Trailer ☆ But What If Theres No Chimney? PDF by Ë Emily Weisner Thompson

Trailer ☆ But What If Theres No Chimney? PDF by Ë Emily Weisner Thompson Five Year Old Ben Is New In Town And Shocked To Find His House Has No Chimney How Will Santa Get Into His House To Deliver Gifts As Christmas Approaches, Ben Looks For Answers, Asking His Dad, Friend, Teacher, Mailman, And Even His Dog Ben S Search Ends With A Letter To Santa Claus, Indiana Will Santa Reply, And What Will He Say Did You Know That Santa Claus, Indiana Is A Real Place You Can Write To Santa And The Elves At PO Box , Santa Claus, Indiana Don T Forget To Include Your Return Address To Get A Reply In December Checkermint The Elf Is Hiding Inside Can You Find Him A cute, sweet book about a boy who worries about how Santa will get into his new house without a chimney and asks many others how Santa will manage.
He finally decides to take his question to the source and mails Santa a letter asking for an answer.
A really fun addition to this story Checkermint the elf is hiding in each spread, kids will have fun keeping their eyes peeled for this sneaky, hide y elf.

First, I received this book as a giveaway and will state I read and ARC.
I am not a huge fan of this book Even though this book is for small children, the rhyming is a bit rudimentary and isn t enjoyable to read and unlike other books for this age group that consists of easy rhyming, something about this book just isn t fluid while reading silently or aloud The book is based upon the question of what to do if Santa is coming and you don t have a chimney This is a question that many small children ask and I was intrigued to find out this author s reply Unfortunately, the question is never really answered Ben asks his dad, dog, friend, teacher, and the mailman and they all provide him with possibilities, but the one person who can really answer the question, Santa, never really answers Ben is not happy with all of the answers he gets, so he decides to write to Santa Santa s reply reminds me very much of the type of answer that an annoyed parent who has been asked the same question too many times would respond with Santa chooses not to answer the question and instead gives Ben a lesson on the true meaning of Christmas, which was never brought up anywhere else in the book, and then says don t worry about the chimney How very frustrating for both the reader and the listener I did appreciate the hidden or not so hidden elf in each picture, my 2 year old son pointed him out right away.
In But What If There s No Chimney a young boy is concerned about how Santa will get into his new house when there s no chimney His dad assures him that it will be alright Santa is magic Ben is not convinced He frets over it at school, and then decides to write Santa a letter Santa s response is the same as his dad s He s magic.
I liked the premise of this story, but the execution wasn t as good as I would have hoped The topic concern about Santa is something that applies to older kids ages 4 6 perhaps But the rhyming nature of the book and some of the awkward wording is better suited for younger kids Also, the resolution is kind of anticlimactic There is a plug for Santa Claus, Indiana as the place where Ben mails his Santa letter, and as this book is published by the Indiana University Press, it sort of makes sense The description of Santa actually reading the letter that arrived in Indiana could be misleading or confusing for kids beginning to question the existence of Santa I may skip the word Indiana when I read this with my 6 year old at Christmas time.
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