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☆ Read à Human Trafficking Around the World by Stephanie Hepburn ç The book I chose for my good read delves into the world which is right under our noses It gives the facts and figures regarding sex trafficking and forced labor trafficking in a total of 24 countries Human trafficking is an issue that isn t much thought about by most people, which is surprising because of how truly prevalent the problem is While many countries have taken steps to prevent cases of human trafficking from happening, an unfortunate amount of nations have simply overlooked the issue An interesting fact I pulled from the text is that globally, the average cost of a slave is 90 This book is an eye opener and is full to the brim with shocking information It was a truly heartbreaking thing to read about, but well worth the information gained Human trafficking was a disturbing thing to read about, and if you d like to learn , I d definitely recommend, Human Trafficking Around the World Hidden in Plain Sight I would also recommend this book for a mature reader It didn t have much action and could be tedious to read Overall, the book was gripping and easy to comprehend I liked how many countries it provided an insight into and how it went over all kinds of trafficking I really learned a lot about the subject from this book It was a good read and I d give it four out of five stars.
Comprehensive overview of the issues of Human Trafficking Around the World The only problem with the book is that it is 7 years old Needs to be updated every few years to include new legislations Overall an amazing reference This Unprecedented Study Of Sex Trafficking, Forced Labor, Organ Trafficking, And Sex Tourism Across Twenty Four Nations Highlights The Experiences Of The Victims, Perpetrators, And Anti Traffickers Involved In This Brutal Trade Combining Statistical Data With Intimate Accounts And Interviews, Journalist Stephanie Hepburn And Justice Scholar Rita J Simon Create A Dynamic Volume Sure To Educate And Spur ActionHepburn And Simon Recount The Lives Of Victims During And After Their Experience With Trafficking, And They Follow The Activities Of Traffickers Before Capture And Their Outcomes After Sentencing Each Chapter Centers On The Trafficking Practices And Anti Trafficking Measures Of A Single Country Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Niger, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Syria, Thailand, The United Arab Emirates, The United Kingdom, And The United States Examining These Nations Laws, Hepburn And Simon Reveal Gaps In Legislation And Enforcement And Outline The Cultural Norms And Biases, Societal Assumptions, And Conflicting Policies That Make Trafficking Scenarios So Pervasive And Resilient This Study Points Out Those Most Vulnerable In Each Nation And The Specific Cultural, Economic, Environmental, And Geopolitical Factors That Contribute To Each Nation S Trafficking Issues Further, The Study Also Highlights Common Phenomena That Governments And International Anti Traffickers Should Consider In Their Fight Against This Illicit Trade