Trailer » Stargate SG-1: Pathogen PDF by ç Sharon Gosling

Trailer » Stargate SG-1: Pathogen PDF by ç Sharon Gosling 3,5 starsSets around season 7 of Stargate SG 1, some time between Fragile Balance Jack O neill clone was mentioned What an awesome and funny episode that was and Heroes, Part 1 It is narrated by Teryl Rothery, featuring the voice of Christopher Judge Dr Jackson opens a artifacate which turns out to be a trap that filled with a white powder When the members of SG 1 inhales it, it causes an illness that causes fear and pain The only one who can help them is Janet Only if she can help herself first.
This audiobook was better than I ve expected Teryl Rothery definitely got better and production value of the audiobook all the voice effects were awesome I liked we get two members of SG 1 this time even though Teal c wasnt there much My only wish I wish Richard Dean Anderson was there also for his voice because no one can do justice to his character.
A pretty good story and a very heartfelt vocal acting job by Teryl Rothery as Janet Frasier She really made the situation of working against a stack of odds after a cave in seem vivid 3.
5 stars.

Janet Fraiser to the rescue Trapped in a cave in with SG 1 while trying to cure their infection by an unknown pathogen, Dr Fraiser will have to perform a minor miracle to get them all back home alive Good story, and Teryl Rothery does a terrific job narrating.
Not a great story, but such fun to hear Dr Fraser and Teal c again Terryl sp Rothery did a great job of carrying so much of the story.
SG Runs Into Trouble When The Team Triggers A Goa Uld Trap Meant For Grave Robbers Infected By An Unknown Pathogen, Colonel O Neill Orders The Team To Stay Put And Sends For Help It Arrives In The Form Of Dr Janet Fraiser, But When Did Any Rescue Ever Go Smoothly For Stargate Command S Flagship Team Or Its Intrepid Doctor