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↠´ Read Ì Up Over Down Under by Micol Ostow ✓ I liked this book, however I wish that it was just about Billie I almost always wanted to skip the chapters about Eliza and I just really didn t like her character she just keep making bad decisions that were hurting everyone.
I like this series, but it s obvious that neither of the authors are Australian I know wayabout Australia than they do, and I ve never been there NO one from this part of the world confuses Marmite with Vegemite NO ONE I m so glad that the book wasn t set in NZ, because then I would be evenoffended than I am.

I bought this book from my library s used bookstore because it looked cute It s the story of two girls taking part in an foreign exchange program based on environmental issues Billie from Australia is swapping places with Eliza from Washington, DC I expected this to be a cute read and maybe learn a little about Australia in the process I thought it would be about the girls trying to fit in with their new environments, and it kind of was, but mostly it was about their environmental projects.
The first half of the book is setting the stage, getting to know Eliza and Billie in alternating chapters as they acclimate to their new home for the semester HALF THE BOOK Nothing happened in the first half except what we knew was going to happen, the girls swapped homes Finally, a little after halfway through it started to get better, but the plot was still entirely lackluster Eliza takes the chance away from her home and strict parents her dad s a big wig with the EPA, reputation matters and gets into trouble Meanwhile Billie, always straight and narrow, rebels in her own way by taking a stand against the actions or lack thereof of the EPA.
Really, this book is like an after school special Maybe if I were in middle school I would have enjoyed this story, but in the end, I wonder why I wasted my time I guess I figured by the time I hit 50%, I d already invested so much in reading this I may as well just finish I gave it 2.
5 stars because the characters were mostly likable and the writing was decent It was the lackluster plot that deducted the remaining 2.
5 stars.
Great for teenagers interested in DC and or Australia Just a fun book There were some errors about DC that were puzzling Surely the author and editors knew that Dulles airport isn t in Maryland and that DC has a very strict rule about how tall buildings can be Nothing important but anyone who reads this book familiar with the area would give it a couple of good eye rolls Maybe there were some Australian mistakes too.
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Eliza and Billie exchange places for a semester as they embark on their S.
S experiences Eliza, the daughter of a politician, is thrust into the world of fieldwork and surfers when she heads to Melbourne, Australia Bille, a proactive greenie, heads to Washington D.
C and faces the world of office work and protests Can they successfully make it through the semester without causing strife in their homes, or worse, getting deported This book was definitely worse than the other S.
S books I ve read It was just boring and not a whole lot happened All I wanted was to finish this book and move on.
The plot is pretty standard, two girls go to foreign countries and fall in love It has no twists or turns, and practically no action, so it s just boring Honestly even the romances were so lacking in these ones Both of the guys were dull and their wasn t any spark It just left me wantingSo with no romance and no action what was there to this plot Mostly just a lot of talking about stuff over and over repetitively until you re left snoring The Billie plot was probably less terrible for me, but still beyond boring.
The characters were really dull They were both very boring with no notable qualities They re also both pretty judgmental The two love interests were the worst characters in the book They don t have any spark as characters which leads to romances with no spark The parents are just about the only characters with any character to them They re fairly well developed by comparison to the teenagers.
This book was so dull I can t really muster up much to say about it beyond that There wasn t much of a story and the characters were boring I wouldn t recommend you read it if I m completely honest I d probably read the rest of S.
S but that s mostly just to humour myself.
I really did like this, in spite of all my nitpicking I do just wish they d gotten an actual Melburnian or even just any Australian to proof read this because there were a number of itty bitty details that just irked me although the attention to detail that was correct WAS nice I liked both girls and enjoyed reading about both of them The Parker Billie romance did seem a bit forced and unnecessary though, and I would have enjoyedto the story as it seemed to end with a lotstill to happen 100% want a sequel Do the girls manage to meet Like does one go home a few days before the other has to leave so they can at least hang out once I want that to happen In this version of the S.
S world, Eliza has fled Down Under for the chance to let loose a little, while Billie has gone Up Over in the hopes that being in D.
C will allow her to save the environment once and for all.
More than ever I wish I knewabout the writing guidelines for the series there s a lot of variation in how the programme works In some books, students are placed with families in some books, they re in dorms sometimes they rarely interact with anyone outside S.
S sometimes they have a local exchange deal going on This is the only book in which students perform something of a body swap although the environmental themes of Up Over Down Under do run through some of the other books.
As other reviewers have said, I might have liked this better had it been solely from Billie s perspective Eliza does make herself difficult to like for some most of the book No real sense of growth for her as a character Billie comes in a bitwell rounded and also ready togo with the flow She doesn t always agree with her hosts Eliza s parents , but she does have enough maturity to talk to them rather than sneaking out, running away, et cetera Her story does feel a bit unfinished, thoughenergy given to the love triangle than to conflicts with less predictable outcomes and I wish there d beendisplays of culture both Up Over and Down Under Okay story, but it really could ve taken place anywhere Erm, in two anywheres.
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I read this book after I had finished the anger S.
S book called When Irish Guys Are Smiling I thought this would be just as good as the one I read but I was sorely disappointed I found this book hard to read because of Eliza and all her antics My only reason to keep on reading was Billie Billie is a greenie, surf addict, hippie, save the whales type of girl Eliza isoff a pink, boy crazy, girly, I careabout myself then other people type of person Throughout the whole book Eliza made some pretty bad decisions I mean, if I had an opportunity to learn over seas I would be really into it Eliza just signed up on the program because 1 she wanted to be free and 2 she wanted to meet boys She didn t actually care about the green eco learning experience She signed up knowing that her important ecological businessman dad would guarantee her acceptance I think that s just wrong, it s practically cheating or bribing to get in Billie was a breath of fresh air compared to Eliza Billie was a model student who balanced friends and potential love interests I also think that Billie made better choices than Eliza Billie s romance also ended much better than Eliza s Overall I gave this book three stars If this story was just centered on Billie in Washington D.
C it would have gotten better reviews all around But then again I guess it wouldn t make much of a story if Americans read a book about a foreign exchange student program in America.
Up Over Down Come Help Us As We Develop JOIN Up Over Down Under By Micol Ostow I Loved The Idea Of This Book Yet, It Just Kind Of Fell Flat When I Was Actually Reading It The Characters Weren T All That Great, And The Writing Wasn T Extremely Striking, Though It Was Charming Up And Down Traduction Franaise Linguee De Trs Nombreux Exemples De Phrases Traduites Contenant Up And Down Dictionnaire Franais Anglais Et Moteur De Recherche De Traductions Franaises Up Down FilmAlloCin Up Down Est Un Film Ralis Par Pascal Chaumeil Avec Pierce Brosnan, Toni Collette Synopsis Londres, Le Soir Du Nouvel An Dtermin En Fi Nir, Martin, Ancien Prsentateur VedetteUp Down Song And Lesson For Kids PreschoolJoin Matt And Friends And Sing The New Up And Down Song, And Join Us On A Learning Adventure About Up And Down Song And Sketch TimesIntro SongAbove Over Up English Grammar English The Is The Elevator Going Up Or Down I Want To Hike Up The Mountain Over States That One Thing Is Higher Then Someone Or Something Else Something Or Someone Is On Top Of The Other Put Your Sweater Over Your Shirt Please Put The Blanket Over The Bed I Am Going To Hike Over The Mountain Above States That One Thing Is Higher Then Something Or Someone Else I Live On The Nd Floor, I LiveVerbes Up Down Anglais Exercice D Anglais Verbes Up Down Cours Cr Par Lili Avec Le Gnrateur De Tests Crez Votre Propre Test Plus De Cours Et D Exercices De Lili Voir Les Statistiques De Russite De Ce Test D Anglais How To Use Down, Up, Off, In, On, Out After A Verb You Can Use Them As Prepositions Indicators Of Location And Time Or As Particles Of Phrasal Verbs He Ran Up A Big Hill In This Case Up Is Used As A Preposition Up And Down Phrasal English Verbs Thoughtco Phrasal Verbs Formed With Up And Down Are Used To Indicate Increases And Decreases In A Number Of Qualities Each Use Is Indicated By A Specific General Quality Followed By Morgan Wallen Up Down Ft Florida Georgia Line Mix Morgan Wallen Up Down Ft Florida Georgia Line YouTube Five Finger Death Punch Blue On Black Feat Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Brantley Gilbert Brian May Duration Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadToo.
comEliza s dad works for the EPA in Washington, D.
C His is a highly respected position, which means Eliza s behavior plays a factor in his profile As a result, she s been the perfect daughter, but when an opportunity arises for an exchange program, she s thrilled to be on her own Down Under.
Billie, on the other hand, can t wait to become involved with the political aspects of saving the environment She s taken a hands on approach in the past, but now she can actually make a difference.
Both girls couldn t be happier about the exchange, but things don t turn out as planned Eliza gets herself into hot water breaking the rules for a boy, while Billie grows frustrated with the time it takes to make anything happen in the political world Before she knows it, she s headed for trouble.
Will the time in different countries change the girls outlook on life and jeopardize their place in the hosting home Up Over Down Under is part of the S.
S series, mostly written by different authors and very fun reads As a bonus book two stories in one this is double the fun I loved how the stories intertwine because it deepens the plot I always enjoy exploring new countries, new friendships, new families, and new boys.