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[ Pdf Eleanor: Crown Jewel of Aquitaine, France, 1136 Í silhouette PDF ] by Kristiana Gregory È Graded By MariaCover Story Once Upon a TimeBFF Charm Yay Swoonworthy Scale 5 5 10 Talky Talk Alas EarwaxBonus Factors Sisters, Age of ChivalryRelationship Status Courtly LoveRead the full book report Eleanor, Jewel of Aquitaine 0 439 16484 2Since my memorized history seems to gain larger gaps every year, I started this book with no real recollection of who, precisely, Eleanor was and I finally had to check the back of the book to find that among other things she was the mother of the famous Richard the Lionhearted and the infamous Prince John from the Robin Hood legends Eleanor does not, as a Royal Diary, disappoint A princess with vast lands and holdings, she lives her life in relative leisure, craving romance and passion in her daily life Longing to model her life after the King Arthur legends, she flirts gently with her chosen knight and begs the castle minstrel to compose songs to their chivalric and chaste love When her father dies unexpectedly, leaving no male heir, Eleanor and her sister are confined as much as possible to the inner castle, as the local lords and barons plot to kidnap the two girls and take them as unwilling wives, in order to claim their lands as their own Eleanor dreams of a dashing prince who will arrive to save her from the fear of being kidnapped and from the monotony of being a lonely princess As far as the Royal Diaries go, this one is a quick, light read and very pleasant The history here is interesting and provides a nice contrast to some of the later diaries it is something of a shock to see the princesses living in relative isolation and danger after having read of the palatial estates of, say, Catherine the Great or Marie Antoinette Parents of sensitive children should be aware that there is a brief incident with an ill child vomiting worms from his stomach, and Eleanor fears that worms will exit her eyes or stomach, but this fear passes quickly Ana Mardoll 3.
5 stars really 3 stars from an adult perspective, probably 4 for the target audience which I d say is pre teens.
I saw the series at the library and picked up this one first, as I m relatively familiar with Eleanor of Aquitaine and wanted to see how it held up This book covers about a year of her life when she was 13 14, the last year before her marriage to Louis Capet.
While Eleanor herself seems to obsess about trivial things as do many people that age there is a good amount of historical detail woven in, making their lives approachable the drawbacks of armor in hot sun and jewels on dancing shoes, the dangers of being an unmarried heiress or pilgrim, and even bathroom arrangements It is Eleanor s diary, but I would have liked Petronilla to have a little character she just passed through, like a minor character in a play whose sole purpose is background and Eleanor was able to dispose of her crush on a knight with not a thought after her engagement and marriage None of it showed what a keen and shrewd mind she had, or talked about her famed beauty or even the promise of it.
I was glad to see the family tree, photos and epilogue in the back which gave details of Eleanor s life, but they barely scratched the surface her marriage to Henry was mentioned but not the political upheaval it caused, while Louis was portrayed as a normal youth for the time, not the monk he almost was Her own Crusade went unmentioned, implying she was just accompanying Louis and with no clarification of how unusual that was But it s a good start and a good way to get children reading about real historical figures and understanding the concerns and issues of their daily lives.
I really really really enjoyed this book Really well written in a way that it flowed and didn t feel interrupted in the diary format I was also constantly interested in finding out what would happen next It is such an interesting time that I can t even really imagine it seems like tales of legends But there are people who come about from these historical people that are well known if you ever watched Robin Hood as a kid Kind Richard and John for sure I love seeing how it s all connected I read this as a kid but don t remember it at all I liked that there was some romance thrown in there Makes the characters relatable even though it s a time I can barely imagine I also like how Eleanor had real and believable opinions on what was happening to her and didn t just take everything lying down The last royal diary I read, the Mayan one, gave me the impression that people of the time were like robots Just did what they were meant to do No original thoughts But maybe the book was just badly written Either way it makes this one so much better.
I ve heard quite a bit about Eleanor of Aquitaine, but never actually knew much about her life and the times she lived in Well, finally Kristiana Gregory has remedied that in a book aimed at kids 8 13 The early years of Eleanor are not quite as exciting as her later years, as we learn in the Historical Note, but it was nice to see things from her perspective.
I personally would have liked a little description of daily life at the castle, but I can understand why Kristiana Gregory did not include it would have turned into a lecture In Eleanor Crown Jewel of Aquitaine we don t really see Eleanor s love of books and literature, even though she was a huge patron of the arts later in life Still, I loved seeing the strong relationship between her and her sister that lasted into adulthood Sadly, the book ended just when things were getting interesting, what with her marriage to Prince Louis and all.
Eleanor Crown Jewel of Aquitaine is well written and entertaining, but it s certainly one of the shorter books in the Royal Diaries series Still, overall it s a pretty good book and it s a great one to get kids interested in history.
I give this book 4 5 stars.

I ve been wanting to read this one for awhile While Eleanor is not my favorite historical figure she is still very interesting I usually find her to be exceedingly spoiled and selfish These are not qualities I enjoy in my main characters but I liked the way Gregory wrote Eleanor wrote this book I m not sure how true to history it is because this is one of the first books I ve read where Eleanor wasn t portrayed as being completely self involved I really liked that, it made her seem human and like the girls I grew up with only she is high end aristocrat royalty I liked imagining her as a young girl prior to her first marriage to Henri II of France Most of the time you only hear about her life in England but this story is set almost exclusively in Aquitaine I love reading about her and the relationship she had with her sister Petronilla I feel a kinship with them because my sister and I are the same way Were weren t when we were younger but since we ve gotten older she is pretty much my best friend so I know how sad Eleanor felt when she thought that Petra was going to be going to Paris with her I feel the same when I think about moving to the coast to go to school while my sister stays here This book gave me an entirely new outlook on Eleanor and I m looking forward to reading about her.
Kristiana Gregory was able to bring Eleanor of Aquintaine to life similar to a typical teenager Taking note of the historical significance during that period, and how a young girl of her prestige and circumstance was able to cope with all the events that she must regrettably undergo without warning Not only that but also taking into account of her love of parties, jewelries, expensive and extravagant clothes, reading and her spoiled but strong characteristics Who says that women are fragile creatures She was a predominantly a force to be reckoned with in a world where men are the most in number during the 12th century It was a joy to read however she, the author, just decided abruptly that she was going to end the story between Clotaire the Strong and Eleanor I feel like she just totally erased the romance between the two characters without a sign of struggle.
This one ranks somewhere in the middle for me as far as Royal Diaries go It was interesting enough and Eleanor of Aquitaine is a very intriguing historical figure She was educated, politically minded and bold in a time when women weren t allowed to be She was given a lot of responsibility early on, but I feel like most of influential choices came after she was married I think the book would have been interesting if it would have started where the book ended.
Eleanor is the daughter of Duke William X Her mother and brother died only when she was eight And so until her father dies, Eleanor is next in line to be the Duchess of Aquitaine.
During her father s reign, she writes in her diary, her thoughts,feelings,desires and longings as well as her adventures.
I liked this book a lot There was a lot of grief and joy but it shows how you can be strong through the greatest of sorrows.
And how you can take control of your life when others try to.
Author Of The Best Selling Royal Diaries Title, CLEOPATRA VII, Kristiana Gregory Now Takes Readers To Twelfth Century France And Introduces Eleanor Of Aquitaine, Who Becomes Queen At Age Fourteen Year Old Eleanor Of Aquitaine Lives In A Castle In Poitier, France, With Her Father Count William Of Aquitaine Son Of William The Conqueror , And Her Year Old Sister Petronilla Their Mother Died Several Years Earlier, So Their Grandmother And Ladies In Waiting Raise The Girls Eleanor Is Extremely Intelligent And Literate, Having Been Carefully Educated By Royal Tutors Spinning Bores Her, As Does Weaving, Sewing, And Other Housewifery Skills Expected Of Her She Would Rather Be A Knight And Ride Off To War In Fact, In , When Her Father Is Invited To Help Invade Normandy,