Download Epub Format Û Beast Of Darkness PDF by Ø Lisa Renee Jones

Download Epub Format Û Beast Of Darkness PDF by Ø Lisa Renee Jones Part romance, part fantasy all come together in Nowhere, Texas.
Max, a Knight in White, is sent to help fix an evil that permeated the town For him, it is a test he must pass to continue in battle against the forces of demons Feeling part demon himself, he is also battling his emotions.
Sarah, a spiritualist who hears the voices of dead people, is called to Nowhere, too Her crew of Cathy and Edward are by her side to fight demons as well.
When Max and Sarah meet, there is an instantaneous recognition of soulmates, but battling demons is foremost and evil must be overcome Still, sexual tension is high, and protecting Sarah from harm is always in the background for Max.
Part of a series, it can be read as a stand alone.
The story of Knight Max and his mate Sarah Max is the oldest knight at 400 years old and he s very close to losing his humanity to the beast within him Or so he thinks He is put to the test when sent by himself to the remote Texas town of Nowhere where he combines efforts with a small group of paranormal experts lead by a woman named Sarah who turns out to be Max s mate Sarah s group was called in by the town s sheriff to solve some unexplainable, disturbing goings on It turns out that a dark prince has been imprisoned beneath the town and events have been put in motion to release him Max and Sarah must face their pasts and their worst fears in order to figure out a way to stop evil and stay alive so they can have a future together as mates Again, a bit predictable, but still a fun read I think I ll skip the next installments in this series until Rock and Marisol s story their story is the only one holding me in this world.
5 I think this the book that I fell in love with this story Max had to fight is beast to be able to be with Sara.
Knights of White a league of warriors, chosen by the archangel Raphael and led by Jag Salvador, they fight the demons the Beasts of DarknessSarah can hear spirits ghosts, who help her to protect the living she works with Edward and Cathy tech and witch they have been called to NoWhere Texas, where people are acting agressively and there is black rain she meets up with Max a warrior of 400 years whose family had been killed by the beasts his brother becoming one and he started to be a beast with a dark soul, but Salvador rescued him and made him a knight he is at a crossroads, as he feels the darkness within him becoming powerful, and in the last fight, he killed a human, not remembering how and fearing the beast had taken over him completely he goes to Salvador expecting death, but Salvador asks him if he would choose life, and sends him to NoWhere Texas on a testAnd he finds Sarah, and recognizes his mate but will not mate with her which is sex including a marking bite on her shoulder until she makes the decision herself and until he has passed his test if he fails, and they are mated, she would spend hell with him There is great attraction to each other, but than that a sense of calmness when near the other, a sense of rightness, a sense of connectionThe demon Vars wants out of the underground prison hell Salvador sent him, and he is using Allen and Kate, newlyweds that build a house over his kingdom he uses magic to kill Kate, and tempts Allen to help him with the promise of bringing Kate back to life Allen does Vars bidding, collecting the three souls an insane 6 day sexual ritual , and coming back to the circle In the meantime, Max s brother, now demon Adrian, has been told to help Vars get his freedom, but Adrian plans to usurp Vars and take his demon soldiers for himselfThere is a face off at the cabin, with White Knights, Sarah and crew, Beasts, demons, etc and in defending Sarah, Allen tumbles into Max s knife and Max remembers that is how the last human died an accident and the save Allen, wipe his memories, and he is given another chance to live well and see Kate in the afterlife Max earns the confidence and faith that his beast will not take him over, and he Sarah return to the Knights of White ranch, and Max still delays making sure Sarah makes a decision in calm, not the midst of battle and finally, they seal the bargain This was okay but I almost gave up on it several times Started out good but then it just kinda started sizzling out after about the first chapter I did not read the first two books of this series but I just don t feel they would of made much difference on my thoughts of it.
Nothing in it really stood out for me from any of the other zillion paranormal romances I have read nor did I ever connect or feel anything towards any of the characters and that is a must for me to enjoy a story.
Finally found this one and finished it Not a bad read but not among the best books I ve read either, the story was okay as were the characters but this isn t a book that will stand out in my mind In fact I suspect I ll have forgotten all about it in a week or two.
Reviewer s Note I think my main problem with Harlequin titles the relative sameness of the prose in these books The narrative is pretty bland across the entire scope of this publisher with very bland descriptive passages that just don t grab this reader.
Sarah Is A Mortal Who Hears The Voices Of Spirits Driven By Tragedy, She Chases Sightings, Investigating The Supernatural Called To Nowhere, Texas, She Finds Not Ghosts, But Terrible Dangerand DemonsA Soldier In The War Between Good And Evil, Max Is One Of The Oldest Demons, Stained By Centuries Of Darkness, Fighting To Keep Others Safe Without Hope For HimselfBetrayal And Loss Haunt Both Of Them, Keeping Them From Finding Peace And Yet To Save An Entire Town, Max And Sarah Must Do The Impossible Let Go Of The Past, And Find A Future With Each OtherLove Is Their Only Weapon Nowhere Is The BattlegroundThis Is Their Last Chance The Silhouette Nocturne line isn t as thick as a lot of the other supernaturals I read but it is fun A new take to me on paranormal romance with Angels and Demons I found I liked the characters A bit reminiscent of Kenyons Dark Hunters and Feehans Carpathians, The Knights of White are a great read.
Quit on page 22 Unable to get past Their shoulders brushed, and for a moment Max felt as if they were one approximately five seconds after they met After six attempts, it s safe to conclude the nature of Nocturnes does not agree with me.
This is a continuation of the series involving the Knights of White It is the story of Max who is very close to turning to evil He mets his mate while on a mission that is testing his ability to control his inner beast.