely on ignorance of how the disease is transmitted and how would that impact on him sharing a room with Pedro Of course everything turns out fine, but it took a little bit of time not as much as what you may think to get used to living with someone like this I think it goes to show that no matter how liberal we may be in our views, until we are close to someone who is different we are probably just full of idealistic words Here it was someone with HIV, but in our lives we need to expose ourselves to all kinds of different people.
We have gained a multitude of sources for HIV education and this may be a great source to give to people who do not read novels or for teenagers But I think the main strength is the message of equality and exposing yourself to different people No, not in a trench coat wearing way.
I always find it important that when it comes to our identity, we need to learn about the history of the generations before you in order to learn the struggles and dilemma they suffered so that way our generation and future generations do not have to follow the same hardships Sadly most people nowadays do not care about the past or do not bother learning whereas I found this comic book refreshing and important.
Ever since I realized who I am truly am in my sexual orientation, it became my primary goal to research and learn about how the generation before mine were treated like 2nd class citizens, perverts, animals, and when AIDS became mainstream it became a social plague because at the time only gay people were catching the disease Many people in our history looked the other way when they needed help and how to prevent HIV AIDS.
Then a few years ago, I had seen countless HIV AIDS movies but this one was quite different and made it personally when it comes to my cultural and sexual identity The movie was called Pedro, it was about a Cuban man named Pedro Zamora who got HIV when he was a teenager and made it his goal to teach every person he encountered what HIV AIDS is and how to prevent catching it and the myths that society believes I was completely in tears by the end of the movie and got to learn someone who lives in the same back yard as me.
Now when I discovered this book in the library yesterday, I remember everything about him and thought that I should take a trip down memory lane even though his story ends on a sad note This book is about Pedro but from the point of view of his friend Judd Winick who he met on The Real World San Francisco The first reason that I love about this book is Judd s illustration of these characters, they felt so real and did an absolutely wonderful job of drawing and storytelling Pedro s life The 2nd reason why I believe this book was astounding is how they teach you about HIV AIDS, how to prevent it, and most importantly that anyone can get the disease This book is targeted mostly for Young Adults but I believe it fits for anyone who wants to know about Pedro and the enthusiasm he brought to those who encountered him.
What s cool is my high school P.
E teacher had met him in the 90s For my teacher she was adamant at teaching us this disease because so many of her friends had passed away and since our school system cannot teach us about sex, she taught us how to prevent from getting any sexual diseases She met him once and brought him to my school who all the kids fell in love with him and found it interesting the way he would talk and present himself She said he was great guy and someone who you were instantly impressed and able to trust and love.
I find it heart breaking how millions of people have dead from this disease People who could have changed the world and instead were diminished to rubble I find it important to keep these people in our hearts and memory especially Pedro and to never lose sight of how we only have one life on this earth and what we do with our life can effect the entire world.