Å Zog and the Flying Doctors [Lingua inglese] ☆ Download by è Julia Donaldson

Å Zog and the Flying Doctors [Lingua inglese] ☆ Download by è Julia Donaldson My son loves almost all Julia Donaldson books, with the original Zog being a favorite this sequel is just as fun, focusing on the doctors especially Princess Pearl this time and a bit less on Zog he s mainly just their transport now This book is also empowering for little girls, as Pearl ignores her uncle s pleas for her to remain a princess, continues her medical studies and ends up saving the day This is another Julia Donaldson s great story full of magic and adventures, this time with a strong female character Princesses can be doctors Definitelly, not the typical story of princesses and castles.
My son loves Zog, so when I saw there was a sequel I knew I had to buy it for him Of course this one, like all Julia Donaldson books, didn t disappoint It s also an empower book for young girls, that they don t need to be princesses they can be anything that want to be Julia Donaldson is far and away my favorite children s book author My granddaughter and I are crazy about her characters The Gruffalo, The Gruffalo s Child, Stickman, the characters from Room on the Broom Great illustrations, great stories Thank you, Julia and Axel Scheffler

I didn t even know this book exsisted until I ordered A Gold Star for Zog hardcover to replace a copy I had accidentally ruined This second book picks up where the first ended with a well written story about our favorite healthcare team as they treat pts across the land.
Funny book and meaningful message to share with our children A knight and a princess decide to become flying doctors to help whoever is in need of care Zog the dragon is their loyal and funny mate who bring them wherever is needed My son love this book Meet The Flying Doctors Princess Pearl, Sir Gadabout And, Of Course, Their Trusty Air Ambulance , Zog The Dragon, In This Fabulously original Sequel To The Bestselling ZOG There S Much To Do, As They Fly Around Tending A Sunburnt Mermaid, A Distressed Unicorn And A Sneezy Lion But Should Princesses Really Be Doctors Pearl S Uncle, The King, Doesn T Think So Until He Himself Falls Ill, And Only Pearl Knows How To Cure Him From The Author And Illustrator Of The Gruffalo, Stick Man And ZOG, Which Have All Been Made Into Animated Films Shown On BBC