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å Read ☆ The Snow-Walker Trilogy by Catherine Fisher å This Trilogy Brings Together In One Volume The Three Spell Binding Titles In The Snow Walker Sequence The Snow Walker S Son, The Empty Hand, And The Soul ThievesFrom The Swirling Mists And Icy Depths Beyond The Edge Of The World Came The Snow Walker Gudrun, To Rule The Jarl S People With Fear And Sorcery But A Small Band Of Outlaws Are Prepared To Risk Their Lives To Defeat Gudrun And Restore The Land To Its Rightful Leader This Trilogy Follows Them In Their Quest, From The First Terrifying Journey To Meet The Mysterious Snow Walker S Son, To The Final Battle In The Lands Beyond The Rainbow BridgeThe Snow Walker S SonSince Gudrun Came From The Frozen Mists Beyond The Edge Of The World, The Jarl S People Have Obeyed Her In Hatred And Terror But The Enchantress Has One Weakness A Son, Kari, Banished To A Forbidding Fortress In The North, Never Seen By The Jarl S People In Secret They Wonder Are The Rumours True Was He Born A Monster Now Jessa And Her Cousin Thorkil Have Been Exiled To The North, And If They Survive The Journey, They Will Find The Truth Is Kari A Beast Or The Means To Stop The Sorceress The Empty HandFrom Frost And Magic, The Sorceress Gudrun Conjures A Rune Beast And Sends It From The Land Of The Snow Walkers, Southwards Towards The Stronghold Of The New Jarl, Wulfgar The Approach Of The Beast Spreads Fear Amongst The People Jessa, Skapti The Poet, And A Slave Named Hakon Empty Hand Must Help The Jarl Confront This Horror While Around Them, Mistrust And Conspiracy Grow In Some Hidden Way, These Dark Events Are Linked With Gudrun S Mysterious Son, Kari, Whose Own Talents As Sorcerer Are Beginning To Reach Their Terrifying PotentialThe Soul ThievesIn The Dramatic Conclusion To The Snow Walker Trilogy, The Sorceress Gudrun Places An Enchantment Of Frost And Dreams Upon The People Of The Jarlshold And Steals The Soul Of The Jarl S Young Bride To Reclaim The Girl, Jessa And Her Friends Must Now Begin A Perilous Quest To The Land Of Snow Walkers, A Place Not Shown On Any Map They Must Journey Beyond The Edge Of The World, Beyond The Rift Into Darkness, Where The Final Battle Between Gudrun And Her Son Must Take Place It was okay Fast read Interesting plot ideas, just kinda bland.
This book was very dry It never caught my attention, and I finished it just to finish it The characters were completely 2 dimensional, and acted like pawns than actual people The writing wasn t very descriptive, and I often didn t know what was happening The writing itself lacked humor and actual creativity The story was okay, but it was rushed through I wouldn t recommend this unless you are really into fantasy.
I don t remember a single thing about this collection except that there was a lot of snow.

This is a trilogy in one book It is completely unclear to me whether they were published separately and then collected together in one volume or if they always came like this It never really matters, but I m curious.
Book 1 is The Snow Walker s Son where Jessa and her cousin Thorkil are exiled by the evil Snow Walker Queen think every Ice Queen in fantasy ever because their fathers were rebels They are sent to the castle in the far north where the Queen s rud to be monstrous son lives Book 2 is The Empty Hand The evil Snow Walker Queen is gone and a good king reigns But a mysterious monster is carving a path of destruction towards the king s castle and it looks like the Snow Walker s son Kari is the only one who can stop it For a bonus, there s an evil chancellor Book 3 is The Soul Thieves The Snow Walker Queen steals the soul of the king s beautiful new wife and Jessa, Kari and the rest of the gang have to travel beyond the end of the world to defeat the Snow Walker Queen once and for all.
Disclaimer I read young adult novels for the romance When a ya book doesn t have romance I am always not so secretly disappointed There is no romance in this book I always kind of hoped Jessa and the Snow Walker s son would fall in love, but no dice So this book lost brownie points from me for something that wasn t its fault It never purported to be a romance, it s just something I always expect.
This is really an adventure book for the pre teen set It has all the proper fantasy elements evil Queen, good rebel turned King, mysterious monsters, magic, scheming chancellor, father figure mentor warrior, clever bard, spunky heroine, etc If you get too old it all becomes repetitive, but when you re young it s still new and, hey, those things became tropes for a reason They re effective.
As I said, it s not a romance It s an adventure Plenty of quests and fell monsters and creepy woods and all that The best part of the book for sure was the atmospheric creepiness it had in parts Fisher is very good at creating a sense of creeping dread I think I would ve liked this book a lot when I was 10 or 11 and reading Lloyd Alexander and Sherwood Smith s Wren series and Cooper s The Dark is Rising It s that type of book And this is completely random but I wanted to throw it in what the heck happened to cousin Thorkil He was a main character in Book 1 and then is noticeably absent in the other books I admit I wasn t reading too closely so maybe it mentioned where he wandered off to, but I didn t catch it I had to go back and check that he hadn t died at the end of Book 1 and I d somehow missed it he didn t.
I have so much to say I don t even know where to start.
I enjoy reading children s literature I can read down to the level as necessary But I find so many glaring errors and omissions in this series of books that I find myself frustrated about every five pages Why did I keep reading, you ask Because once a book is in my hands, for some reason I find it next to impossible to put down But importantly, my son recommended it and it s always good to see what your children are reading.
The sentence and paragraph construction is enjoyable The story idea has merit The development of characters, their interaction with each other, story development horrendous Errors abound, and at times the lack of continuity and contradictions within the storyline make me want to throw the book across the room The characters are completely lacking in depth There is absolutely no development of relationships between the characters however, they suddenly become endeared to one another and know all about each other The bard excuse me skald in the story never sings songs or tells stories or says anything particularly poetic however, 400 pages later, they all love him for these constant qualities The heroine does nothing intellectual, but is constantly praised for her cleverness It goes on and on I can accept it in the Magic Treehouse, when you only have 50 pages to include an entire story but not in a several hundred page book.
I couldn t figure out what the target audience for these books is supposed to be The two characters at the beginning of the book are described as boy and girl , later as children So I guessed 6 12 years old But a short 150 pages or so later I believe it s two years later in time , one is running the extensive family farm holdings and I believe one was in charge of a small castle or something I m not going to spend the time to go back to be exactly accurate You can read it for yourself if you re that bored They are old enough to fight with swords and be married The story is extremely juvenile, but then the book is almost 500 pages long Truly an enigma.
All in all, I must recommend against reading this book if you are over 10 years old, or if you are a child who pays any attention whatsoever to detail or storyline.