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[ Pdf Conard County: Exile's End ☆ young-adult-contemporary PDF ] by Rachel Lee ↠´ read this series when it first came out years ago and always remembered it So glad to re read the series from the beginning.
Maybe closer to a 3.
5 There were parts I really liked That being said, I definitely don t read romance novels expecting great literature, so I admit, I grade them on a different scale than I do other types of novels Maybe I shouldn t Maybe I m just a big romantic softy at heart and am incapable of being objective.
WOW, WOW, WOW Hooked from page one.
One of my favorites in the series.

What an amazing book to start with in this series.
I couldn t wait to find out what happened to the characters even though I didn t want the book to end Exiles End is definitely the start to a book addiction and a must read for anyone looking for a good quality romance with emotional depth to the characters 5 Stars 1.
5 Stars.
Pages and pages of internal monologues and nothing happening much in real I truly disliked the Heroine, always whining about the pasthow she doesn t want to care about anyone till last but few pages I wanted to shake her and say Please move on Life is all about ups and downs Only saving grace is the Herosuch a warrior SOMEONE WAS STALKING HIMAfter Being Held Captive For Four Years, CIA AgentRansom Laird Just Wanted To Enjoy The Wide Open Spaces And Warm Sunshine Of Wyoming He Hadn T Expected To Meet A Woman Whose Very Soul Touched Him, Warmed Him A Woman He Could Grow Old WithAnd Now That He D Found Her, He Was About To Lose Her To An Unknown Assassin Someone Who Wanted Ransom Dead Someone Who Was Willing To Kill Mandy To Get To HimWriter Mandy Grant Saw Ransom As A Wounded Warrior Seeking Shelter Within Her Fortress Walls And Herself As The Lonely Princess, Too Frightened To Love Because For Mandy, Loving Mean Losing And Unless The Stopped The Killer First, They Were Both Going To Lose