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Jess and Max This book was a great addition to the series I loved that we got to see our old friends but also got to fall for new characters.
Max is down right pissy that this new food truck is taking business away from his fav mom and pop restaurant So, he decided to play a trick on the bull headed owner which ends up biting him in the butt when the feisty and hot owner happens to be a woman A woman who takes all his crap code violations and goes with it.
Jess is annoyed by confused by the new health inspector Is he hitting on me No way but I think he is but what Hello conflict of interest Max s little lie ends up causing quite a problem for the couple because he doesn t come clean with her until it s a bit too late Feelings are very involved between the two characters and Jess is really hurt about being lied too.
I loved the story and it flowed so easy I sat and devoured this book in one sitting As with all of Alison s books I laughed at the characters and I also yelled at the characters But all in all I love the love story each character goes through to find their one true person.
Note this ARC was received from the publisher for my honest review 2 stars I well this book just wasn t for me It was well, eh The story was ok The characters could have been rounded out and polished so much But the writing Yeah just wasn t for me I don t mind reading fluffy stories I enjoy them But books need to be at least written halfway well I think I ve read this author in the past Without looking, at least I think I have So, that s saying something too I don t know It was hard to read It was hard to loose myself in and enjoy It was without a doubt a book that wasn t for me I gave this one two stars because I trudged through it and finished it I could see where it had potential too Oh and even though this was the third book in a series I didn t feel as if I ve missed anything from previous books Each title appears to follow different characters, so it wasn t a problem to read this one as a stand alone Yeah That s all I got.
This Laugh Out Loud Romantic Comedy Proves That, When Enemies Become Lovers, All Bets Are Off Jessa Gibson May Be New In The Little Town Of Granite, Texas, But In No Time At All Her Gourmet Food Truck Business Is Booming Soon She Ll Have Enough Money To Open The Restaurant Of Her Dreams But First, She Ll Have To Appease The Hot Local Health Inspector, No Matter How Strange His Violations Sound To Her No Pink Plastic Gloves Really Max Hager Isn T Exactly Who He Says He Is Pretending To Be A Health Inspector Is A Mostly Innocent Mistake A Mistake Made Way Worse By Max S Immediate, Electrifying Attraction To The Curvy, Sexy, Redheaded Chef Throw In A Whole Lot Of Lust, And Things In Jessa S Little Kitchen Are About To Really Start Heating Up But Can Max Find A Way To Come Clean With Jessa Before His Little Deception Turns Into A Recipe For Disaster I have nothing but love for Alison Bliss and her Perfect Fit series She empowers women with a strength of character that is light hearted and in no way mean spirited She proves that you don t have be a size 0 to get the most out of life This time around, she gives the tale a surprising twist in Max Hager He s funny, sexy, an all around stand up guy with hidden insecurities that haunt him everyday Jessa is a go getter She doesn t wait for life to happen to her She makes it happen for herself Max could learn a few things from her More to Love is a pleasurable, humorous and heartwarming look at how the plus size live It inspires and for that I admire her and am a fan for life.
More to Love was yet another charming and fun romance novel I went into this book wanting that was entertaining and a fast read and this book was just that The characters in this book were all so cute and adorable Jessa, the main female character, was such a kind, warm hearted, and passionate woman I admired her dedication to her job and how desperately she wanted her business to succeed Jessa s love for her family was so sweet and relatable Max was a character that really rubbed me the wrong way in the beginning He came off as brash, demanding, and even rude I wasn t sure if I was even going to end up liking him However, I ended up really enjoying his character He ended up being a fierce, loyal, and protective man.
The romance between Jessa and Max was full of passion and steam From their first interaction, I could tell there was a lot of attraction between them The sexual chemistry between Jessa and Max was off the charts The author has a wonderful way of taking two characters who seem like complete opposites actually and making them very compatible for each other The romance did feel like insta love, but I still enjoyed the romance between Jessa and Max.
If you are a fan of this series or are just in the mood for an adorable romance, then I would definitely recommend checking this book out 3 5 FangsThis ebook was given to me in exchange for an honest review MrsLeif s Two Fangs About ItFacebookTwitter More to Love the 3rd installment of the Perfect Fit series was absolutely fantastic and I loved everything about it It was a fun and sexy read that was highly entertaining and the perfect escape from the real world.
I loved Jessa s independence and sassy attitude and Max showed a different and lovable side that the reader didn t get to see in the previous novels Jessa and Max are adorable together and their chemistry is one for the record books Not only did we have the most cutest romance ever, there was even a twist that was totally unexpected Easy to read, interesting characters and a story that was impossible to step away from, More to Love proved once again what an amazing writer Alison Bliss is, and I can t wait to see what she gives us next Whatever it is, I know without a doubt it s going to be outstanding More to Love is well deserving of a 5 star rating and I highly recommend it to any fan of romantic comedies with characters that anyone can relate too.
Alison Bliss always seems to be able to put a smile on my face and that is exactly what this story did A quirky tale of a white lie gone astray, More To Love is a fun, sexy, and a great way to distract yourself from a boring day.
While I will say that this book leans slightly on the silly side of romance humor, I can admit that I was unable to stop reading Alison Bliss mixed a body positive message and a yummy alpha man with the small town vibe I have come to love from her I have never read a book by Alison Bliss that I didn t enjoy and More To Love is yet another book I can easily recommend to all romance lovers miranda

Why did I read this Why I managed to finish it but only because I forgot to download my next book.
The basic premise of the story is that Max, a local electrician, comes back to town after visiting his parents for two weeks He finds out his friend and sort of father figure might lose his business at the end of the month because someone started parking their food truck in the park across the street from his restaurant and all, yes all, of the diner s customers are now eating lunch at the food truck We will come back to this Max decides to help him out and pretend to be the new Health Inspector to scare of the food truck guy Instead of a male owner, he meets Jessa Sexist Max feels bad about trying to run off a woman but he needs to help Pops and keeps up the guise of Health Inspector As he gets to know Jessa, and they begin having sex, Max knows he has to come clean but he is afraid to lose his lady over the lies.
Here s my problems with this story In More to Love, we have awkward characters and no real romantic connection The only thing we really know aboux Max is that he was a chubby kid teen who decided to start eating well and exercising and now is very cut But Max fears returning to his prior chubby self and is over obsessive about what he eats Since Max can t cook and can only make himself bagged lettuce, he ended up being befriended by the man who owns the local diner, Pops, who makes Max a special every day for lunch Special is their code for healthy meal along the lines of grilled chicken and vegatables or veggie burger and baked fries They need a code because it is wrong to eat healthy Maybe unmanly Pop doesn t have anything healthy on his menu so that Max can just order a 12 I will conceed that it is funny that whenever Max s friend Sam comes in and asks if he can have the special too, Pops tells him that they just ran out Of course, Sam eats a burger and fries almost every day so you wouldn t think he would be interested in whatever special Max gets because he has to see what Max is eating every day.
Let s stop and talk about Max s food issue Do you know anyone who eats super healthy or organic or everything kale, or is super into exercise who doesn t like to talk about it, obsessively Whether it is a runner or someone who just starts a new diet, they have to tell you every healthy meal they ate for the last week Yet Max acts like it s a dirty secret His friends have to notice that he never, ever, ever eats anything decadant So why does Max treat eating healthy like he s wearing women s underwear I need the special , wink wink.
Max is also a bit horrified by Jessa s eating habits whether she is just having a sandwich or eating cold pepperoni pizza for breakfast Jessa is average plus size and doesn t obsess about not being a size 2, nor does she obsess about what she is eating Instead of talking to Jessa about eating healthier, Max runs home to eat This is actually something he fears anyone find out, even than the fact that he s been lying to Jessa about being the health inspector.
I never felt any real connection between them, but they begin having sex even though Jessa knows it is a bad decision to sleep with a man who she thinks has control over her ability to do business And not only is Max horrified by Jessa s food choices, he keeps trying to get a rise out of her by making up stupid health violations and is disappointed when she meekly agrees to make the changes He likes a woman with fire Of course he never thinks that a smart woman trying to run a business would know better than to mouth off to the man who can shut down her food truck Jessa also overhears her friends say that they are surprised about Max and Jessa dating although they never go on a date because the women Max dates are all very thin So far Max likes thin, spunky women who eat healthy and Jessa is none of this, and there is not much internal monologue where Max is explaining why he can t get enough of Jessa When his friends figure out what Max has done and question his relationship with Jessa considering that he has been lying to her, he gets angry and declares how well he knows Jessa But really, he doesn t They really only have sex and not until most of the way through the story does he even bother to ask her any personal questions And the sex scene aren t even that great but then again Max is well hung so that makes up for it, right Just to go back to the reason Max lies in the first place, Pop s literally has no one coming into his diner except for Max and his friend Sam for a month Not One Person Because they are all eating every day at a food truck Our office cafeteria has been closed for two months now being redesigned and every day they have one or two food trucks stop in They rotate them because each truck specializes in something different pizza, hot dogs, cajun, etc and each only have 5 to 10 things on their menu They rotate them because NO ONE wants to eat that same unhealthy food truck offering for than once in a week You can t tell me everyone in town is going to eat from same food truck every day for a month and no one is going into Pop s restaurant unless there is something wrong with Pop s restaurant There is also just Pop there at the restaurant Did he let go his cooks and waitresses because no one came in for a few days Those people need to make a living too.
Yes, I am often told I analyse this stuff too much but if you are giving me a romance with no real romance between the main hero and heroine, I am going to start nitpicking the rest of the story since there is nothing else of interest going on I wanted to just DNF and move on from this and the only reason I finished is because I forgot to download my next book I had no wifi and it was either re read something or just finish this.
Before deciding on accepting a review copy of this book, I looked at the other Alison Bliss story I read, Size Matters, because I simply couldn t remember it enough to recall what I thought about her writing I don t know why I focused on the one good scene in the story before I grabbed this one but I did, ignoring my own notes on the poor character building in the prior book Well, I am sorry I didn t read my own review a bit carefully Worse, it wasn t until I was writing this review that I even noticed that I started, book 2 More to Love, and tossed it because I hated the characters, all except MAX who I thought would be so funny and make a great love interest This time I am going to make a note NOT to grab the next book in this series.
Reviewed for herding cats burning soup Yall Usually if I m gonna have issues it s the heroine But this time This timenope Fab heroine The hero, though Sweet Baby Jesus The Gist Max in his fucked up brilliance decides to impersonate a health inspector so he can run off a new food truck that s taken up in the area and is harming his friend s restaurant And in the process is a total wanker shit even though he s completely taken and falling for the lady who owns said food truck he s trying to run off Okay So lets start with Jessa because she s a pretty awesome heroine Smart, ambitious, talented She rocks her plus sized curves and a hot skillet She s passionate about food and trying interesting fusions and I just enjoyed her character immensely And then there s Max Who is a neurotic fucked up mess that needs to eat a goddamned cheese burger in hopes it ll make his hungry food deprived healthy ass a little less fucking stupid Yeah I will give Max one thing He ll do anything to help his friends and the people important to him But he s such a dumb ass wanker The struggle was real, yall.
The romance When Max wasn t being an asswipe I liked them together They were opposites in a lot of ways but that worked for them Things get very steamy and whew boy yeah they heat things up right good but it was hard to fully buy into the romance since Max was, well, Max and he spent nearly the entire book lying to her.
One of my main issues, though, was the hero and food He d been fat as a kid and as an adult was so fixated and rigid about eating healthy it came across as an eating disorder For example They go to dinner and he s thinking how horrified he is watching her eat a salad because the ranch dressing had so many calories Wouldn t eat a single taco from her food truck and wouldn t dare eat a slice of pizza, a muffin, a regular sandwich, fries, dressing, anything from his friend s cafe other than grilled chicken and sweet potatoes or maybe a veggie burger because one bite of anything else and it would throw his diet off track for months It was just sad how frantic he was over food and something that needed to be addressed because it was not healthy in any way But it was completely ignored Overall oy I seem to love elements of Bliss s books and struggle with others This time I really loved the heroine and who she was and the town and everything but the hero just grated my last fucking nerve.
The latest in the Perfect Fit series features Max, the instigator friend of the heroes and heroines of the last two books, and Jess, a chef who runs her own food truck She s just moved to Granite and she s taken the town by storm Unfortunately, another restaurant is suffering and as a consequence, Max leaps before he looks and decides to lie to Jess by telling her that he s a food inspector and puts her through some hoops And yes, along the way, some romance happens.
The Good In this case, I really liked that Max is the one with the food issues, having been the chubby kid who was picked on and determined to beat his food addiction I loved Jess, who picked up and decided to follow her dream and move to a new town and start a new business I loved seeing my fave couple from the previous book When the focus is on Max and Jess s romance, I enjoyed their interaction and I wanted However.
The Bad That blurb above It was painful to type, because I thought the lie was pointless and really detracted from the story There was so much to unpack with Max s strict diet, just falling for a BBW who isn t that strict with her diet and cooks so many delicious and rich foods was a big theme that isn t typically explored in romances, especially from the male POV THAT was the story that I wanted to read and that I felt would come organically from these characters The food inspector lie was annoying, made Max look worse than he needed to and I was excited for his story , and made the big beats that were going to play out pretty obvious And yes, the surprise twist at the end How much better could it have been if it was woven through the story from the beginning That lie was such a waste of a story.
Everything in Between There was some good moments with past characters shoutout to Logan and Valerie, how I loved you two I liked the detail in the food truck scenes, which felt genuine Basically, I enjoyed anything that wasn t tied to the big lie, because I could see the story it could have been, not the story it ended up being.
I really, really wished I liked this story than I did Max was the one I was looking forward to, but the central plot point regarding the lie was just pointless and didn t work for me.
If you want to check out this series, I d recommend On the Plus Side and pass on this one shrugs Oh well ARC provided by publisher via netgalley for review For reviews, visit