Ø Mirror Mirror ï Download by ↠´ Sarah Treem

Ø Mirror Mirror ï Download by ↠´ Sarah Treem Dramatic Comedy Characters M, F Roy, Is This A Dream A Dream, A Story, High School, Insanity It S Hard To Tell Sometimes, Isn T It A High School Homecoming Dance In The South In The Bathroom Gretchen Black, The Most Popular Girl In School, Lights A Cigarette And Asks The Mirror On The Wall Who S The Fairest Of Them All The Mirror Shows Her A Horrible Witch Instead Of Her Own Reflection Gretchen Puts The Cigarette Out In Her Armpit And The Witch Disappears Moments Later A Mysteri I really did not like it Tries to tackle a lot of big topics, but does not commit fully to any, making it seem like the playwright it just checking off a list rather than cultivating a message.
I almost went lower with this one, but I m giving it the benefit of the doubt a production would provide I m willing to go with the heightened world, but it s not always clear if some of the didactic text is meant to fit into that world, a parody of sorts in its own right I did enjoy the ending.
Not my favorite of Sarah Treem s work Still an creative story with a hint of the supernatural a epidemic of mirrors who show you who you really are until you re honest with yourself.