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[Brittany Fichter] Æ Claras Soldier [field-guides PDF] Read Online ☆ A Bride To Be Without Answers A Soldier Who Never Came Home A Nutcracker That Might Hold One Last Christmas Wish World War II Has Been Over For Three Months, But Clara Can T Join In The Christmas Festivities With Her Friends And Family The Fiance She Sent Off To Europe Three Years Ago Never Returned But Just As She S About To Give Up Hope, Her Godfather Might Just Have One Last Miracle Up His Sleeve And It All Begins With A Nutcracker Thank youThank you for telling the world that living with PTSD is worth living Clara and James story is truly a story of love and commitment It s a story I live every day Please keep telling the world that there is help and life can and will get better for our Veterans and the people who live them.
My Nutcracker retelling for 2018 Those last couple pages were kinda hard to read, though Oddly blurry for some reason coughcoughcouldn tbetearsnowcoulditcoughcough

Raw and Beautiful ww2 nutcracker retelling I wasn t expecting the story to be so good The first bit was kind of slow as we got to know clara her sorrow , but it was important , and it led me to feel her pain as deeply as is if it was my own The action and heart through the rest of the story completely made up for that inconvenience I already wrote a review but my phone deleted it ,so I had to rewrite it and I lost all of that genius and inspiration XD This story honestly had a LOTdepth than I expected we really get to see a lot into the terror of Shell Shock aka PTSD and the horrors it inflicts.
There was one point in the story where the description of the rats gave me Five Nights At Freddies flashbacks I would ve worked on the horror aspect of the rats a little, but that s just me , and I m a weirdo xD Oh My Heart Okay, y all I have a soft spot for the Nutcracker as it is, but that also means I have kind of high expectations for anything claiming association with it Let me tell you, this was far from disappointing Clara s Solider is absolutely precious, a stunning rendition of the classic tale A heart wrenching tale full of bravery and hope Simply enchanting Heart warming, through and through The book was well written, as is usual for Mrs Fichter s works I only found two boo boos that I can recall and two paragraphs with minor issues both dialogue formatting issues , but I did have an unedited copy of the story, so that was to be expected, and I m sure they ve each been addressed The story is beautifully written and so well thought out The story was very well balanced, well paced, and just over all well done The mixture of reality and fantasy, of traditional Nutcracker and Brittany Fichter flare was like a deliciously baked good Soft, moist, subtle, and it leaves a good taste in your mouth It smelled amazing when I picked it up and was warm on the way down The whole thing felt truly seamless There was just the right balance of that Christmas magic we all love and the bittersweet touch of reality that gives Fichter s works the meat and weight I ve come to appreciate so much from her The setting was phenomenal There were so many little touches here and there that brought the setting to life And, again, the balance between reality historical fiction and fantasy was just so very well done I loved the historical subtleties The town itself felt like a place I could open my door and walk into I m partly from NC, so it was like I could see the town itself in my memory Then the fantastical happens and we re whisked away to a few different settings, each equally realistic and tangible I felt firmly established in the time and place, despite the transportation to and from The characters were persistent and they never gave up, even when everyone around them pressured them to They came close a few times they even entertained the ideathan once, but those doubts and fears only made themhuman Clara was a total doll She chose to fight through her storm instead of running from it She was a hero in her own right And James Oh, James My heartit hurts for him The reality that is threaded into this beautiful story I won t spoil is something I care very deeply about, personally I am a patriot through and through and there have been amazing men and women who have sacrificed everything for us to live the lives we do I have the utmost respect for the people James stands for The side characters made the story what it is and I very much enjoyed getting to glimpse into their lives too Course, I loved Fitz too, little of him though we saw Oh And Drosslmeyer I could read a whole book on him alone Fichter completely brought him to life and I was purely enchanted by him The plot alluded to the Nutcracker in so many beautiful ways that make the true nerds like me smile But it still maintained its own integrity and originality too I can t say enough about how seamlessly this story blended everything together We follow Clara, whose heart yearns for her love, a MIA soldier from the recently ended WWII She deals with the pressure of her town, her family, her friends She deals with the choice to move on or hold out hope, even though everyone says she s ridiculous for it The story was shorter than Fichter s works normally are, but that didn t detract from the plot I felt like all elements were still there and rightly addressed Not a single thread hung loose It felt complete and I loved every minute of it There is no foul language, no even true violence Although it s a WWII story, there are only allusions to the war There was a scene with a fight, but the reader was only exposed to the aftermath of the fight One very brief battle scene held less violence than the street fight There is no explicit romance, though there is some kissing and holding and even a minor appreciation of physical fitness at a point or two Very clean, appropriate There are, however, some minor thematic elements that are subtly woven in and may lead to an opportunity for additional discussion, should you choose They deal with the affects of war, but the story is written so that mostly, it s all a giant metaphor, and could pretty easily be missed by younger readers for the most part Whew, prepare for an emotional ride, y all But it s a good one Totally worth it Ahhh, I could just read this one again and again It will sit, prized, on my self Fichter truly captured that spirit of Christmas I cannot recommend thishighly and right in time for Christmas, too.
Note Although I did receive an advanced copy from the very generous author, the above review is completely voluntary and in no way affected by her generosity.