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[ Read Online Irish Gold (A Nuala Anne McGrail Novel) Ø survival PDF ] by Andrew M. Greeley ê I felt like this book was kind of slow There was too much of the characters sitting down and talking about history There arecreative ways to include that in the story I also would have liked for the references to Irish history to make at least some sense to people not from Ireland Other than that, the characters were good and the plot was good.
The best part of this book is the Irish lingo and way of speaking I loved the sing song melody of the Irish way of speaking The downside to this book is that the mystery was a bit too complicated, too many extra people and agendas The other thing that I just couldn t get past, and why I won t be readingin this series Dermot one of the main characters is constantly thinking about Nuala s the other main character breasts, and it gets to be way too much I don t mind a little of that, but this was constant throughout the book Plus, the book was written by a priest I just couldn t get over the yuck factor of an elderly priest thinking about boobs quite so much, it was a bit obsessive Bestselling Novelist Greeley ThanMillion Copies Of His books In Print Brings Readers A Contemporary Novel Of Suspense And Love A Chicago Man Travels To Ireland To Investigate His Family S Mysterious Past, But Finding Answers May Prove To Be The Death Of Him For His Quest Is Linked To The Current Peace Talks Between Ireland And England Soon A Beautiful Student At Dublin S Trinity College Is The Only One Who Can Save Him This is the first of the Nuala Anne series and Greeley is just getting warmed up I enjoyed this novel in two layers I finally was able to read the story of how Nuala and Dermot met and fell in love which was good like coming full circle in getting to know a friend The second layer I enjoyed was Greeley fictionally solving the murder of Michael Collins The history included in the book and the way Greeley retold it through the eyes of Dermot s grandparents was really interesting This was a fun and quick I had to know what happened read Other books in the Nuala Anne series are, in my opinion, better because Greeley has had time to become better acquainted with his characters and can therefore bringdepth into their personalities and relationships.
This is possibly the most poorly edited book I ve ever read, which distracted from it for me That said, a couple of the storylines kept me reading The history of The Troubles and the country s history in general is so very complicated I don t think I ll ever understand it, so that part of this book was difficult for me to follow and keep track of who was on which side Still, it was an interesting weaving together of historical data and fiction.
I cannot gush enough, about how much I adore this book this was my 3rd time reading it The first time, I was in High School Father Greeley spins a tale so extraordinary, you feel like you are right in the book As if you are indeed one of the characters.
He creates people that are easy to relate to, to understand.
From the very start, it s easy to fall in love with the people of Ireland and their plight.
This story is as much a love story, as it is a mystery Not just a romance novel, but a love of country, freedom, and the heroes that help you to save all which you hold dear.
Moving onto Irish Lace sometime soon This book is difficult for me to rate Both the mystery, and the romance, seem to be hidden behind so much Irish history I couldn t absorb it all and it is not so much historical fiction, as it is historical speculation, for so much of this is not genuine Irish history at least not recorded so I guess it MIGHT have happened this way There is a lot to ponder, and I think it is rather well written I, however, found it a bit tedious and not a favorite.

This was a re read as I had first read this back when it first came out in 1994 and I enjoyed it now just as I enjoyed it then I like the playful banter between Dermot and Nuala and how the author talks about places in Ireland and Irish history, which I can Google now to learnNow on to book 2.
I may not put Andrew M Greeley at the top of my list of favorite authors if I don t have one of his books in my hand, but I always remember why I love his books so much when I m actually reading one They re very charming, and they make me want to walk around talking in Irish slang and saying things like, Go along with ye, and And aren t you a terrible gobshite altogether I ve only read the Nuala Anne books so far I had the added bonus of reading this book on a plane back from the west of Ireland, where I had just visited many of the locations mentioned in the book, which just makes it that much better.
Nuala Anne, the Irish main character who sees bits and pieces of events from the past and feels she must solve the mystery surrounding them, is absolutely charming, and Dermot Michael, her American suiter, is quite loveable as well The story is fun, though those who don t enjoy history might get bored in some of Greeley s books during parts where Dermot writes Nuala long historical accounts to help her puzzle out the mystery she s trying to solve Personally, I love them, even in later books when the mysteries are in Chicago instead of Ireland I ll probably only review this book, but I love all of the Nuala Anne novels I just think they re grand altogether And wouldn t you be a terrible eejit not to read them as well I am reluctantly drawn to this series This is the first in the series and I m only getting this first book after reading a few others As the series goes on, Greeley s worship of the Irish and the representation of God s love in a man and woman s relationship thinly veiled as the sexual relationship , gets a bit cloying and bit too much at times It was these recollections and feelings that made me almost want to skip this book and I wondered why I decided to request it from the library to read I think, however, that Nuala Anne McGrail has captured my interest and a bit of my heart I think I really like her and this character is what draws me to these books The overly sentimental love of the Irish and the fixation on the sexual bond between men and woman is present in this book, but as the first in this series, it is to a much lesser degree than the subsequent books The story is basically told from Dermot Michael Coyne s perspective a young Irish American from Chicago, IL I guess this draws me to the series, as well I m a born, bred and lifelong Chicagoan though not of Irish descent I m familiar with the reverence and love Chicago seems to have held for the Irish, especially as I was growing up though it has diminished over time and as the demographics of the City have changed It doesn t help that I married an Irish American man, as well, so the Irish or Irish American culture has become part of my life In any event, this was an engrossing tale and I was absorbed from the beginning to the end It centers about the Irish hero and legend, Michael Collins and his leadership and mysterious death in the early 1920 s, as Ireland was struggling for independent rule from Britain An alternative, fictional resolution of Michael Collin s death is offered in this book, and involves Dermot s grandparents, Liam and Nell Pat Pa and Ma who were young lovers at the time of this turmoil in Ireland Dermot stumbles upon Nuala, a young Trinity University student in Dublin and is entranced with her and she really leads the way and helps him solve the mysteries in this book I know I will be weak because it the Irish worship and sexual focus grates on me and I will read another in this series, again I need to learn how Nuala grows and matures She is so interesting, to me.