Trailer ↠´ Criminal Deception (Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1591) PDF by ↠´ Marilyn Pappano

Trailer ↠´ Criminal Deception (Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1591) PDF by ↠´ Marilyn Pappano Pappano s story is rich with conflict between the good and the bad and between Liz and Joe The story would ve made a good full length novel as it took Pappano great dexerity in her writing to offer a full story in novella form.
This Is Far From Over After Being The Target Of A Mob Hit Intended For His Twin Brother, Joe Saldana Had Settled In To His Trauma Free Life In Copper Lake But When His Brother S Girlfriend, Liz Dalton, Entered The Coffee Shop Looking For His Twin, Joe Found His New Life Suddenly Unraveling The Threat Still Existed And So Did The White Hot Attraction Between Joe And LizA US Marshal, Liz Had Taken Precautions To Ensure Her Pretend Boyfriend S Safety Now That He Had Escaped Protective Custody, She Had To Find Him And Bring Him In To Testify She Didn T Count On Needing Joe S Help, On Deceiving Him Yet Again She Could Only Count On Wanting Him Despite All The Reasons She Shouldn T Twin brothers Josh and Joe are nothing alike other than looks Being mistaken for Josh, Joe was shot and had to move the small town of Copper Lake When he sees Liz Dalton walk in the doors of his coffee shop, he instantly knows she is trouble Being undercover as Josh s girlfriend wasn t that difficult until U.
S Marshal Liz meet his brother Joe Now, she s back to find out where Josh went after he escaped their custody when an important trial coming up soon With a burning attraction heating up between the two of them, it s hard for Joe to get over the feeling that she was Josh s girlfriend Once they reach a turning point, Joe phones his brother, where Liz s cover is blown Furious, Joe leaves without hearing his side and before she can leave the parking lot, she s kidnapped Fearing for her safety, Joe will do anything to save her.
A nice but somewhat forgettable story.

Another story by Marilyn Pappano that started weak and slow, but unlike Passion to Die For it also ended weak and slow.
I simply didn t like the two leading characters, I didn t care what happened to them, they had no chemistry whatsoever, and the plot was completely unappealing.
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