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ï Laid Bare (Brown Family, #1) ↠´ Download by ï Lauren Dane Opening LineMusic, raw and hard like sex, pulsed through the speaker stack, caught the people in front of the stage, as much as it had her in its grip Oh how I loved this one LAID BARE it s one of the best erotic books I ve ever read encompassing the perfect mix of raw sexuality along with tenderness, growth and understanding There is also a beautiful love story here that eventually involves 3 people and Lauren Dane has done a wonderful job of exploring the boundaries and complexities involved in an M M F relationship Bondage and the Dom sub lifestyle are also explored but always done here with love and respect, which I appreciated This story grabbed me from page 1 as we are introduced to wild child Erin She s beautifully written as the tattooed and dreadlocked singer from an emerging Indie band Erin makes no apologies for what and who she desires and she desires her neighbour, the straight laced, country music lovin cop Todd Todd in turn is attracted to Erin but doesn t foresee a future as they are just so different in fact he doesn t even want his cop buddies to see him with her She also brings out his darker, kinkier side which scares the hell out of him, enough so that he eventually ends the relationship and marries a good girl Erin in the meantime becomes a full blown rock star, popular with the MTV crowd because of her ever changing appearance and wild antics 10 years later the now divorced Todd enters a coffee shop only to find Erin behind the counter She s changed, no longer the carefree rocker chick he once knew although she does have pink hair Something s happened to her on the rise to fame, something so terrible it s stolen her spirit and almost killed her They can t fight the fact that they still have feelings for each other though and with Todd now willing to embrace his alternative needs they fall in love Even though Erin is strong willed she still likes to be dominated in the bedroom And as their relationship grows we get some very intense love scenes as they take things to new and exciting levels When exhibitionism enters the mix its only a matter of time before Ben, Todd s sexy best friend and new business partner gets involved in the scene and then WOW do things ever heat up I m not usually one for the m nage but this worked for me, the perfect combination of alpha male exploration and sensitivity Ben is bisexual whereas Todd s never even considered taking a man into his bed until Ben offered Still Todd loves his best friend and is willing to just see where things go He s a bit shy so when they share their first kiss, sigh it s pretty hot Initially I felt kind of uncomfortable when Ben got it on with Erin, it felt like they were cheating even though Todd was right there with them I credit this to this to writing because I was so wrapped up in the characters and what they were feeling that I didn t want anyone to get hurt As the passion and love the trio shares begins to transform and mend Erin the evil from her past comes back to haunt them Will they be strong enough to get through it If you re a fan of erotica then I highly recommend this I can honestly say that I ve never been quite this turned on by a book and there was the added bonus of a great storyline too Coming Undone is the next book in the series Cheers This is the first time I ve felt the need to review a book that is predominantly erotica I mean, most of the time they either do their job right make you hot under the collar or they don t and there s rarely muchto be said about it in my opinion However, Laid Bare was an erotic novel that was quite different from what I m used to well, it actually wasn t all about sex.
There was a good deal of character development that I haven t found in many non erotic books that I ve read recently it worked well The story is about two people Erin and Todd who, through a lot of kinky sexual interactions, end up becoming the people they ve always wanted to be and unleashing sides of themselves that they had kept hidden It s a love story as well as smut and I found both of the main characters to my liking.
It was deeply emotional and quite sad at times though the plot was approached through an erotic angle, it had so muchto offer than is typical of the genre Erotica tends to be a quick sex filled fix, fun while it lasts but mostly meaningless I would recommed this to everyone who enjoys both the sexual aspect of erotica but also looks for something else in their novels This is quite apart from the rest and many authors of erotic fiction could learn a lot from this.

He s a sexy, straight laced, 20 something Seattle cop She s a beautiful, free spirited, dreadlocked, 24 year old wannabe rock star He likes Toby Keith, she likes PJ Harvey Her parents died when she was young, and she and her younger rocker brother were raised by a supportive older brother He comes from a large family of cops and former cops Sounds like Erin Brown and Todd Keenan wouldn t have much in common But the fact that they seem totally different doesn t stop the attraction that these next door neighbors feel for each other Todd s been aware of Erin for some time, and is intrigued by her He watches her come home from work every night, yet doesn t make a move Erin is just not the type of girl he usually dates, with her tattoos and piercings and fiery attitude But Erin s not the type of girl to not go after what she wants she wants Todd , and she agressively makes the first move They indulge in a scorching hot affair, and Erin knows just what Todd needs wants She knows he wants to dominate her, and she s happy to be his sub But Todd isn t comfortable with the man he becomes when he s with Erin, no matter how exciting it is to him He backs away from the relationship, leaving Erin very disappointed but free to pursue her rock star dreams.
Fast forward 10 years Erin is back in Seattle, after making it big in the music biz with her younger brother Adrian She had the money, the fame, and the glory, but she also had devastating heartbreak The kind that many people never get over Now she s just trying to pick up the pieces of her shattered life, and start all over again She runs a small coffee shop cafe next door to her protective older brother s tattoo parlor Erin s life will never be what it once was, but she s determined to put one foot in front of the other, and carry on.
Todd s also back in Seattle, after a move to Boston and an unsatisfactory marriage to the type of woman he thought he should be married to, and after suffering a career ending injury But he never stopped thinking about Erin, and what he could have had with her if he wasn t so afraid of his sexual desires Now that he s back in town and setting up a security consulting business with his best friend and his friend s brother both former cops , he s determined to start over and live his life the way he wants to, and not the way he thinks he should.
When he unexpectedly meets up with Erin at her coffee shop, he knows the spark is still there, even after 10 years Todd would like to pick up where they left off, but Erin is wary about letting Todd or anyone into her heart again Love can bring pain, and Erin doesn t know if she can face that But Erin and Todd renew their affair, and this time Todd embraces his inner dom and all his sexual kinks Things are going great, and then another player is added to the sexual equation best friend Ben Can Erin handle having two men who want to love and protect her What will their families think And is the pain from Erin s past truly over, or will it keep coming back to haunt her Whew This book was so muchthan I expected It starts off with a bang and never seemed to let up The sexual activity is very raw, aggressive, and in your face, and at times I ll admit it pushed my comfort levels Reading about BDSM is not my favorite thing in erotic romance, but thankfully there wasn t anything too extreme, and there definitely was no master slave vibe, or anything humiliating, which I hate The most agressive thing Todd would say is Get naked and on your knees , or something to that effect, and outside of the bedroom, he was really a sweet, protective guy, not the uber alpha that you d think he d be True, he was one kinky guy in the bedroom, and he liked to restrain Erin, liked to bite and use a whip, but what can I say, she loved it and wantedAnd he always asked her if she was okay, and was very loving and solicitous I had no doubt that he truly loved Erin.
Ben what can I say I really liked him, and that surprised me a bit Ben was bisexual, but he said her preferred women to men He was friends with Todd since childhood, and had always loved him, but I guess he was afraid to tell him When Todd invited him to participate in a threesome with Erin, I thought it would be a onetime thing But both Erin and Todd wanted Ben to be a part of somethingpermanent, and considered him theirs Their scenes together were erotic, intense, and loving Their was some m m action, but nothingthan kissing and fondling, although if I recall correctly I think there was some oral action on Ben s part So no, the men didn t go all the way , but I got the feeling in time they would Ben did make it very clear that Erin was the most important person to him in the relationship, and I felt that she was very lucky to have these two loving men dote on her She could have done a lot worse This book was in no way a total sex fest, although it seemed to start out that way There was a very good, realistic story to go along with all the kinky sexual activity, and no way was it all smooth sailing Erin had a lot of problems to overcome, but luckily had a supportive family and two hunky guys who wanted to help her I was happy to see her regain her inner strength and be a little bit like the free spirit she was in her youth, and I had to give her high marks for her courage after all that happened to her in the past I was also glad to see that Todd allowed himself to be the person he was, and not the person he thought he should be As for Ben, I thought he had the toughest time of it, coming into an already established relationship and trying not to feel like a third wheel I also felt bad that he didn t get the support from his family that he needed But with Erin and Todd s love and support, I think he ll get through it This is one menage that I think has a very good chance of succeeding.
If I have a small bone to pick it s this I can t believe that Todd was unaware of the tragedy in Erin s life Yes, he was busy with his life, and yes, he liked country music and not alternative rock, but c mon In this day and age of tabloids and celebrity TV, and him being a cop, and being Erin s former boyfriend, the guy must have been living under a rock not to have heard what happened to her That sort of aggravated me for a few chapters, and made me think that maybe Erin wasn t as famous and successful that I thought she was.
So, to sum up a very well written, fast paced, thoughful story, filled with some kinky sex, a loving mostly m f m menage, a rather triumphant ending for the heroine, and the start of a promising new beginning for the threesome No, it s not quite the Chase Brothers , but if you don t mind the bdsm elements or the menage relationship, you ll find it very enjoyable 4 stars Warning Those book contains explicit sex including lots of oral, but no anal , graphic language, male male action of the kissing and fondling variety, and some bondage restraints and light flogging whipping Not for the faint of heart Ok, so I definately have an opinion about this book This isn t a review as much as my opinion.
The good Clearly this is a moving story about family, love, loss and the possibility for finding happiness after a tragedy I loved Erin, she was very believable with her life and struggles I liked her brothers Adrian and Brody and their relationship with Erin I liked Todd and watching him struggle with proving himself again to Erin once he returned The story between Erin and Todd was very moving, it was believable and I really rooted for them She was is dealing with some pretty heavy stuff in her life and he really figured her out and knew all the right things to do and say and I loved that.
That being said, it brings me to the point in the story which, in all honesty completely ruined it for me BEN ok, I liked him when he was just the best friend He clearly was good looking and flirted w Erin But, for their relationship to completely go from zero to a million just from Ben making the statement to Todd I wish there were two of her , unless you wanna share paraphrase I m not against M M F relationships in a story, but Todd and Erin had just reconnected with each other and truly loved each other and were working through their relationship, then they introduced Ben and YUCK Not icky yuck, just it was pointless for the story to go there I felt it took away from the original storyline that was going on Todd and Erins story was already interesting challenging enough without that part of it It was odd that Todd at first, was unsure of himself and what Erin wanted and he was finally happy w her finally admitting she loved him and then BAM I m ok w you having sex w my best friend and him living with us and sharing you andblah, blah blah Sorry, if this seems harsh, but I was really mad at that part of the story, Todd was just too OK w him sharing Erin and like I said it ruined the story for me and really seemed pointless, b c the story would have been amazing without Ben taking on that role My other complaint was that it jumped around A LOT Not just present daythen 10 years later But, the story kept jumping two days later.
two weeks latersometimes time would pass and you wouldn t know how much time even went by.
Ok wow I really was frustrated once I finished this book I will read the second book in the series, which is Brody s story b c I liked the world that Ms Dane created.
I really would have given this book 4 stars on the storyline, had they kept the whole Ben thing out.
This book pissed me off I was so into it, I had decided to buy a copy because the one I was reading was borrowed At some point it started going off the rails By the end, I hated all the characters and just wanted to finish the stupid thing.
Lauren Dane s writing is good It just seems like when it s flawed it is VERY flawed Ms Dane, can I try editing one of your books I think I could help.
Loved the initial story between the hero and heroine Maybe this would have been a better novella than a full length novel I didn t enjoy the whole triad thing I find it hard to believe that a woman would find not one but TWO amazing men who love her so very very much There was so much telling rather than showing Or making a point that had already been made The dialogue in the last 1 4 of the book is just completely ridiculous UGh, I could go on, but it would just mean that I d given uptime to this stupid book Glad I didn t buy it.
This book was just okay for me The sex was smoking hot, but the relationship between Todd and Erin just didn t do it for me I am not sure what the deal was I don t know if it was what I perceived as the lack of character development or if I need a littlesexual tension between the H h Now as far as a m nage goes this was a story that actually made me believe that it could work between Todd, Erin, and Ben Once the three of them got together I began to like the characters a lot .
I am looking forward to the next book in the series book Coming Undone 662934Addendum re read sept 2011I have to admit that this was much better the second time around I mentioned that the first time I read the book I didn t feel there was enough character development Haha I must have been high when I wrote that because I was wrong Each character is developed just fine I still think that Ben is introduced a little to quickly into Erin and Todds relationship That s just my opinion Erin leans on the bitchy side a littlethan I d like but Todd and Ben make up for it that is for sure.
A few pages into this, I started to feel like King Louis in Start the Revolution Without Me I thought it was Romantic Suspense Trust me to barely finish one book because it had too much sex and to then pick up another that turns out to be D s erotica with menage But it did suck me in, no graphic imagery intended Despite it being cruder than I personally enjoy the characters are really into dirty talk and me, not so much I was intrigued by the sexually assured Erin and the hung up, repressed kinkster Todd.
Sadly, the book lost steam when the menage started up It just comes out of left field being told over and over that Todd and Ben are best friends and very close is not convincing enough, I needed to see that relationship established, and much earlier in the story And the whole menage thing is so prosaic And so boringly perfect At one point Ben thinks, If the woman was anyperfect he wasn t sure he could stand it That summed up how I felt about the relationships in the book It was like a commercial for triads Who knew being kinky could be so boring.
Rating 4.
5 5 This was a great book It was almost a five star readalmost but not quite There were a couple things that needed to be a little better or done a little different to be five starts, but it was a solid 4.
5 for me.
Summary Erin Brown is the quintessential rocker chick She s got funky hair, tattoos, piercings and a wild girl approach to life That doesn t stop her from wanting the straight laced cop next door They start a hot, wild fling that pushes Todd Keenan s boundaries Fantasies he s tried to suppress come to the surface and it s too much for him and he bails.
Ten years later, Todd is back in Seattle, ready to accept the person he truly is So when he runs into Erin at the coffee shop she owns, it s a second chance for them But Erin isn t the same girl she used to be Tragedy has changed her greatly, putting roadblocks in her new relationship with Todd Then Todd s friend, Ben, enters the sceneand their bed What started out as indulging a fantasy grows into so muchas feelings develop between all three But first, Erin must battle her demons from her past in order to have a future with the two men she loves.
Review I m almost always a fan of menage HEA erotic romances I m just a big supporter of alternative relationships and find the menage ones to be some of the most interesting to read So when I saw that this book was a menage romance, of course I bought it On some levels, I thought this book was really, really good Yes, it s an erotic romance with lots and lots of hot sex and all that, but it s also got a lot of emotion Poor Erin That girl went to hell and back I already liked her in the beginning because she was so different and atypical, but then seeing how she survived what she did, it just makes you like her all theI just thought she was such a fun character.
I also liked Todd and how his character progressed I ve read some stories before where a character fits their sexual nature, but it s often the female So to have a male character battling his true sexual desires gave the book a nice twist Then there s the fact that the romance was actually a bisexual menage HEA That s even better than a hetero menage story, in my opinion It s such a fascinating dynamic.
Despite all those strong points, which made this a fabulous book to read, there were some things I thought could have been done differently or better.
For one, I thought Ben came off a little too much as a sidenote throughout most of the book He has very limited POV in the story which means as a reader, you don t get to know him very well I wanted to dig deeper into his character.
Also, there were a few times when the book seemed to skip around and miss somethings In particular, I thought how the coming out of the menage relationship was a little poorly done There s a scene where one of the guys Todd, I think is about to talk to his Dad about the relationship then the chapter ends and you don t hear another word about At the end, there s this thing where it says that the mother in laws are there to watch Erin perform along with some other family members who still talked to themand I was like, wait Which ones are still talking to them, which ones disowned them What all is going on That part of the story seemed a little hollow.
There was one other thing that bothered me a littleor maybe it s just that I wished the story had donein this area And that was the relationship between Ben and Todd There was obviously some sexual chemistry there and they did some stuff with each other, but nothing full out And I thought that was weird Yeah, there s the assumption thatwill happen in the future with them, but personally, as something that was so big in the relationship, I thought it needed to be addressed in the book It came off to me that author Lauren Dane doesn t quite want to cross certain sexual lines And not just with the M M action, but also with something else I was really surprised about the fact that this is a M F M menage that involved no anal sex That s usually always an act involved in menage stories So between that and the stunted development of Todd and Ben s relationship, I felt like the story got a little stuck on the lines it appeared the author didn t want to cross.
But still, this was a really good book Very hot, very sexual Great characters and an interesting story that kept the book from being to superficially sexual.
WARNING, this book contains explicit sex and language, oral sex, a little ass play, M M oral sex and kissing, light sexual D s, a little bondage, some spanking, M F M bisexual HEA, body piercings, tattoos, light exhibitionism Unexpected DesireIt S Been Ten Years Since Clean Cut, Sexy As Hell Police Officer Todd Keenan Had A White Hot Fling With Erin Brown, The Provocative, Wild Rocker Chick Next Door Their Power Exchange In The Bedroom Got Under His Skin But Love Wasn T In The Cards Just YetNow, Life Has Thrown The Pair Back Together But Picking Up Where They Left Off Is Tough, In Light Of A Painful Event From Erin S Past As Todd Struggles To Earn Her Trust, Their Relationship Takes An Unexpected And Exciting Turn When Todd S Best Friend, Ben, Ends Up In Their Bed And All Three Are Quite Satisfied In This Relationship Without A Name As The Passion They Share Transforms Erin, Will It Be Enough To Help Her Face The Evil She Thought She Had Left Behind Me no likey No likey the story, the characters, the writing and me especially no likey the word cunt I know, this is erotica, but I still don t like the word And it s everywhere I m afraid this author just isn t for me This is one of the rare cases where I m going to abide by theif you can t say anything nice, don t say anything at alladage Especially as I didn t finish the book.
There were some things that bothered me about the portion of the book that I DID read Of course, those were why I quit reading, and I d be happy to chat about them if anyone s interested.
But I won t post them in my review 1 star.