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[Laura Sexton] ↠´ Touched By The Alpha Bear [15th-century PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ BBW Sexy Werebear Sizzling Bear Shifter Romance She Didn T Know How Long Or How Far She Had Been Running, But She Knew She Couldn T Keep It Up For Much Longer She Certainly Couldn T Keep It Up Until She Felt Safe, If She Ever Could Feel Safe Exhaustion Was Creeping Up On Her, And Each Step Was A Battle To Keep Her Feet From Dragging And Sending Her Straight Back Down To The Ground, But She Had To Keep Going Time And Scenery Blended Together, And The Rest Of The Turned Into A Blur Around Her, With The Only Sense Of Clarity Coming From The Knowledge That She Had To Keep Going She Woke Slowly The Next Morning, Pulled From Sleep By The Way Hunger Gnawed At Her Stomach And The Way Her Head Throbbed Dully With Dehydration She Looked Around Groggily, Slowly Taking In The Unfamiliar Room It Was Simple A Bed Under A Large Window, A Dresser, A Desk And A Chair With Her Wallet Sitting On The Desk S Surface, And A Ceiling Light And Fan And If She Had To Guess, She Would Say It Was A Guest Room Reader Note This Book Contains Some Sex Scenes Only For The Adult Eyes Tags Paranormal Romance, Bear Shifter Romance, Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance, BBW Romance, BBW Shifter Romance, Werebear Romance

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