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☆ Hunting Ground ¹ Download by Ñ Patricia Briggs I am glad I took my time reading this I think there are so many levels to this novel that I could miss if I breezed through I like how simple Briggs writes Not a lot of nonsense, extraneous prose that bogs down the story Despite her concise narrative, she conveys so much, filling the novel with an emotional power Her characters have a distinct feel to them from other writers I like that she puts their flaws out there unashamedly, and it makes you love the characters evenI will freely admit I like the scary hero that everyone fears, but the one woman who looked into his heart and feels safe with him, and is not afraid to love him I think that Anna and Charles have that sort of bond that is symbiotic It doesn t really apply to call it yin and yang, but there are elements of softness and strength coming together Truly though, their strengths complement each other And they aren t trying to modify each other to make acomfortable fit for the other It sa matter of growing in their knowledge of each other, and growing together I find their relationship very fascinating and fulfilling, and that s another reason why I read this book slowly.
The storyline was very good as well A lot of intrigue here, to see who was trying to destroy the Marrok s plan for an alliance when the werewolves reveal themselves to the world The suspense was done cleverly, because you look at the key players, think someone looks likely, but look away to focus on someone else, and then you realize that things aren t the way they seem I liked how she kept me guessing.
The werewolf parts are fantastic as usual Just utterly fascinating Another thing to appreciate from all angles as I read And throw some faerie and King Arthur stuff in there, and I start thinking this story is tailor made for me This is my kind of urban fantasy Naturalistic characters with identifiable motivations, enough grit to keep my heart beating fast, a heroine whose strength comes from within, and who grows right in front of my eyes, for Anna is a phoenix who rose from the ashes A to die for hero who makes me sigh even as he makes others shudder with fear But then you see his soft spot is his Anna How can I resist that Just the right dose of romance that fits into the story so well, it neither distracts or detracts from the fantasy elements Everything my heart desires, except the book was over, and I still wanted .
I love you, Patricia Briggs.
Hunting Ground Alpha Omega, 2 , Patricia Briggs Anna Latham didn t know how complicated life could be until she became a werewolf And until she was mated to Charles Cornick, the son and enforcer of Bran, the leader of the North American werewolves, she didn t know how dangerous it could be, either Anna and Charles have just been enlisted to attend a summit to present Bran s controversial proposition that the wolves should finally reveal themselves to humans But the most feared Alpha in Europe is dead set against the plan and it seems like someone else might be, too When Anna is attacked by vampires using pack magic, the kind of power only werewolves should be able to draw on, Charles and Anna must combine their talents to hunt down whoever is behind it all or risk losing everything Page 4 of cover 2016 2 1395 380 9786006225579 1 9786008537014 21 .
Boring Outdated UF is Boring and Outdated Buddy read BOUFiBaOBR with Ashley and Angela Actual rating 2.
2 stars Damn, I can be so generous sometimes, it s making me all teary eyed and stuff.
This is such a delightful little series I loved book 1 so much that I just could NOT wait to read this instalment And if someone tells you that this is total BS, that I hated book 1 and swore a blood oath to stay the fish away from this series for the rest of the entirety of my entire life, well that someone is completely full of crappity crap The truthful truth is, I thought book 1 was nothing short of amazing, and waslooking forward to reading Hunting Ground than to having the Scourge of Mexico go all TACTILE on me That should tell you something right there And to be completely clear no, the Corruptor of Young Na ve Innocent Souls CoYNIS named Angela did NOT put a gun to my lovely little head to force me to read this book Absolutely not I did it of my own free view spoiler if slightly masochistic hide spoiler There s just something addictive about these books It just popped up in my Kindle last night and I opened it and the rest is history Hunting Ground is a solid story in the ALPHA AND OMEGA series Charles an Alpha werewolf who acts as his father Bran s enforcer rather than being the head of a pack and his mate Anna, an Omega werewolf, are sent on a mission to Seattle, to a meeting of Alpha werewolves from England, Spain, France and elsewhere Bran is planning to go public with the fact that there are werewolves among humans others strenuously oppose this move.
Charles convinces Bran to let him represent Bran at this gathering, due to a premonition that Bran s going would result in his death But now death is stalking Charles, Anna and others, and other than the fact that a secretive and unusual gang of vampires is involved no one knows who is behind the attacks and why Meanwhile the werewolf meetings are going off the rails, primarily because of one French werewolf with a long and bloody history.
Patricia Briggs slowly builds the tension in this story, intertwining the mystery with the development of her characters Charles and Anna are still working out their relationship, and both are troubled by their respective pasts in different ways It s a bit slow paced, but still interesting, and with a great ending The Beast of G vaudan plays a key role I love how Patricia Briggs pulls in monsters from actual folklore and weaves them into her plots 4.
5 StarsRe read February 16th 2018 Didn t leave much of a review the first time I read Hunting Ground see below so I ll add a bitnow.
Events pick up about four weeks after Cry Wolf, with Anna and Charles being sent off to Seattle for a conference discussion about the Wolves coming out to the public As Charles says, there are no negotiations, Bran has already decided that this will happen, because too many of the wrong people know of their existence and have used it as blackmail with the wolves When they come out, that can t happen any, and they can try and control how the world sees them So this gathering of Packs from all over the world is a chance to hear concerns and for Bran, the Marrok, to offer aide to Packs who request it to ease the transition Lots of posturing from other Alphas is expected and much attention is focused on Anna, being a rare Omega and the Mate of Charles Charles reputation as the ruthless enforcer of his father, the Marrok, makes him taking a Mate all theinteresting But they encounterthan just harmless curiosity Vampires attack Anna, using what appears to be Pack magic, and they have to wonder is this a plot to foil Bran s plan to reveal the Wolves existence or is theregoing on here I LOVE this series so much Anna and Charles go through some bumpy times early in their relationship, since their wolf half decided their mating before they really got to know each other Each have insecurities and vulnerabilities, and sometimes because they don t want to look like a needy fool to the other so they kept their concerns to themselves causing some unnecessary misinterpretations They make progress, bit by bit, making my heart melt for them a littlewith every chapter They are so very in love, and their new relationship will take some time to sort out, but that s okay, because they have time Lots of time I love that Anna is gainingconfidence and ends up being a fierce protector of Charles in many ways Charles understands some of Anna s insecurities, thanks to the brutalization she suffered at the hands of her previous Pack, and he s so protective and supportive of her overcoming her fears and replenishing her self confidence What she accomplishes in this installment really shows Anna s an intelligent, powerful, instinctively protective force Holter Graham is an excellent narrator He brings both Anna and Charles to life I ve already starting listening to the next installment.
Review first time through I m loving Charles and Anna a littlewith each book.

Audio book rereadUpgraded from 3 stars to 3.
75 stars I agree with everything I said the first time around, but I enjoyed this one muchthe second timeShe was his and he hers Women are the bloodthirsty sex We get the reputation, but it is only because the women stand behind us, and say, Kill it Squish itOne month after they are mated and married, werewolves Anna and Charles must travel to Seattle to oversee a conference where the wolves discuss the issue of becoming open to the public While they are there, hired vampire assassins begin attacking the Omega s, human and wolf.
This one took me a while to get through I m normally a huge Patricia Briggs fan, but for some reason this series isn t hitting it for me like the Mercy Thompson series did What I loved Anna and Charles I think the development of the relationship between these two characters is the only reason I will continue to read this series Together and separately, Anna and Charles are some of theinteresting and unique characters I ve read in a long time But Briggs has a way of doing thatI would slay dragons for you I suspect that finding an unoccupied bedroom will be easierThe world building I am constantly wowed at the incredible job this author has done in creating this unique urban fantasy setting Very few authors have done this for me I want to go and visit Hopefully without becoming prey The setting It was Washington State, enough said That place is awesome What didn t work The pacing OMG the pacing was so off with this book It would go really slow, and then really fast, but then mostly slow and I had a hard time getting through this book The constant reminders of pack hierarchy We get it already, when dominant werewolves are around each other shit is about to go down Stop using 50 pages to reiterate something that happened, but you can t tell at once because all of the wolves have to pull their dicks out and measure them UGH.
So overall, I liked this book, but I didn t love itTo make great art, you had to expose your soul, and some things should be left safely in the darkLastly and Gil Girls fans will understand when they introduced a foreign wolf called Michel Girard, I immediately saw this First I d like to comment that the description on Goodreads is not a good description of the contents of the book you ll see what I mean after you ve read it and does not match the description on the book jacket, which is a much better summaryAnna Latham didn t know how complicated life could be until she became a werewolf And until she was mated to Charles Cornick, the son and enforcer of Bran, the leader of the North American werewolves, she didn t know how dangerous it could be either Anna and Charles have just been enlisted to attend a summit to present Bran s controversial proposition that the wolves should finally reveal themselves to humans But the most feared Alpha in Europe is dead set against the plan and it seems like someone else might be too When Anna is attacked by vampires using pack magic, the kind of power only werewolves should be able to draw on, Charles and Anna must combine their talents to hunt down whoever is behind it all or risk losing everything I read Cry Wolf the first book in the Alpha Omega series a couple of days ago and rated it three stars which still seems a bit too harsh but 3,5 isn t available I need to start a petition or something Cry Wolf was a decent read Plotwise I wasn t so in love with the action because it was too simple and too much based on a string of coincidences But what I loved about the book was the romance, which pretty much centered around Anna and Charles getting to know each other and learning to trust each other, after their wolves had decided to mate In Hunting Ground we re a month later in time Charles and Anna are now married as also their human sides have accepted to be mated Their mating bond though, still has to be developed and this depends on both Anna s ability to fully trust Charles as well as Charles ability to open himself up to her The deepening of their relationship is an ongoing process in the book and is beautifully worked out Like last time, we get to be in both Anna s and Charles heads and experience their doubts, fears and deep need for one another I love Anna and Charles together and I especially like reading Charles point of view about it Being his father s assassin has made Charles block out deep feelings and emotions and he s often overwhelmed by Anna She in her turn doesn t always know how to deal with Charles, who she rightfully I think calls a force of nature Their ability to see one another for what they truly are, is the strength in their relationship The way Briggs describes the mating bond the intimacy of knowing and feeling what your mate is going through is so great it almost makes you sad that us humans aren t capable of such a thing on such a level Which is a great accomplishment by Briggs considering the fact that she absolutely does not glorify the supernatural creatures she writes about Quite the opposite I sure wouldn t want to be a werewolf Well maybe if they add a Charles to the package I d consider Unlike Cry Wolf, I wasn t put off by the action plot this time There were a few minor things though I wasn t too happy with First Charles is supposed to be his father s enforcer for over a 150 years and is supposedly very very good at his job as it keeps getting mentioned But suddenly it seems like Anna is the key figure in everything he does, and it makes you wonder how he was able to pull off the job all by himself so very smoothly the 149 years before Second the villain to me was clear from the beginning This is the third book of Briggs that I ve read so far and till now she keeps using the same ways to introduce certain characters It s soon clear which characters are bad and which are there to distract the attention.
Still, the plot was very entertaining and nicely worked out So again, a very decent read by Patricia Briggs Will round it up to a full 4 stars this time I m anxiously awaiting the third novel.
Hunting Ground continues with Charles and Anna, newly mated and working on their relationship They are sent by the Marok to attend a meeting in Seattle with werewolves around the world Bran, the Marok and Charles father has decided to publicly announce to the world the existence of wolves The gathering is to discuss the idea and persuade the packs that this is a good idea.
I love seeing this mystical and magical world that the author has created evolving with the introduction of new and interesting and total believable characters the wolf packs from countries outside America and their dynamics and of course we get to see the regulars as well.
This is a fast paced, action paced story filled with some unexpected twists and revelations I was certainly kept guessing It s lovely to see Anna coming into her own and her developing relationship with Charles s pack Their bond is amazing and beautiful to see And it s lovely to see how they bring something good to each other This is turning out to be a series as good as the Mercy Thompson one Can t wait to read the next installment Every once in a while, it feels so good to jump out of the romance genre and jump back into some Urban Fantasy PNR Patricia Briggs is one of my go to authors when it comes to these types of books After listening to the first book in this series Cry Wolf , I decided to do book 2 in audio as well I m happy I did It was fast listening and the narrator did a great job voicing Anna and Charles Hunting Ground takes place in Seattle If you ve read the Mercy Thompson series, you remember that book where the were s are considering coming out to the world well, the time line is lined up with this book Charles is there in the place of his father, the Marrok And of course, he brings his mate and Omega, Anna Anna is very useful in situations like this and she proves that time and time again There is a lot going on with the story Quite a few new characters, and some of the regulars I like that, but at times it can feel a little overwhelming I didn t love that And the fact that I listened may have made it a littledifficult to keep track of everything I liked some of the new characters, but I did miss Asil from book one I m really hoping he s in the next book There was some action and even some mystery, but what I loved most about this story was seeing the growth in Anna and Charles relationship He s learning the can s and can ts when it comes to his damaged wolf Anna is able to open upto Charles and trust himNot just her wolf doing this, but her as a person It s taken a lot of time for her to start to overcome her past and I love that she s doing it and moving forward I m really enjoying this series I can t tell if I like it as much as the Mercy Thompson books I really love those With each and every book I m liking itandMy husband tells me the next book is the best so far in the series so I m sure I ll be listening to it sooner rather than later Anna Latham Didn T Know How Complicated Life Could Be Until She Became A Werewolf And Until She Was Mated To Charles Cornick, The Son And Enforcer Of Bran, The Leader Of The North American Werewolves, She Didn T Know How Dangerous It Could Be EitherAnna And Charles Have Just Been Enlisted To Attend A Summit To Present Bran S Controversial Proposition That The Wolves Should Finally Reveal Themselves To Humans But The Most Feared Alpha In Europe Is Dead Set Against The Plan And It Seems Like Someone Else Might Be Too When Anna Is Attacked By Vampires Using Pack Magic, The Kind Of Power Only Werewolves Should Be Able To Draw On, Charles And Anna Must Combine Their Talents To Hunt Down Whoever Is Behind It All Or Risk Losing Everything