Download Epub Format Ç L'Empire des nombres PDF by ½ Denis Guedj

Download Epub Format Ç L'Empire des nombres PDF by ½ Denis Guedj The language is so awkward and superfluous It took me a while to notice that it s translated from French and there s often some strangeness in a translation I thought it would be a basic sort of read, but it attempts to be rather philosophical in relating the history of numbers.
This Volume Describes, In Words And With Artworks, The Basic Principles Of Numbers Arithmetic, Whole Numbers, Natural Numbers And The Concepts Of Zero And Infinity It Examines How Old Numbers Are And How They Were Developed Who Invented Algebra, Geometry And Calculus How These Ideas Affect Our Daily Lives And The Ways In Which Numbers Have Been Used In Art, Music And Other Disciplines So interesting A brief history of numbers and their ties with philosophy, religion, art, and how, through the centuries they have developed into the abstract concepts that so go over my head The choice of beautiful images that go along with the clear explanation makes this book a definite keeper i m not really into mathematics and algebra, so this book isn t my cup of tea.
This was a great book I very much enjoyed it Totally reinvigorated my love of math The art was beautiful and relevant and the commentary was the best I ve seen for an introductory survey book like this one Will have to check outin the Discoveries series.

This is a quick history of numbers It tells how numbers have evolved and become what we use today It gives the ordinary, everyday math user a nice sense of what has gone into what we term Mathematics today I found it interesting and easy to read and understand There are documents in the back of the book that give ain depth look at a few parts of number history I was especially intrigued by the explanation of infinity and how the idea came to be Finite is defined by infinite Some of the ideas presented are a bit mind boggling Sometimes I had to re read to understand, but I got it This is a great book to explore with teenagers who ask about math, When am I ever going to use this This book introduces the readers to how numbers are viewed in different cultures around the world From a teaching perspective, I would use this book to show students how numbers are viewed in different cultures Hopefully causing the students to not think so much about their own world, but be able to expand thinking about other cultures This book has some wonderful, very colorful pictures in it relating numbers in different parts of the world At the end of the book it has a section called Documents which givesinsights as to how we can look and understand this abstract notion of a number.