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[ Read Online The Dead Wife's Handbook ↠´ womens-fiction PDF ] by Hannah Beckerman µ I have reviewed this book here Predictable Sad Characters that are stereotypes I should just stick with the presidential debates.
Si Dice Che Se Ami Qualcuno Devi Lasciarlo Andare Ma Perch Rachel Dovrebbe Abbandonare Un Marito Perfetto E Una Figlia Adorabile Sembra Una Follia, Eppure Cos Che Ha Voluto Il Destino E Il Cuore Di Rachel Ha Smesso Di Battere Tuttavia Pu Ancora Vederli, Come Da Dietro Un Vetro, Sospesa Tra Questo Mondo E L Aldil Pu Vegliare Su Di Loro Mentre Cercano Di Fare I Conti Con La Sua Assenza, Barcamenandosi Tra Compiti Di Scuola E Faccende Di Casa E Il Suo Cuore Palpita Ancora Di Nostalgia, Affetto, Gelosia Come Quando Vorrebbe Abbracciare Ellie, La Sua Bambina O Quando Vorrebbe Strozzare Suo Marito Max Perch , Convinto A Forza Dagli Amici, Inizia A Frequentare Un Altra Donna E, Con Mille Ritrosie, Forse Inizia A Innamorarsene Fa Male Pensare Che Il Tuo Grande A Possa Immaginare Un Futuro Senza Di Te, O Che Un Altra Persona Possa Crescere Tua Fi Glia Eppure, Per Ellie E Max, La Vita Continua, Seppur Faticosamente Deve Continuare Come Pu Rachel Opporsi, Se Davvero Vuole Il Loro Bene Dopotutto, Amare Qualcuno Anche Accettare Che Sia Felice Senza Di Te Magicamente In Equilibrio Tra La Commozione E Il Sorriso, Questa Storia Ci Regala Una Lezione D A Quell A Che Ci Costringe Alle Scelte Pi Difficili, Ma Che Alla Fine D Un Senso A Tutto Perch L A Che Abbiamo Dato Agli Altri Ci Rende Incancellabili, Anche Quando Il Destino Arriva A Dividerci Rachel has died suddenly, leaving behind a husband and child She continues to look down on her family, as they grieve and move on.
This was such a difficult read for me It brought back too many memories of my Dad s death and how I felt as a child It completely impacted on how I viewed the book.
I felt very uncomfortable reading about Rachel and how she resented the living making a new life, without her I ve always got a great deal of comfort from believing our loved ones want us to continue to be happy, even without them At times, I felt quite sick hearing of Rachel s jealousy and selfishness I found it hard to relate to her because of it Surely if you love people, you want them to move on from the trauma of death and be happy again I had an issue with the daughter, Ellie She was continually called various pet names, sweetheart being the least annoying It was too over the top I would have preferred her to be portrayed as a rounded child, rather than stereotyped as being perfect Every character made excuses for what I perceived as bratty behaviour I found the way her father explained everything to her totally unrealistic In my experience, children do not have every single thing spelled out for them They just have to cope with change and adjust I love that the theme of death and coming to terms with death is used I ve often thought that it s important these issues are talked about in our culture Death is such a taboo and it s a fascinating subject My experience of it is that people do not continually talk about the person who has died, like Max did with his daughter Overall it felt quite traumatic and uncomfortable to read I loved Eve the most, out of all of the characters I just disliked the over analytical side to it It didn t seem realistic to me Death is chaotic This is one of those books that we bring all of our past experiences to and frame it in reference to them I suspect that my response to this book comes from comparisons with my childhood and how my family reacted I remember believing my Dad was continuing to watch over me and love me from a distance I m very sure my Dad would not have been anything like Rachel I urge caution if deciding to read this book.
This is the story of the sudden, untimely demise of Rachel from a fatal cardiac arrhythmia, the journey through grief that Rachel and her family must take This is a unique story with an interesting concept of a beyond the grave netherworld from where Rachel is granted access to view the family and friends she left behind, and see how they cope with her death and ultimately move on with their lives Nicely based on the seven stages of grief identified by Elizabeth Kubler Ross shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, testing, acceptance not only from the perspective of Rachel s family but also, interestingly, from Rachel s perspective as well It s message is a potentially profound one, but, for me, it fell disappointingly flat I keenly felt Rachel s abject loneliness being trapped alone in the whiteness of the netherworld, and her helplessness bearing witness to new relationships and life she so desperately still wants to be part of, moving on without her and I liked the overall message of the book of love being our greatest legacy, but everything in between felt devoid of real feeling and the characters with the exception of Rachel lacked any credible or believable substance It was all a bit too chick lit for me not my cup of tea I m sorry to say.
Today is my death anniversary A year ago today I was still alive As Rachel grieves for the life she s lost and the life she ll never lead, she learns that sometimes the thing that breaks your heart might be the very thing you hope for.
I had been looking forward to this one, something slightly out of my comfort zone but one that sounded like it might end up being quite beautiful in the right hands and that was exactly how it turned out.
We follow along with Rachel, who died suddenly and unexpectedly from a heart problem, as she is allowed glimpses into the lives of the people she left behind.
and in this creatively imagined way we ourselves catch a glimpse into the very real stages of grief It is a gorgeous heartwarming tale, often bringing a tear to my eye at the same time being full of a rather hopeful cathartic feel as all concerned come to terms with tragedy.
It is quite difficult to put into words how emotive this one was for me so I ll try and use my own perspective to give you an insight I lost my Father when I was very young not nearly as young as Ellie but far too young none the less so it was easy for me to identify with her and understand what she was going through and indeed what Max was going through as he tried to help her and himself Then I am a mother of children similarly aged to Ellie the very thought of not being around to see them through their childhood is horrific Any mother will feel the same and will therefore be able to relate to Rachel, looking down occasionally but being unable to take back what was lost.
This novel captures the sense of so many things love, loss, friendship, sadness, and hope.
and how all things move forward over time A tale of grief told from a unique perspective, beautifully written, heartfelt and impassioned, this one will have you reaching for the tissues.
some of those tears will be happy ones Most of all this is about love and how sometimes that means letting go Highly Recommended.
Happy Reading Folks This book is full of perfect characters who always say and do the right thing The dialogue is completely unrealistic, especially for a 7 8 year old Not to mention all of the characters had the exact same voice.
I really like the concept of this book Having lost my Mum in 2010, I often think of her and wonder if she s watching over me I like to think she is Hannah writes this story so beautifully and with such tenderness, it really made me believe that my Mum is still around me.
Little Ellie is so wise, so inquisitive and contemplative I love the way she thinks about things and the non stop questions when she is gripped by a topic I felt like I had shared all the happy times with her and Rachel She is exactly what I d like to think my own little girl would be like one day Max is a lovely character and such a wonderful husband and father He really is so warm and gentle with Ellie and all of the people in his life who loved his late wife Connor and Harriet are such great supporting characters too I wish I had a Harriet in my life I laughed, cried, smiled, remembered and felt I love books that make me feel I have recently been criticized for giving too many 5 star reviews, but I can t help it There are too many amazing books out there now This is certainly another one of them A beautiful, heart warming, tender, bitter sweet story of love and loss 5 5

I wonder, too, whether it s distressing to watch your family in mourning for you or whether it will be worse when, one day, they stop grieving and start living painlessly without me.
We know from the very first page that Rachel has died unexpectedly, after a celebratory evening out with her husband Max, and is now completely alone, somewhere in the afterworld Every so often she is briefly granted access to view moments with Max and or Ellie and we experience with her, her grief and anger that she is no longer with them to offer reassurance and comfort.
This afterworld is not a happy place where families are reunited in death, but is bleak and lonely for Rachel and her time spent watching her loved ones are times of both happiness and agony as she sees them grieving and feels helpless in being unable to make them aware of her presence We see her frustration and jealousy as Max starts to date again and her worries that she will be forgotten and that her memory will be slowly erased from their lives.
This is a compelling and beautifully written account of Rachel s transition through the grieving process and watching others live the life that she will never have Unusually, we see the aftermath of a death through the eyes of the deceased and it presents a powerful image Having been through the grieving process myself I could identify with Rachel s feelings of loss The writing was perceptive and warm with some amusing moments, especially with Max s first attempts at dating Despite being an incredibly poignant and sad story, this is not a morbid book by any means The characters are a joy to spend time with, especially 6 year old Ellie, and Max s devotion to her was lovely to see The book isn t all about Rachel and certainly the main characters in Rachel s life are rounded and believable I really felt for Max when well meaning friends and family tried to persuade him to move on At the end of each stage of the grieving process, Rachel learns something about herself and it is this journey of realisation that adds an extra element to the story.
I found this an emotional and yet uplifting read and I became completely engrossed in the lives, and death, of Rachel and her family This is an excellent debut novel which I would have no hesitation in recommending Just one tip make sure you have some tissues handy My thanks to Real Readers and the publisher, Penguin, for the review copy of this book I certainly look forward to reading further books by Ms Beckerman.
Firstly, a massive thank you to Katie Sheldrake at Penguin and Hannah for sending me a copy of this gorgeous, gorgeous book to review.
Before we even talk about the book, how beautiful is the cover I was definitely drawn to it and even though we re taught not to judge a book by its cover, this cover really speaks for the book beautiful inside and out If you follow me on twitter you will no doubt have seen the many conversations I ve had with other bloggers about the book, and just how great it is, and if that isn t enough to entice you, let me tell you some about it.
Rachel has been dead for a year now, and with her untimely death has come the ability to have vicarious access to the living world so that she can watch her husband Max and daughter Ellie cope without her and try to move on from the tragedy they ve all been through, to get back to living their lives.
I really liked the premise of the story from the start It s different, particularly because your main character is usually alive, and not existing in some version of an afterlife, while they are narrating the story Rachel s access is sporadic and unpredictable which seemed quite harsh to begin with, as if everything is out of her control, her death that she certainly wasn t ready for, her choice of afterlife semi existence, and her choice of the living moments she s allowed to view That kind of sets the tone for the whole book, getting you instantly on Rachel s side, allowing you to really empathise with her because after all, wouldn t we all feel just as helpless as she is in her situation Rachel s afterlife is described so eloquently that you can t help but imagine yourself in it with her Her character has a depth that allows you to appreciate her short life, her memories and the emotional state she find herself in almost instantly All of the characters actually, are described really well, leaving you in no way second guessing how they are feeling and I thought that was really important in such an emotionally charged book Just one kiss, That s all I want I was on the verge of tears quite a lot throughout the book, and actually cried a handful of times as well You go through the grieving process with the family, but I always felt like I was on Rachel s side Her thoughts and views on how her family were continuing with their lives became mine and I found myself, not only upset, but angry and also resentful along with her.
Although I felt very close to Rachel as the main character, my favourite was her daughter Ellie I loved her innocence and got a real sense of it from the description of her and her actions and all of her questions about Rachel and moving on.
The story is challenging in that you find yourself asking yourself if you ve lived the life you wanted to live, if you ve made the impression you wanted to make It makes you consider the What ifs The unpredictability of life is something that is very tangible to every one of us and it s something that should never be underestimated This book really made me think about that, and made me want to make sure that everyone who is important to me knows just how important they are.
This is such an incredible story, it s undeniably moving and thought provoking It has the potential to change your life.