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[Yaron Reshef] ó Out of the Shoebox: An Autobiographic Mystery [social-movements PDF] Read Online ¼ An amazing journey This is a highly personal tale of an Israeli unraveling his family s past Most of them died in the Holocaust in the Ukraine The saga unfolds with the help of civil servants and regular folks.
I received Out of the Shoebox in ebook version in exchange for my honest opinion I m not usually one who reads books about history or autobiographies In fact, skimming through the description of this book, I was under the impression this book was a mystery, so I agreed to take a look.
The book starts out with Reshef receiving a phone call about a mysterious lot The book goes back to the time of the Holocaust and Reshef s experiences with his family He has to solve a mystery that took shape in the 1930 s and gradually unfolded in the present A mysterious lot, a forgotten bank account, a people long gone along with their memory which were obliterated during the Holocaust All of these rise to the surface, bearing with them memories and emotions previously hidden away in the shoebox.
What s really cool is that there are pictures included from the shoebox giving youof a visual image of what s being told in the story While the book has the action and mystery of a detective novel, it is strung together from the photos and stories about real people It tells of one man s journey through his family s reveling, wonderfully heartbreaking past.
Reshef sets out to solve a mystery and is able to succeed at his task, and his determination is aspiring It is an optimistic novel, and if you like historical autobiographies, this is definitely a book you shouldn t miss Out Of The Shoebox Is A Fascinating Journal That Reads Like A Detective Story, Comes Across As An Imaginative Quest Into The Past, Yet Is The True Personal Story Of The Writer, Yaron Reshef An Unexpected Phone Call Hurls Reshef Into An Intensive Two Year Journey, During Which He Has To Solve A Mystery That Took Shape In The S And Gradually Unfolded In The Present A Mysterious Lot, A Forgotten Bank Account, A People Long Gone Along With Their Memory Which Were Obliterated During The Holocaust All Of These Rise To The Surface, Bearing With Them Memories And Emotions Previously Hidden Away In The Shoebox I Had No Intention Of Writing A Book I Had No Need To Write A Story In General Nor A Story About My Family And The Holocaust In Particular But Life Being What It Is, Sometimes Things Happen In Mysterious, Even Surprising Ways Stuff That Used To Take Center Stage Moves To The Background, And Background Stuff Moves Downstage And Center That S What Happened In My Case Yaron Reshef This was one amazing true story of a time most would rather forget ever happened in history However, you have so many people, like this author, that will dig into his family history and get answers to questions he thought would never be answered This is a very moving and true account of history It is told in such a way as the readers feels he or she is there in past and present history.
I am happy that this author was able to get answers to so many questions of the horrible time in the history of the Jews I too have tried to look into the past Unfortunately I ve hit too many walls and can t go back to see what has happened to my family I enjoyed this book beyond words It was a very moving story.
This seems like it should be dry reading It s about Mr Reshef searching forinformation on his family s history In reality, the story is captivating and he captures the reader s interest we want to knowabout his family history as well I enjoyed unraveling the mystery along with him, and the historical aspect is particularly pertinent as we are losing the generation that lived through that time period Mr Reshef, thank you for sharing your story and your family s story with us.
Very interesting memoir about the author s surprise at learning his father had owned property prior to World War II that was sitting in limbo, awaiting the author s and his sister s action to claim it This reads like a diary but a bit faster paced I enjoyed it because of the plain language and the history of an area about which I hadn t even known before this book I borrowed it through the Kindle Prime Lending Library but would have paid for this self published work had I been required to do so.
Reading this book reminded me of how important it is to know your family history not just your genealogical tree but to actually know the stories behind the people The style of this book feels like you are just reading the author s journal as he is on his search, it s not polished but feels real.

This is a nonfictional account of an Israeli trying to solve a mystery about his family s past He takes us on a personal journey of remembering family members, many who died during the Holocaust in the Ukraine Although I sometimes found him wandering in his account, I applaud him for recording his journey and giving us another account of a part of history that must never be forgotten.
It is not too often that I sit and read a book in one sitting However, with this book, I did just that I was so enthralled that I simply could not put the book down.
At first I thought this was a mystery like in suspense by the book s summary This it is not What it is though is a mystery that takes shape in the form of numerous calls, emails, old photos, and old letters It is a mystery of unclaimed property that belongs to his father whom he only knew until the age of 7.
The author was unexpectedly sent on a journey of family self discovery that was not only eye opening but painful as well.
The author was taken to the inner most depths of Chortkow where many of his own family members were killed in the Holocaust Up until then, he knew very little of his family s history, including that of his father Sadly still, many could not be found The mystery unravels, property, treasures, and long ago painful memories The book is full of photos of people whom might have been forgotten if it was not for the author s journey and that of circumstances.
As sad as the book may seem, it is far from that It is a book of hope and remembrance of people who deserved a better life and cut short by an atrocity that should never have happened.
By far, I recommend picking up a copy of this book 5 stars Disclosure I received a copy of this book from the author for exchange for my open and honest opinion The views expressed here are 100% my own and may differ from yours Naila Moon I received this book as a Goodreads Give Away in return for an honest opinion about the book Written by Yaron Reshef as a journal or memoir about his family s past, Out of the Shoebox An Autobiographic Mystery is a a fascinating history of Mr Reshef s family leading up to, during, and after World War II The writing is concise and well researched yet not too dry The research that Mr Reshef undertook shows what persistence and desire can accomplish Students would do well to learn from him that you don t find answers by giving up after the first try The middle of the book after the lot problem has been solved seems a bit oddly placed, but after reading the explanation by the author, I understand why he did it that way And as in all good mysteries, the conclusion of the book has an interesting twist a most wonderful story The only thing I think that would have added to the book is having a map or two to refer to while reading I was able to find information online about the places Mr Reshef talked about, but having the information handily available would be better Thank you, Mr Reshef and Goodreads, for giving me this book It is truly a worthwhile book to read and to have.