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[Jimmy Holland] Î Lost in Care: The True Story of a Forgotten Child [high-school PDF] Ebook Epub Download Î Jimmy Holland Was Born Into A Family Suffering At The Hands Of Their Drunk And Abusive Father At The Age Of Just Two Weeks, He Was Placed Into Care, And The Beginning Of A Life Lived In A Constantly Changing Environment Of Homes, Authorities, And Institutions Began Let Down And Frequently Abused, It Wasn T Long Before Jimmy Strayed Onto The Wrong Side Of The Tracks Before Long, The Mold For A Problem Child Was Set He Quickly Turned From Substance Abuse To Drug Use, And In Turn, To Crime He Soon Became Associated With The Ringleaders Of An Infamous Gang Responsible For Prison Riots And Hostage Taking A Heart Felt, Shocking, And Despairing Insight Into Life As A State Raised Boy, Lost In Care Is The Heart Rending Tale Of A Man Who Has Lost His Childhood And Also Lost His Way I have just finished reading this book and found it hard to put down, an amazing read You really have to read it for yourself and not just listen to what others have to say about it.
As much of a hard man he may be I actually feel for him, he was deprived of childhood which is no excuse for turning to crime but some times you can t blame people for doing wrong.
Most people would say that any kind of violence is wrong but there are times when that is the only option I know people who work in prison s and people locked up in them and there are good and bad in both The justice system is completely crazy and needs changing.

It is hard to feel sympathy for Jimmy Holland at times as he is clearly a very screwed up individual There is no excusing the conduct of the prison staff who treated Jimmy and other cons with utter disrespect but Jimmy s behaviour was also inexcusable An interesting, hard hitting account with very little tenderness and a huge amount if anger.
I enjoyed this book It was a love story as well as emotional Very good read.