Trailer ï A Wild Ride (Jessica Brodie Diaries, #3) PDF by ó Willow Summers

Trailer ï A Wild Ride (Jessica Brodie Diaries, #3) PDF by ó Willow Summers With Forever On The Line, Jessica Wants Nothing Than To Settle Down, Finally And Continue On With Her Life The Only Problem Is That, Since She S Moved To Texas, She Has Been Fraught With Problems Despite A Narrow Miss When Her Home Gets Broken Into, This Time It Isn T Her That S In Danger When William Has A Tragic Bull Riding Accent, It Is Up To Jessica To Play HeroAlongside Jessica S Personal Problems, Her Friend Lump Is Also Trying To Find Her Way One Bad, Violent Date After Another And She Is Left Broken And Spent The One Man That Is Perfect For Her, Is Out Of Reach So enjoyed the last book, found myself laughing and crying The story line continue to make me want to enjoy the journey with them The story ended as it should and made you feel happy for Jessica and Lumps journey, William and Adam were lucky men and they made you feel proud there are gentlemen still left in the world.
Have to admit the cover version for the books were very different that what is pictured here not sure if I would have picked them from these cover shown but enjoyed the books and well worth the read even though there were some edit issue s that should have been caught.
found myself laughing thru those as well.
First time reading this author, going to try some of her other books.
Jessica is someone I can relate to, she is loyal, worries about how people think of her among other things, she waits until she is mature enough to make her relationship with Williamseriouswhich I respect She has amazing friends.
I m glad that this series didn t drop the main characters to tell about the other characters, it tells the lives of all of them throughout the book I love it I have laughed and cried Adam and Lump finally get together and in the end are engaged Jessica marries William in the end Williams mother finally favors Jessica I love how I connected with this book as to I could actually feel what Jessica felt When Gladis her landlady died, I literally balled Jessica went through some major hardships and emotional damages But she finally was the one to be the hero in this bookall while being hilarious You will have to read to actually get the detailsI refuse to give spoilers in this review I honestly have to say I m sad that this series has ended 5 stars

Amazing serious Couldn t put down LOVE IT Jessica s and little Willie s story was entertaining and hilarious You just couldn t help falling in love with them This series was definitely a great find Thank you Willow S aka KF Breene for such an amazing series.