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☆ Read ☆ Our Lady of Kibeho: Messages from the Mother of God in the Heart of Africa by Immaculée Ilibagiza ¶ This was amazing I ve read Immaculee s first book and have her second yet to read I loved hearing the story behind the apparitions This book encouraged and bolstered my faith and my belief in our blessed Mother s constant care and concern for us here I ve already passed this on and can t recommend enough.
I haven t read any of Immaculee Ilibagiza other books In this book she relates how Our Lady appeared to Rwandans about ten years before the massacre to warn them about it The apparitions have been approved by the Catholic Church Rwanda is the most Catholic nation in Africa, about 60% Catholic Rwandans flocked to Kibeho but unfortunately, like people at Lourdes and Fatima, appeared to be interested in the miraculous goings on than in the message of repentance The book is worth reading just for its description of the simple, direct faith of African Catholics It has some interesting photos of the visionaries taken while they were talking to Mary.
Our Lady asked people to pray the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary rosary, which had fallen by the wayside after its initial appearance in the 13th century The Seven Sorrows Chaplet can be ordered online It has seven sets of seven beads, making for 49 Hail Marys The Chaplet should come with instructions and the book also has instructions.
My understanding from prior apparitions is that when societies sin, as in abortion in America, temporal punishment is forthcoming The wrong doers may or may not repent but the apparitions make it possible for others to make repentance for them We re not talking sackcloth and ashes here Offering up a daily rosary and one s daily sufferings is all it takes In other words, the apparitions make it easy to to avert the punishment.
As an aside, I knew a Catholic student from Ghana in college and he said one of the reasons the Catholic Church is increasing in leaps and bounds in Africa was because witchcraft is quite prevalent in Africa The student related some of his own experiences in Ghana I myself have heard of, but not witnessed, similar activity in India, especially one incident where a Hindu servant who had been mistreated by a Catholic family went back to her village and asked for a spell to be cast on that family All hell broke loose and it took a good while and many exorcisms before things returned to normal Witchcraft is not mumbo jumbo, witness the power of Pharaoh s priests when confronted by Moses to turn sticks into snakes Africans see witch doctors put spells on Catholic priests and churches and see they have no effect Demonic activity would be far prevalent in the West were it not for the ubiquity of the sacraments.
Thirteen Years Before The Bloody Genocide That Swept Across Rwanda And Left Than A Million People Dead, The Virgin Mary And Jesus Christ Appeared To Eight Young People In The Remote Village Of Kibeho Through These Visionaries, Mary And Jesus Warned Of The Looming Holocaust, Which They Assured Could Be Averted If Rwandans Opened Their Hearts To God And Embraced His LoveMary Also Sent Messages To Government And Church Leaders To Instruct Them How To End The Ethnic Hatred Simmering In Their Country She Warned Them That Rwanda Would Become A River Of Blood A Land Of Unspeakable Carnage If The Hatred Of The People Was Not Quickly Quelled By Love Some Leaders Listened, But Very Few Believed The Prophetic And Apocalyptic Warnings Tragically Came True During Horrifying Days Of Savage Bloodletting And Mass MurderMuch Like What Happened At Similar Sites Such As F Tima And Lourdes, The Messengers Of Kibeho Were At First Mocked And Disbelieved But As Miracle After Miracle Occurred In The Tiny Village, Tens Of Thousands Of Rwandans Journeyed To Kibeho To Behold The Apparitions After The Genocide, And Two Decades Of Rigorous Investigation, Our Lady Of Kibeho Became The First And Only Vatican Approved Marian Related To The Virgin Mary Site In All Of Africa But The Story Still Remained Largely UnknownNow, However, Immacul E Ilibagiza Has Changed All That She Has Made Many Pilgrimages To Kibeho, Both Before And After The Holocaust, Has Personally Witnessed True Miracles, And Has Spoken With A Number Of The Visionaries Themselves What She Has Discovered Will Deeply Touch Your Heart Immacul e Ilibagiza has done it again She has captured hearts and minds with her truly amazing book I was so entranced by its story and the author s deep and trusting love for the Blessed Mother that I still find myself thinking about it several days since I ve finished reading it And I pray that I will take its lessons to heart.
Our Lady of Kibeho is an approved Marian apparition site in a tiny, obscure village on the edge of Rwanda The Virgin Mary appeared to 3 school girls in Kibeho, one by one Later, Mary and her son, Jesus, would appear to at least 4 others, including an illiterate pagan to whom Jesus himself taught scripture, prayers and basic doctrine The nuns at the school, the village priest, and all their classmates were at first unbelieving and taunted the visionaries, calling them liars and devils When the girls would fall into a trance like state of ecstasy when being visited by the Blessed Mother, their classmates would pinch, poke and burn the visionaries to try to illicit some response but they only kept their blissful smiles and radiant faces turned toward the sky and were totally unaware of any harm being done to them.
As a natural skeptic myself, I appreciated the thorough tests and interviews the Vatican put the visionaries through After 20 years of investigations, the Vatican approved Kibeho as an authentic Marian apparition site in 2001 This means it is worthy of belief, yet the Church never requires belief in any Marian apparition.
Our Lady came to Kibeho in 1981, it would seem, with a message of urgency for Rwanda and all the world to repent from our sins and believe She revealed to the visionaries the terrible violence that would befall Rwanda during the genocide of 1994 The prophecies were horrifically accurate One million Tutsis were mercilessly slaughtered to death They were pulled from their homes and chopped to pieces by machete by their own friends and neighbors How could this evil have happened Our Lady s message to her children was that we are all capable of such evil if we hide it in our hearts.
Loved it I read this book right after Led by Faith, the one that came before this one Both were excellent, but this one took me by surprise I didn t know what to expect but she tells it from a very personal viewpoint, starting from when she was a little girl wishing Our Lady would appear to her and her friend Ever since that time she was drawn to Mary and ached to visit Kibeho when the apparations there began A very powerful account of what became a faith revival in that area, nicely told.
I thought I already wrote a review Where did it go Oh well, here I go again Immaculee Ilibagiza is the young woman, you may remember, who survived the Rwanda genocide by hiding in a cramped bathroom with 7 other women for 91 days She is a remarkable woman, deeply spiritual and full of faith In this book she details the apparitions of Mary in Kibeho that were ongoing during her childhood The visionaries were warned of the upcoming horrors Indeed, several of the visionaries themselves would be murdered I had never heard of these apparitions in Kibeho until someone put this book in my hands and told me to read it Now I want to read her other books.
How did I not know there were Vatican approved apparitions of Mary in Rwanda This is Immaculee Ilibagiza s third book about the Rwandan genocide She is always inspiring and uplifting I find it very hard to put her books down and come back to reality If you have not read her previous two books about surviving the genocide, do it now Her story deserves and needs to be heard If you have read the other two, don t pass on this one It is a bit different since it s not an actual biography, but it is an amazing part of Immaculee s and Rwanda s story.
This book covers six months of intensive visions of Jesus and Mary by several visionaries in Rwanda in 1982, toward the end of which Mary predicted the 1994 genocides if people didn t let go of their hatred and if the Hutu government didn t change its extremist treatment of the minority Tutsi tribe Overall the messages are gentle, kind, eminently Christian and yet there aren t enough of them in the text I was dissatisfied with the way the story unfolded because it felt like something my mother might tell me at the kitchen table than a documented event I d read in a book Most of the visionaries messages are not given verbatim, and we hear about some of them only glancingly for example, that the government stopped allowing them to be broadcast over the radio when Mary got critical of the Rwandan government when we never heard that kind of message related from her in the book I m not sure if this means the author wasn t given permission to access the Vatican archives regarding the visions, or whether she wanted to keep it colloquial, but for me, I m less interested in the way a family received the messages than I am in what the messages themselves actually were We re sorely lacking in specifics as to how things were said, when they were said, and what the messages were, other than be good to each other I couldn t help but feel we kept skipping over the most interesting parts what Mary actually said.
I did find it very interesting to be immersed in Rwandan culture and perspective, and the authors were great about describing the visionaries personalities, lives, and the difficulties they endured The book was very readable and I went through it in about two days.
I am passing this book along to my mother for her to read or to give to her Carmelite group.

Even though I tend to be hesitant about mystics and miracles, it intruiged me that one of the few Vatican approved Marian apparitions took place in a little town in Rwanda I thought that the prophecies of the genocide were convincing, and I was familiar with Immacul e from EWTN and her book Left to Tell about her experiences of the Rwandan genocide I expected it to be a good story, but I didn t expect it to delight me like it did I ve had some emotional reservations about Marian devotion, but this story seemed to melt them away The manner in which she appeared to the children was so simple and motherly The children felt so surrounded by love that they would laugh and giggle in her presence She showed intense love for her children in the messages she gave, and also wisdom, even though her words were so simple I enjoyed reading about it from Immacul e s perspective, because she was a child when they apparitions began, and witnessed miracles not just physical miracles, but changes in the hearts of her family and village Reading this book, there s been a change in me as well a greater devotion to Christ through Our Lady, and a deepened understanding of the mysteries of the faith through the Rosary and the special Rosary of the Seven Sorrows.
When the Rwandan massacre happened I was only vaguely aware of it, my happy little world revolved around two lively toddlers Reading about it years later I wept bitterly Eventually I learned about Immaculee Ilibagiza, weeks spent hiding in a bathtub emerging to discover her whole family slaughtered suddenly the horror became even intensely personal But it wasn t until recently when I became familiar with the devotion known as The Seven Sorrows Rosary that I made a concerted effort to learn about the Church approved Marian apparitions which preceded the tragic events of 1994 by 12 years Although the Seven Sorrows devotion goes back to the Middle Ages it gained new popularity following the Church approval of these apparitions in Kibeho, Rwanda In her apparitions, Our Lady recommended that people pray the Chaplet or Rosary of the Seven Sorrows to obtain the favor of repentance Our Lady of Kibeho Mary Speaks to the World from the Heart of Africa by Immaculee Ilibagiza is a poignant personal account of what the apparitions meant to someone who lived through this horrific historic event It is told in the traditional African way gentle, honest, and guileless, straight from the heart Do we know what to do with something so precious