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[Julie Myerson] ☆ Laura Blundy [spain PDF] Read Online ☆ I found this book very boring The entire book was based on one event and so it seemed to get repetitive and not very interesting.
the ending From The Author Of Me And The Fat Man And Home Comes A Gripping Historical Novel Set In Victorian London This Is A Tale Of Murder And Love And The Tragic Extremes Of Loss And Need Of Her Husband But Is It So Appalling To Free Yourself, To Run After The Only Passion You Ve Ever Known It Is Billy Who Has To Find An Answer Billy, Fifteen Years Younger Than Her And Already A Father Of Five But What He Doesn T Know Yet Is That Laura Also Had A Child, A Child She Gave Up To The Foundling Hospital And Whose Memory Will Shape Their Future Together In Unimaginable Ways Murky And Unsettling A Spectacularly Eerie And Unforgettable Love Story A creepy look at the underbelly of 19th century London as seen through the eyes of Laura Blundy Ms Blundy is a fiercely independent amputee, who marries her surgeon then proceeds to murder him Or does she This book will keep you up nights I loved it.
I enjoyed the story but I have no idea what the ending meant.
loved the terse style and sickness of subject very well written and i savoured it.
Julie Myerson has produced an astonishing characterisation in Laura Blundy A convincing recreation of the filthy underbelly of Victorian London An unsettling read, and an uncompromising, complicated narrator a haunting, unromantic love story Not a pleasant read but a very powerful one.

A twisting story that is set back in a lot older times in Europe This story shows the power of a mother s love and how it can t be separated by Death.
Oh miserable book It was good enough to read to the end, but in a way I wish I hadn t wasted my time I think I m done with Myerson I enjoyed her non fiction Home, but this is the second of her fiction books I ve read Me and The Fat Man A LOT of years ago and I just get this feeling of gritty perversion and hard times for everyone in the name of literary wisdom Apparently I don t know She s just not my thing.
This one is set in the 1800s in London and is about a messed up woman called Laura Blundy It dots about to various points in her downtrodden life sleeping rough, losing a leg, marrying and later murdering the surgeon who lopped her leg off, giving up her baby as a teenage mother, having an affair with a man 15 years her junior was he supposed to be her abandonded son, or only that she believed so Laura seems to have some kind of pyschopath side to her personality, in that she easily murders without any sense of guilt, in fact a lot of what she does, she doesn t really bat an eyelid at It s all just, I don t know life was hard on her so she was hard straight back.
Laura Blundy is a Victorian woman who loses her leg in an accident and marries the surgeon who saved her life But she has secrets she can t reveal and then she meets Billy, a man 15 years her junior The novel starts with her murdering her husband and then skips back and forth to different points in her life.
It was a little strange but oddly worked It was just the ending that had me confused.