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Download Epub Format ê Mistress to the Merciless Millionaire PDF by ✓ Abby Green Although 28 and boobilicious, and doing worldwide cosmetics campaigns, model Kate still has to do the occasional gig where a snog with her gets auctioned for charity She s getting all nervy about maybe having to press up against the flabby lips of a middle aged Greek shipping magnate, when a mysterious bidder starts pushing up the price.
It s Tiarnan, the unrequited love of Kate s young life, and he pays 750,000 for the smooch Kate and Tiarnan s past goes like this Kate is best friends with Tiarnan s sister, who appears in a book I read this year I think, but now can t really remember I m fairly certain it was emotionally fraught, and the friend s hero was super mean to her for 70% of the book, because that s Abby Green s wheelhouse.
Kate used to hang around making eyes at Tiarnan, and then when she was 18, they got started on some sex on a rug Then Kate admitted she was a virgin, and Tiarnan didn t want anything to do with her hymen, and Kate s been avoiding Tiarnan ever since Which has been tricky, because the friend got married and then had a baby This book has a prologue where Kate yearn stares at Tiarnan and he decides that it s time to tap that.
Kate is no longer a virgin, which is probably to make the point that you don t have to wait for True Love But she hated every minute of the sex she had with various men, probably because while you can maybe break one rule about not being a virgin, you can t break another rule about having any positive sex experiences before coitus with the hero.
Kate s decided that, even though Tiarnan seems interested now, she is not going to sex him It would be too heart rendingly painful when it inevitably ends.
Tiarnan thinks all women are terrible His mum was so terrible that his dad was simply forced to have an affair yuck Tiarnan s girlfriend was so terrible that she got pregnant so he d marry her, and then she divorced him and left him with the baby The pregnancy was blamed on another Abby Green favourite the broken condom Abby Green s people need to do banana practice After the expensive kiss, Kate flees And then she has to go to Madrid for a modelling job, and then Tiarnan shows up and invites her out for lunch She is still not into it Then the nanny has to go to hospital, so Kate agrees to look after Tiarnan s daughter for a bit, while he does his business stuff When he gets back from business stuff he invites Kate on holidays with them to Martinique Kate decides that this is maybe a good idea, so off they go to Martinique for sex and child minding.
At first Tiarnan s misogyny, compared to most of Abby Green s heroes, seems pretty mild He s not into blackmail and smouldering and raging, but he s a sneaky bastard playing the long game He s got this whole strategy set up to prove that Kate is a scheming hussy just like all the rest Kate gets to be very wise in the ways of little girls, because she doesn t really want to be a glamorous model She wants to be a knitting, nurturing mum She was ok Tiarnan was also mostly ok, for an idiot And the daughter didn t bug me so this ended up being a fun little read.
Sweet story of a heroine who, at 18, was rejected by her bff s brother after she tried to seduce him He went on to marry, have a daughter and then divorced his cheating wife The heroine became a top model She has seen him at major events of her bff s life wedding, christening in the past ten years, but she never indicated she still has a huge crush on him, which has spoiled her for other men.
Hero decides heroine is now sophisticated enough for his idea of a no strings relationship He spends three quarter of million pounds at a charity auction for a kiss from her in a bid to win her attention Then he manipulates a modeling contract so she is in his vicinity in Spain The heroine is doing her best to freeze him out, but she can t freeze out his daughter whom she spent a lot of time with when the little girl stayed with her aunt the heroine s bff The daughter s nanny has a family emergency so the heroine is roped into staying at the hero s Spanish villa for a few days I really liked the interactions between the h and the hero s daughter they were natural together and showed the warm caring side of the heroine As opposed to the neurotic, needy side the heroine showed around the hero view spoiler The hero convinces the h to go on vacation with him and his daughter to their villa in Martinique The H h have their sexual affair, until the hero gets cold feet and accuses the h of using his daughter to get closer to him Heroine declares her love with dignity and then asks him to let her go she isn t sophisticated enough to have sex without love.
Hero lets her go and then runs into her a few months later on a city street He realizes he loves her He grovels and asks her to marry him She is concerned about his level of commitment since she is pregnant with twins, but they work it out HEA hide spoiler The fact that hero had to bump into the heroine to realise that he loves her kinda killed the book for me So what if he didn t see her that night My guess is, in that case, he d have taken the petite beauty home and would have slept with her like he had the full intention of doing so before bumping into the heroine So the point of him caring about h is kinda moot And I didn t buy it.

4 Stars When Kate was 18 she shared a very passionate kiss with her best friend s brother When things nearly got out of hand, he d suddenly halted it and then hurtfully rejected her That kiss stayed with Kate always, it was as if he d branded her as his No man after had been able to inspire anything near as passionate response Kate s a successful fashion model and she prides herself on her ability to hide her emotions behind her mask of cool aloofness Tiarnan has been coloured by his experiences with manipulative woman, one trapped him in a marriage claiming the child she carried was his He d invested all of himself into his daughter and when he discovers he s not actually the father he adopts her and takes full custody from the mother Standing up with Kate as godparents to his sister s baby, he captures Kate s look of yearning When she turns that look to him, he sees her full desire for him and in answer, desire builds quickly in him He decides to pursue this attraction and finally finish their passionate encounter of years ago He s rather shocked though that Kate doesn t want to act on their attraction Kate can t fight Tiarnan forever and when he invites her to share his holiday in Martinique with his daughter, she agrees, but she sets the terms It all ends when the holiday is over I very easily became involved emotionally with Kate and Tiarnan While this story is emotionally intense, the pacing seemed to lag in places I found some of the internalization a bit too much and was eager to get back to dialogue that would move the story forward I wasn t quite sure what Ms Green would use to cause the big black moment, but when it came it was quite heart wrenching for Kate I was proud of the way she stood up for herself and made Tiarnan take a good hard look at his own behaviour I enjoyed their journey to HEA very much The title for this love story is again rather misleading While Tiarnan had used all his charisma to pressure Kate into an affair, he wasn t merciless nor is he merciless to others As to the title Millionaire, I think that is a drastic understatment as Tiarnan paid three quarters of a million dollars to a charity for a kiss from Kate and he didn t even blink in the bidding Bad boring writing Needed dialogue and less inner thoughts Hero and heroine not celibate while apart Typical Abby Green.
5 stars H is older than h h is bff with H s sister h has always been attracted to H They kiss when h is 18 and H rebuffed h too young, sister s best friend, etc H marries his model gf when she notifies H she is pregnant H has secrets and avoids h for 10 years although he is in lust with her Finally, he does pursue her for an affair and outbids another wealthy guy for a kiss at a charity auction It was good H waited too long and had numerous discreet affairs H also pushed h away after secrets revealed The epilogue is good.
Tiarnan Quinn KNOWS that Kate wants him He can see it in her eyes So of course he works at pursuing her since he felt she was off limits 10 years ago She is his sister s BFF and it just wasn t done He feels that all women are manipulators and will do whatever they can to achieve their goals This single father should know as he has experienced it before Kate has wanted Tiarnan for years, really who wouldn t with a name like that it just sounds sexy She had wanted him ten years ago and made an attempt, but she too had learned from her past don t let them see anything, don the fa ade of being untouchable So the misunderstandings from their past attempt is straightened out somewhat and Tiarnan proposes a little fling He doesn t involve his women w his little girl, but feels it s all peachy keen w Kate as they already know each other However, when he thinks she is running a scam its hasta la vista Kate babe However, he does opt in the bed sports away from his child clause until he has to return once his business is wrapped up Kate is a no go and walks away.
It is a romance so you know how it will end, but the journey was truly fun I didn t like that Tiarnan accuses Kate of using his daughter to get to him when IMHO Tiarnan did EXACTLY that He had no problems using the child to get Kate to agree to things and then he turns around and accuses her of doing it Double standard much I didn t like that Kate melted for him when she knew what he thought of her, but I suppose she felt like it would be the last time she ever could and perhaps he was just that good I also didn t like that he seemed to be so caught up in his past experiences while Kate seemed to just say live and learn and each person is different than the last, as in let s not paint everyone w the same evil brush But I LOVED LOVED LOVED when they arrived back at Madrid and things didn t work out like he thought they should It S Been Ten Years Since Tiarnan Quinn Humiliatingly Rejected Kate, And She S Still Smarting As A Famous Model She Can Have Any Man She Wants But There S Something About The Coldhearted Millionaire That Makes Her Go Weak At The Knees So Much So She Agrees To Jet Off To His Luxury Villa In MartiniqueKate Knows Tiarnan Can T Give Her What She Wants True Love And A Family But As The Sultry Nights Close In She Begins To See Hints Of A Different Man Beneath The Hard Exterior I liked the premise with this story being a best friend s older brother trope, which I wasn t expecting, but was glad that it was in there because it s one of my favorite tropes in the romance genre, and I very much enjoyed that aspect of the story There was all this tension established between Kate and Tiarnan , not only because Kate had feelings for Tiarnan for the past ten years or so, but also because of an encounter that they had ten years previous where he harshly rejected her, humiliating her in the process, though putting on a brave face while he did, making him believe that she had no feelings for him aside from curiosity So, this had been building for quite sometime and came to head at Kate s best friend s daughter s christening where she exposed herself by showing Tiarnan how much she still wanted him, and in turn sparked his desire, and he decided to go after her because he wanted her to And it was a very unique way fo how he went after her by winning an auction for a single kiss with her with the hopes of it turning into from there thus story really started from there.
Now I m all for build up and anticipation between a couple in a romance, but with this one in particular I think it was almost too drawn out, instead getting right into the action I think big problem for me especially in the beginning was for a majority of the story was in Kate and Tiarnan s head, instead of them interacting with one another to show off the heat and tension between them It was there, but not enough It was of being in Kate s head with her denying the fact she wanted him and why all the logical reason that she shouldn t give into Tiarnan especially how he hurt her the last time thus causing her to keep her distance from, which was valid and I didn t blame her at all It was just too much of her rationalizing and going back and forth in her head, instead of showing the action between them And Tiarnan s head was no better with him obsessing of him getting her in his bed and finding ways to seduce her to give into him while convincing her how much they wanted each other It was a lot of repeating and just a lot of mental going ones Too much And like I said it was way too drawn out, and after I was like hurry up and get to it already because this has been going on for like eighty pages already It could have been sped up a bit in my opinion.
Another kind of bothered me, and I know this isn t politically correct, but I didn t like that she wasn t a virgin Usually stuff like that doesn t bother me of whether someone is a virgin or not, but in this case it did I just really would have preferred her first time to be with Tiarnan, and it would have been a impactful statement if even after all this time she couldn t be with anyone else aside from Tiarnan because for her he was the one Is that realistic No, but it just didn t feel right that she had been with other men in the past She had perfect right to be with them because she wasn t with Tiarnan, and she wasn t doing anything wrong, I just didn t like it Maybe if she was just with one man I would have been okay with it but she mentioned multiple men and that didn t sit right with me Yes, it is a sexist opinion, but it just how I felt Maybe the reason that it bothered me was when they had that encounter in the past, and she was a virgin then and wanted to loose her virginity to Tiarnan before he rejected her, and she didn t get her wish She wanted him for so long and wanted him to be her first for just as long that, and she just kind of gave up on that dream, which was understandable since he rejected her, but then she wound up being with him in this book anyway yet he wasn t her first I think would have just showed how much of an effect that he had on her all these years later, and it would have just been a special moment between them And also I felt like it wasn t in her personality to have multiple lovers I just didn t see that as part of her character.
Once the action got into the story, and it wasn t just a bunch of monologues in their head, then the book got much better It started off with the introduction of Tiarnan s daughter, Rosie, which added a another dynamic to the story plus it kept Kate in Tiarnan s vicinity after Rosie needed to be taken care once her caretaker had a emergency and Kate was the only one to fill in there otherwise I think Kate would have kept on running from Tiarnan and their attraction Also I just really liked seeing Kate s interaction with Rosie and how much she cared for the girl Kate really craved finding love and being a part of a family and Rosie was a piece of that She already had Rosie in her heart, and they just had sweet relationship Later on though it did create complications between Kate and Tiarnan because he believed based on past experience that Kate was using her bond with Rosie in order to entrench herself as a permanent part of his life, which he didn t want, and that caused one of the most heartbreaking scenes I have read with him giving her the riot act about it and showing his mistrust of her I cried a little because I could see how much it was breaking Kate s heart to hear these things from him and how he didn t trust and pushed her away accordingly because of that It was an emotional scene and just to see her and dejected as he basically said he wanted her away from his daughter yet he was still willing to sleep with her and have her be his mistress By that time, she acknowledged to herself that she was in love with him, and he was ripping her heart out in the process It was very raw and very vulnerable moment for her, and it was so good This was when the book got really good, and I was totally into it by then This was what I wanted to happened the entire book instead of the constant monologues The was where I got the feels, and where so much of the emotion came off on the page That s what I want when I read my romances, and I got it.
But that wasn t the only thing that saved the story for me, after Rosie was introduced, but before he accused Kate of using her relationship to Rose to get closer to him, they decided to go on a holiday together along with Rosie down to Martinique This was where the romance really soared and came off the pages Yes, they had some passionate interludes there as they finally gave into their attraction to one another, but it was also where they got emotional closer as they got to know each other and just spend time with each other that wasn t in the bedroom They even had a romantic date where they travelled around the island together and really started to talk and bond They got very close, and it was beautiful to witness to see the development of their relationship while they were there It became very clear that there was something between them than just physical They just liked being in each other s company, and it was beautiful to see them interact with one another I loved seeing the intimacy grown between them as they hungered to be together and until he got scared and pushed her away.
Their physical intimacy was very passionate and very heated just like I knew it would be, but it was than that It was really two souls coming together and finally giving into their feelings to one another even if they didn t want to admit that they had feelings beyond the physical It was very much about connection and the bond that they were creating together It was very much about sharing moments of pleasure and having that intimacy as they made that special connection with one another It was built up attraction that finally was released and expressed after all this time of the desire that built between them and it exploded off the pages I loved seeing them share and embrace the passion between them, but also enjoy the connection that went beyond the physical It just off how intensity their love was for each other Overall, once all the pages of build up upon build up and the whole inner monologues kept going on and on finally stopped, the book got leaps and bounds better because the story finally moved forward once dynamics like the daughter was introduced It needed that kick it the pants to add that spark to the story because I was kind of bored by this book at first, which I wasn t expecting especially this being a best friend s brother story Yes, it had angst and tension, but it was almost too much Almost like it was too thick and made it very hard for the story to natural flow in an easy and genuine way It almost felt forced in the beginning and was trying to justify why they wanted each other through those monologues instead of just showing it so I could feel it because I didn t feel it really until they got to Martinique then I got it Once all that stopped then there really was a nice, easy flow to the story with plenty of feels along the way Things felt natural and genuine between them and I could feel the deep love that these two people had for each other I liked seeing their bond and intimacy grow as the book progressed, and not just the physical intimacy, which was pretty good, but the emotional intimacy too That was amazing Actually last third of the book was pretty brilliant It was where the action really was and just took off That was when the feels came with tears coming to my eyes as he eviscerated poor Kate with his misconception of the relationship that she had with Rosie and how he wanted to put a stop to it believing she was using it to get closer to him That was when the rawness came into play It was a truly heartbreaking scene, and it was hard to read, but I loved it because it added the edge to the story and really packed an emotional wallop to the story It was what was needed, and it was so good This really sold the book for me and made me really enjoy the story The rough beginning was worth it in the end by going on this very emotional satisfying journey with Tiarnan and Kate as they got their happily ever after.
Not exactly my favorite but I did enjoyed reading it Tiarnan is not that awful, he s in love with Kate since the beginning That s why even though he acted like a jerk, he still treating her with kindness, which I like So far so god, a little bit boring but, good.