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á Read ✓ The Disciples of Cthulhu (Call of Cthulhu Fiction) by Edward P. Berglund á A collection of stories based on the writings of H.
P Lovecraft These are, to me, only slightly better than the original Lovecraft stories Just not a fan of his writings Not recommended In HP Lovecraft s story Pickman s Model, he says Any magazine cover hack can splash paint around wildly and call it a nightmare or a Witches Sabbath but only a great painter can make such a thing really scare or ring true I don t intend to say that the writers whose stories are included in this book are hacks far from it but somehow, they never really evoke the real feel of Lovecraft s Cthullu Mythos The stories are well written, but they never really find the note that always rings through Lovecraft s own work.
No Great Talent Of This Century Encountered Opposition To A Rightful Place In Literary Esteem Than HP Lovecraft Yet No Other Writer Ever Gathered A Devoted Band Of Followers Determined To Give His Creations ImmortalityToday The Whole World Knows Of Lovecraft Today The Mythology Of The Elder Gods, Of The Great Old Ones, Of Cthulhu, Have Become The Horror Pantheon Of The Science Fiction And Fantasy Reading CosmosIn This Remarkable New Anthology, Edward P Berglund Has Commissioned Nine original Tales Of The Cthulhu Mythos Nine Terrifying Tales Of The Inconceivable Past And The Unbearable Mysteries Of Outer Space And Their Impact On Earth Here Is Fritz Leiber With A Long New Novelette, And Eddy C Bertin, And Lin Carter, And Brian Lumley, And Joseph Payne Brennan, And The OthersHere Are THE DISCIPLES OF CTHULHU read And Tremble read in German Spoilers ahead Gemeinsamkeit Alle Geschichten nehmen HPL als real hin Lovecraft wird in jeder Story erw hnt, mal als exzentrischer Dichter, mal als okkulter Intellektueller Lin Carter Zoth Ommog Tolle Bibliographie und Biographie des Mythos, in Sachen Handlung aber komplett zu vernachl ssigen Joseph Payne Brennan Das einsame Haus Das konnte HPL besser Eddy C Bertin Und Dunkelheit ist mein Name Sehr sch n konstruierte Geschichte ber einen Moment, einen Augenblick, der ein ganzes Schicksal enth lt Fritz Leiber Der Schrecken aus den Tiefen Eine andere literarische Liga als die anderen Geschichten Spannende Story ber Tr ume und ihre Beziehung zur Wirklichkeit, incl Jung, Freud, kollektives Unbewu tes etc.
Darkness, My Name Is Eddie C Bertin Disciples of CthulhuA man goes to a remote valley in Germany where his research into elder things takes him There he investigates an old cult who worship the local mountain and the dark god who lives there Turns into psychedelic 70s stuff with a time warping ending Pretty cool story all in all Takes it s inspiration from the Howard s The Black Stone.
Not just Lumley, the lead off with The Fairground Horror , this collection has James Wade The Silence of Erica Zann , Bob Van Laerhoven All Eye , Ramsey Campbell The Tugging , Walter C DeBill, Jr Where Yidhra Walks , Joseph Payne Brennan The Feaster From Afar , Lin Carter Zoth Ommog , Eddy C Berlin Darkness, My Name Is , Fritz Lieber The Terror From The Depths , with an introduction by Robert Bloch Any Lovecraftian fan knows many of these names from The Circle This is a worthy addition, perhaps even a necessary one, to you Lovecraft shelf.
As befitting any tribute to the Old Gentleman of Providence, about half of the stories here are obvious and half baked usually the ones that explicitly reference the Derleth version of the mythos Elder Gods vs Ancient Ones, etc

This is my introduction to Cthulhu Mythos Very much like the short story Darkness, my name is.
A collection from 1976 of spin offs from the Mythos created by HP Lovecraft Oddly, an updated version shown on Goodreads contains exactly the same contents As is common with tales by other authors doing their own interpretation of Lovecraft s mythology, the quality is quite variable.
The opening story by Brian Lumley, The Fairground Horror is set in an old time travelling funfair of the kind still existing in the 1970s Two brothers run it but after the youngest travels abroad on some kind of archaeological expedition, things go badly and his older brother has to sell the fair, keeping only the freak show, their father s favourite sideshow, to provide them a living However, that doesn t do well either The brother returns but doesn t pull his weight and departs again on an extended absence, but when he returns again he has become a sinister figure and proceeds to convert the freakshow into a Tomb of the Old Ones His elder brother s concern grows, but with an unexpected twist in that his objections are not moral I found this one rather over written in the purple prose style that besets a lot of Lovecraft pastiches.
James Wade s The Silence of Erika Zann is a bit of an oddity because it is set in the counterculture years of San Francisco and comes across as dated because of the slang of the time etc, but the introduction says it was written in the 1940s Maybe it was originally about an avante garde jazz club, in which case, ironically, it would have been farinteresting to the present day reader if it had not been updated Lovecraft fans will pick up that the title character is the granddaughter of one of Lovecraft s original characters The Music of Erich Zann All Eye by Bob Van Laerhoven instantly reminded me of Algernon Blackwood s The Wendigo , except that it lacked the brooding menace of the latter It tries to do a twist view spoiler the protagonist isn t really human hide spoiler Una recopilaci n de relatos de terror de corte lovecraftiano La mayor a soy reguleros, experimentando con cosas que no salen demasiado bien, narr ndose de formas en exceso lentas o con personajes poco digeribles Me gustar a destacar La Senda de Yidra y, sobretodo, Oscuridad, me llamo , por ser los nicos relatos con un estandar de calidad realmente alto.