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Trailer Ô Shh...Mine PDF by ✓ Shannon Dianne re reading because it s just that good of a series Danielle Red in a nut shell self righteous, elitist, pretentious hipster She hates everyone and everything except assimilation, Starbucks and Coldplay She s also a walking contradiction Let me explain When Jon her husband says that that he likes her morning bed hair, he s sexist and fetishizing her hair When Malcolm the guy she s been emotionally cheating on her husband with for the past eight years says the exact same thing, he s so freaking sweet I should also mention that Malcolm s pet name for her, Red, is in reference to her hair color She then goes on to compare Malcolm s and Jon s pubic hair Of course, she prefers Malcolm s Danielle goes into this long spiel about how she is the product of an affair between a slave and her master despite the fact that the novel is set in the 21st century and how you can see the painful effects in the eyes of the creole people, but she later takes her black husband and son to Plantation Kitchen just to get a rise out of him Danielle hates when rappers refer to her as b ch, but when her majority white classmates do so, she wears it as a badge of honor She an advocate for all things feminist, but she will give any man in her life the silent treatment if he does not immediately fix a problem she is having Also, she practically gushes whenever she thinks about Malcolm s social status, or when he massages her neck he only does this when other are around, and it is the equivalent of petting a cat Needless to say, I did not like her I did, however, enjoy Jon s POV He was my saving grace in this book His assessment of Malcolm s signs and Danielle s fair weather feminism were spot on Though Jon was not necessarily likeable, I think I probably would have enjoyed this book had he been the protagonist.
DOWNLOAD THE FIRST THREE CHAPTERS BELOW When Danielle Rouge Was Sixteen Years Old, Fate Sent Her The Love Of Her Life And The Poor Dear Hadn T A Clue Now, Twelve Years Later, She Finds Herself On The Outside Of The Hotel Room That Her Husband, Jon, And His Mistress Are Currently Occupying More Insulted Than Devastated After All, Who Wouldn T Want Danielle Rouge , She Runs Away, If A Grown Woman Can Run Away, And Happens Upon Malcolm Blair Hmm Isn T He That Attorney The Boston Globe Keeps Raving About Gorgeous, Wealthy And Available Goodbye, Jon Malcolm Blair S The Smirking Type, The Politically Connected Type, The Tap Your Phone To Find Out What You Re Up To Type He S Assisted Fate In Its Quest To Woo Danielle Back To Him And He Believes He S Done A Brilliant Job That Is, Until Someone Begins Stalking Danielle, Threatening To Drive Away The One Woman He S Ever Truly Longed For But No Worries He Ll Fix This After All, That S What He Does He Fixes Things, No Matter Who Has To Suffer He Will Fix ThisJon Knows That Malcolm Blair Is A Boston Heavy Hitter Who Is Hell Bent On Stealing His Wife Away From Him Those Mysterious Flowers Danielle Receives On The First Day Of Spring, Those Unsigned Birthday Cards She S Gotten For The Past Twelve Years, All Are From Malcolm Blair The Political Powerhouse Was Aiming To Seduce Another Man S Wife Jon Can Prove It He Can Prove It, Win Danielle Back And Destroy Malcolm All At The Same Time Just Watch Him Esta historia me pareci confusa Al principio me intrig , pero luego cambiaba de escenario y de narrador que deb a retroceder para comprender qui n hablaba y de qu se trataba Es una trama que entretiene, pero confunde al momento de presentar los hechos.
Los personajes son un poco incoherentes y se presentan ambiguos, por lo que no terminas sabiendo quien es realmente bueno o malo Es interesante, pero queda a decisi n de cada uno si desea leerlo o no.
I love this new indie author Can t wait to see what else she puts out Ok, I absolutely loved this book until I got to that weak ending That dramatic twist near the end was great and I thought it was leading up to an equally great ending bug it fell short.
read THIS BOOK It s tough to get a unique storyline these days, it s also tough to get a man to read the same book as a woman But this book did it both and successfully I and my fiance love itsuspense for me, a love affair for her Perfect book for us to read together and enjoy she says it brought us closer, not sure about that but it did bring up good discussions while at the bar Simply put, read it.
I absolutely loved this book It was so sweet, and funny, and romantic I read it in one day This is the best book I ve read this year The very best I could not wait to get up and rate it It totally deserves every star.

This story was really good I laughed ALOT I am really eager to find out what happens next.
This was a damn good book Best of the new year loved every freaking word it was sooo bad ass Review to come soon I m on to the next book This four star rating is for the author s unique approach to the story, and how she delivered on the male lead However, that doesn t begin to describe the messed up, completely crazy, excruciatingly horrible female lead Which almost tanked this story for me In fact, I read the sample before buying, and if that sample had been any longer I would have never bought this book Also caution to those interested in reading this book This is only part 1 of a 4 part story I am currently reading part two.
That s all I ll write for now I am going to write a full review for this and post it to my blog once I ve finished the second book I will link to it when it s complete This will NOT be a safe for Goodread s review.