☆ Killing the Deep State: The Fight to Save President Trump È Download by ☆ Ph.D. Corsi, Jerome R.

☆ Killing the Deep State: The Fight to Save President Trump È Download by ☆ Ph.D. Corsi, Jerome R. The Deep State like Santa Clause is a make believe tale for children and Venerable Adults In this book Jerome Corsi over the length of the book attempts to promote the view that Mainstream Media, The CIA, The FBI, Democrats, The New York Times and the Washington Post are all involved in a plot to bring down President Trump It s a fun read but one all you can do is shake your head because you realize none of it can be can be true In the final chapter Corsi suggest that President should just fire half the Government All you can do is laugh.
Fabulous book I was initially.
, cautious because of the inevitable Caveat Emptor training in two British universities in the late 60s early 70s The Royal Military College of Science and The University of Wales Where they trained us HOW to think instead of WHAT to think I was carried along with both the logic AND The chasing of the references And was DELIGHTED 2 find th Corsi was Spot On Seriously HOW MANY folks actually DO check the references I find myself aghast HOW can we have been SO conned Sorrypardon UK slang con confidence trick MY universities trained us HOW to think WH s wrong with the US universities who SEEM to want to teach students WHAT to think I daresay th UK universities do the same NOWADAYS But for CENTURIES We have taught our students HOW to think, analyse and debate I m profoundly ashamed that I am cond tantly meeting both students and postgrads who seem to be incapable of BOTHh constructive and destructive thought AND OF RECOGNISING THE DIFFERENCE

First read Gezatone s one star review labelled A Hot Mess, then come here.
Jerome Corsi, who won fame for swiftboating John Kerry, and who works for InfoWars lists the premises of his book in the introduction international globalists and their central bankers, socialists, and communists have conspired with Hillary Clinton to impose a New World Order, in conjunction with Barack Obama, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Rod Rosenstein He says a second Clinton presidency would allow the Deep State to continue running the international drug trade while supporting the military industrial complex in a policy of perpetual war He names Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George W Bush, and George H W Bush as developing a plan to support the Muslim Brotherhood s penetration of the top levels of the US national security apparatus, including the White House, the National Security Council, and numerous intelligence agencies, including the CIA and the FBI To fix things Trump must put an end to the Federal Reserve System and the unconstitutional income tax and thus the IRS.
Oh, and the CIA killed JFK.
In my humble opinion, that s pretty wingnut, even for the most rabid of Trump supporters.
However I ll bet most of the people who gave the book high ratings skipped right over these comments and they didn t even register, even though they are repeated two or three times That s because the bulk of the text is devoted to normal criticisms of what Corsi calls the Deep State He doesn t ever really provide any evidence to support his out there allegations.
That s not to say that he s correct in what he does say.
Through most of the book, Corsi keeps his wildest conspiracy theories tamped down Instead he presents the all too familiar arguments that Comey and McCabe and Stroz and Page were agents for Hillary, who had access to damning information the Trump Russia investigation but chose not to use it to win the election Instead it was held in reserve as an insurance policy to use to impeach Trump after he won.
Huh And Comey, in particular worked to let Hillary off the hook for obviously criminal behavior and help her win the election, ignoring the fact that he may have been the most salient reason Clinton lost.
Yeah, when you lay it out that way it doesn t make sense.
Corsi s claim that Hillary engaged in obviously criminal behavior isn t convincing and doesn t square with known facts He also conveniently ignores the fact that most of his identified bad actors are Republicans, not socialist or communist liberals He misrepresents data the Steele dossier is discredited or fraudulent, when that s not actually true , Page was fired from the Mueller investigation no, her assignment ended before her text messages were even discovered or the book was published too early to include known information the data that Russia abused social media, Manafort s conviction and cooperation with Mueller.
If you worry about the New World Order, you won t like the book because he mentions it but really doesn t emphasize it or present any supporting data If you think the New World Order, Federal Reserve, IRS, and JFK stuff is wingnut material you can easily skip over it and pretend he didn t say it If you like the kind of evidence that Hannity and Fox present, you will think this book is great but I doubt you ll learn anything new If you are one of the very few who are reading this to obtain information about a real Deep State, you ll be disappointed that he isn t up to date with current knowledge and that he misrepresents data that are known If you re looking for a logical discussion about the Deep State whether it actually exists, and why people might support it, you won t get it from this book Corsi just knows it exists When you parse his explanations about why people may be a part of it, the logic falls apart example everyone held the most damning information for impeachment rather using it to win election.
If you want my opinion, there isn t a coordinated Deep State at all there are just people who like many Republicans before the election are horrified by Trump the person and who are trying to minimize the damage he does to the world But this book doesn t mention these folks at all.
It was principally the decision of what the White House calls the Failing New York Times to falsify its best sellers list to exclude Dr Corsi s book that turned it for me from Quite Interesting to Must read I was not disappointed, and discovered many new aspects of the Deep State and many of its felons than I had noted in following from the UK an unfolding saga incredible and longer running than any Hollywood blockbuster.
Those of us who lived through its successful coup in 1963, pathetic attempts at a cover up and eventual expos by Senator Church are well acquainted with the Deep State and will enjoy this read of the current cast of demoted, sacked and soon to be sacked leakers, liars traitors awaiting their sealed indictments Doubters need even to open their eyes to Dr Corsi s thought provoking, gripping research and analysis of how President Trump, God willing, can succeed where the dead Kennedys failed.
Very interesting information in this book However, there were some extremely annoying things that spoilt it for me Was there any proofreading done before publication There were spelling mistakes, incorrect words, and the sentences were far too long I had to re read a lot of it because by the time I reached the end of the sentence I d forgotten what I d read In addition, the writer kept changing the tense from past to present I know it is recently written and events are still unfolding, but I found that annoying I also got the impression the writer views himself as a tutor to Trump, with much of the book devoted to what he thinks Trump should do next Ultimately it came across as of an ego opportunity than an information source I bought it twice by mistake , so perhaps the author will forgive me on that basis.
Even before page 1, in the Introduction, we find the Deep State continuing the management of the international drug trade and the policy of perpetual war from the military industrial complex, the funding globally financed by Deep State resources within which open borders and Middle Eastern refugees threaten U.
S sovereignty and freedoms Political anti Constitutionalists and Deep State operatives John Brennan, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Robert Mueller, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are a few of the usual suspects of known activists questing toward socialist utopia.
The author further notes that ending the Federal Reserve System before the fiat currency extravaganzas from worldwide central bankers expose their unified powers as the Deep State s vehicle for shadow government economic global control and willful destruction The FBI and DOJ are also inspirators to be included within contemporary authority that are well defined as anathema to civil rights and traditional freedoms.
The Obama goal of power was ultimately to transform the nation into a socialist society of Islamist extremists consistent with the Deep State s hard left agenda Partisan disciple and Deep Sate operative Robert Mueller, special counsel appointee, was a core inside the movement to destroy the Trump momentum and crucible of support.
The CIA is noted as the central mode of shadow government power and control that start wars and deploy global military expansion.
Billionaire activist George Soros remains committed to the destruction of America by funding the politics of chaos through violent riots in Chicago, New York, Washington as his Open Society promoted social conflicts over race and immigration Soros effectively campaigned to remove Glenn Beck from Fox News, Pat Buchanan from MSNBC, and Lou Dobbs from CNN.
Today s post 1964 Great Society of Lyndon Johnson and the ignoble relentless expansion of welfare programs, the results of which include a national debt of 22 trillion, endless bloated military and government agencies, and urban centers defined by decayed infrastructure, youth gangs, drug addiction, with compromised health care and education facilities.
The amount of corruption going on in our governments today is shocking This book is a real eye opener, exposing the shadow government and Dr Jerome Corsi s explosive plan to bring it to it s knees once and for all The Incredible knowledge and investigative research provided by Dr Corsi is first class This is a very well written book and the best that I have read on the subject It is very detailed and gives you a great time iine of things We all want to know the who, what, and where, when, and how if it is something that affects our lives The deep state is much deeper than I thought.
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERDonald Trump Beat Republican Challengers And Hillary Rodham Clinton To Win The Presidency Now He Must Beat The Deep State To Keep His Presidency Here S How New York Times Bestselling Author Of UNFIT FOR COMMAND And THE OBAMA NATION Jerome Corsi Uncovers The Secret Conspiracy To Destroy The Trump Presidency And What Trump Must Do Now To PrevailThe Truth Behind How Well Funded Hard Left Extremists, The Mainstream Media, And Obama Clinton Holdovers In The Government Bureaucracy Have Combined With Clandestine Forces Within The US Intelligence Apparatus The Deep State To Block And Undermine Trump S Every Move At Am ET On Nov , , Television Networks Announced To A Stunned Nation That Pennsylvania S Electoral Had Gone For Donald Trump, Making Him The President Elect Of The United States, Defying All Odds In A Surreal Victory That Sent The Deep State Into An Immediate Sense Of PanicBy Dawn On Nov , , The Deep State Forces That Expected Hillary Clinton To Continue The Leftist Politics Of Barack Obama Were Already Planning Donald Trump S DemiseWhat Emerged From The Hard Left Was A Political Strategy Calculated To Block Donald Trump From Being Inaugurated, And If That Failed, To Make Sure Donald Trump Would Not Long Serve Out His Term As th President Of The United StatesInvestigative Journalist And Conspiracy Expert Jerome Corsi Goes Into Shocking Detail About How This Deep State Or Shadow Government Secretly Wields Power In Washington, And Why The Deep State Is Dangerous Capable Of Assassinating Trump, If Efforts To Impeach Him Or To Force Him To Resign FailCorsi Will Also Define A Three Point Strategy Trump As A Political Independent, Opposed Both By Democratic Party Enemies And GOP Establishment Must Employ To Stay In Office And Have A Chance Of A Successful First Term In Office How True is Trump that is the questionTrue or not true Always a guesswriting a book about it is tricky.
Interesting reading though.