à Earth from Above: 365 Days Û Download by à Yann Arthus-Bertrand

à Earth from Above: 365 Days Û Download by à Yann Arthus-Bertrand wonderful pictures but the commentary gets preachy and can be super negative.
This outstanding book is part photography and part environmental lesson At the beginning of each month there is an essay written about major issues for the planet They include sustainable development, climate change, forests, biodiversity, seas and oceans, freshwater, agroecology, renewable energy, mobility and equity, poverty, humanitarian work, and free trade These are long enough to learn something, but not too long that you stop reading and skip to the photos.
This book is not for the person who wants to live life ignoring his or her place in the world It was shocking, beautiful, and easy to appreciate I read a month at a time, it took me a few weeks and I loved it There will quite a few friends who will be receiving this for Christmas There are several different editions, this was a second version published in 2007 and there was a new one published in 2009 I plan on getting that one too.
The Result Of A Five Year Airborne Odyssey Across Five Continents And Countries, Earth From Above Is The Most Revealing And Spectacular Portrait Of Our World Ever Created From A Heart Shaped Mangrove Forest In New Caledonia To A Flock Of Red Ibises In Venezuela, From A Caravan Of Camels In Mauritania To Mt Everest And Mammoth Hot Springs, Re Nowned Aerial Photographer Yann Arthus Bertrand Presents Nearly Striking Color Images That Put Our Home Planet In A Whole New Perspective Produced Under The Sponsorship Of UNESCO, The Book Is Also A Unique Documentary Record Of The Earth S Fragile Ecosystems At The Dawn Of The New Millennium Commentaries By Noted Specialists Illuminate What We See And Explain Exactly What We Stand To Lose As Demographic Pressures Put Stress On The Environment So far, so good, although as another reviewer mentioned, it can get repetitive And as that same reviewer mentioned, there is a lack of scale in most photos, which can make it difficult to truly appreciate the grandeur of the subject Usually, though, that comes across just fine, and it is amazing to think of all the wild and crazy landscapes out there on this planet, looking so foreign to someone who is used to just one type Going out West always floors me the first time I went to California, you could have told me I was on Mars An error on March 27th, there is a photo of Indians bathing in a river and the text states that it is a holy site for Muslim pilgrims since time immemorial , then goes on to talk about Hinduism There is not a time immemorial in Muslim history, since Muhammad began receiving revelations in 610AD, which is a relatively well remembered time, especially compared to Hindu history Not sure how that got past editors.
Didn t quite finish this, as we had to wrap it up for gift giving, but the fact that I couldn t keep away from it before then means that the pictures were pretty gorgeous Unfortunately, the text was clunky translated and mostly boiled down to, this photograph is the product of xyz geological phenomenon and or qrs human manufacturing, but due to abc geological phenomenon and or lmo human induced catastrophe, it s probably all going to pot, most likely sooner than later OK, then Good thing we have the pictures, eh Impressive pictures, some of very obscure countries Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, etc.
, taken from the air Places include the mundane, like markets and farmland, to the famous, like the Greek temple of Delphi Unfortunately, Arthus Bertrand s commentary is almost universally negative, detailing the horrible problems faced by each of these countries with poverty and environmental concerns A mixed bag Uplifting and depressing.
Rarely have I seen such a wonderful compendium of photographs, such a breathtaking, sad and inspiring view of our world as seen from above Few of us have the opportunity to view the Earth from such a lofty perspective, as though God himself were observing the great beauty, patterns and drama of our daily lives Day by day, we give an account of ourselves from oil rigs to farmer s field, ranch to glistening glacier, chilly mountaintop and verdant vineyard to the world of the bricklayer, print master, fisherman and street vendor Have we preserved the splendor and visions of the past In our thirst for greater prosperity, are we destroying that which we hold most dear, our Earth, our very lives themselves If a picture is worth a thousand words, then The New Earth From Above is a dissertation of global importance.
Voh, New Caledonia, France the great barrier reef, Queensland, Australia Bnaff national park, Alberta, Canada Coffee table book I got for Christmas A little preachy at times, but altogether some pretty horrifying stats And a lot of natural and man made beauty, very different from the typical calendar fare.

Fabulous book Beautiful photography, excellent facts one picture for every day of the year These captivating photographs illuminate many aspects of our planet Geography, engineering construction, habitat climate, and people It s not uncommon for students or guests to lose themselves in an examination of the photographs.
I love to use this book for home school An index in the back lists the 81 countries featured This makes it easy to find a specific photograph about a country we are studying In addition, each image contains a Longitude and Latitude address, which helps youngsters learn how to find the location on a globe or marked map.
Unfortunately, each photograph contains a page of text opposite that tells something about it This commentary is the weakest part of the book Some of the content is good, some is downright wrong and much is very politically motivated Each month, this negative is compounded by an essay Topics include Climate Change or Climate Apocalypse Ancient Forests in Peril Biodiversity A Condition of Survival As you might have noticed, these are mostly downers that predict the certain demise of the earth unless specific, drastic, action is taken Like most climate change drivel, the analysis of the situation is thin and the dogma thick Part of me is bummed that we have to support this to get the positive benefits of the book Nonetheless, we use this to talk about different perspectives and introduce an examination of some of the issues presented.
Overall, I am happy with our purchase, though getting it used would have been even better