Trailer ↠´ The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy PDF by ñ John J Mearsheimer

Trailer ↠´ The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy PDF by ñ John J Mearsheimer Great book, this is the truth I m Jewish and there s nothing wrong with speaking the truth It s our duty I m an American and not Israeli I m not from there and it s not the Jewish state It doesn t represent me just like ISIS doesn t represent Muslims or Islam A brave, masterful effort Other reviewers have aptly described how informative and topical this book is I wholeheartedly agree What needs to be stressed is a rebuttal to those tiresome, closed minded individuals think that shrill hypocrite Alan Dershowitz, et al who always scream, Anti Semite at anyone who dares to criticize Israel, even when she spies on us think Jonathan Pollard , and tries daily to influence our political system, often counter to our national interests The situation is almost exactly analogous to that of the Cosa Nostra in the 1960s and 70s, we were informed by the media that this organization did not even exist it was an invention of anti Italian bigots , or, later, that it was just a social and philanthropic organization The same is true of the AIPAC Interestingly, both organizations are in the extortion business Every U.
S congressman walks in fear of AIPAC, and this lobby is even powerful and threatening to Congress than the NRA At least the latter does not represent a foreign government.
This Book The Israel Lobby and U.
S Foreign Policy by John J Mearsheimer and Stephen M Walt thou the cover of this copy was in rough shape and by the some of stuff in this book is dated by now the book published in 2007 and article the book is based on came out 2006 is very educational and informative and also is fairly easy to read and follow as well, that out of the way this book does make soiled case the America Israeli alliance, Zionism and the Israeli Lobby too, and gives evidence for why western Governments including American Goverment are so involved in the Middle East today since Israel was reestablished on May 14 1948 which also has lead the perpetual suffering of the Palestinians and Arabs living there and the surrounding area, that said the book also gives the reasons behind the Iraq War and a possible war with Iran as well, and the book reveals that the war Iraq War 2003 2011 was proxy conflict for Israel interests not Americas, and lastly the book does offer Alternatives the Israel Lobby and what the America Government should do regarding Middle Eastern affairs as well, I recommend this book to my fellow Americas who are concerned about America Middle East Issues post 9 11 Once upon a time, there were 2 American entities that came together to specifically create a new, third entity called IL by the process of discourse These two creator entities are named MW MearsheimerWalt , and their offspring was born abroad in the UK specifically at the London Times Review of books in 2006.
Quickly, this new IL offspring gathered strength through the gentle nurturing from its parent organism MW, who carefully and methodically rebutted invader organisms from killing off their newly born entity.
In fact, as invaders attacked the newly born IL offspring, creator entity MW sprang into parenting mode, to help IL become even larger, healthier, and robust through highly refined written and oral discourse.
As a result, MW had to endure the crucible of IL refinement and continued defense against the invaders, to enhance IL s further growth and robust qualities One year later in 2007, the IL entity became even bigger, healthier, and robust and so to celebrate this new phase, it had a name change and an even newer re birth place for this tempered form of the entity it grew from its first physical form of 32 pages including rebuttals born in London to its current form of an astonishing 496 pages by means of a new but international midwife, Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, at its New York office IL has become so famous that it landed on the coveted 1 Best Seller list position in the New York Times This position affirms IL s veracity IL s full name now is The Israel Lobby and U.
S Foreign Policy.
This comparison using genetics with a little alchemy sprinkled in , ancient world history, and Darwin s survival of the fittest to create a new entity is exactly what happened to Professor John Mearsheimer University of Chicago and Professor Steven Walt Harvard University in their odyssey of creating a book that no one would dare write before because of the affects of foreign country interest groups in the US from the Israel Lobby, AIPAC There is a related group that has also had its tentacles on US campus ME Studies departments from the early 2000s, trying to know what professors were teaching their students and trying to politically either back up or remove those professors whose ideas went against theirs There has been no public, nonacademic discourse and correction to this activity because universities rely on funding, and money speaks volumes over discourse This public free speech activity all sides of it needs to be discussed, especially according to how each comment relates all of our country s established frameworks documents of power including the Constitution This affords all participants with a very lively and rich discourse experience in which all participants will learn much from each other Some of the most educated and important people in the US have views on this topic and ALL of them are worth reading and listening to via all formats books, articles, journals, videos, podcasts, etc All of these people s views combined with those from Mearsheimer and Walt in this book are part of an important knowledge base that needs to be tapped, understood, and added to in later Mearsheimer Walt book editions In short, because there has been much change in this country since this book was first published in 2007, the book has stood the test of time, and these changes need to be included in a revised, later edition.
Mearsheimer and Walt s book The Israel Lobby and U.
S Foreign Policy is now recommended classroom reading in most poli sci, government studies, ME studies, diplomacy and diplomatic studies preparation programs in institutions of higher education, both in the US and those abroad Why Because it is the first book of its kind to look carefully at one foreign country Israel and how it affects the behavior and actions of another the US US taxpayers, the group that subsidizes the foreign country in terms of policy and aid It also affects who is elected to US Congress and who stays elected.
As with most topics, this book generates needed discourse about countries those with money and those without it that need it as aid from another, wealthier country , policies, lobby groups, money funding, aid, political parties and issues, diplomacy, and how all of these influence and intermingle, to create a larger world system of which both the US and Israel are a part.
Mearsheimer and Walt have created this book to shed light on a topic that was ready to be illuminated Once this book was published, like its UK germination stage phase, it and the authors went through the second crucible tempering in which the authors had to defend their ideas on US soil, successfully defending them against opposite forces.
This book has passed muster again through this process Simultaneously, there were videos made of university and diplomacy Round Tables with Q A sessions at the end that are found online for the general public as well as academia In these, the authors successfully defended their theses, resulting in a further strengthening of their ideas Also, the comments of all people whose opinions were directed at the two became known, with some of the public agreeing and some disagreeing Through this process, participants could learn things about what they believe in, why, and some will even re edit amend their own initial ideas.
Unfortunately, a culling of professional academic personnel has occurred since the early 2000s, in which some professors and writers have been professionally ousted from their positions in academia and related areas writing for their stances against this foreign lobby group This, alone, warrants the reading of this book and its future revised, edition.
Because this book is so interesting, I have bought extra copies to give to friends to read and later discuss Afterwards, we form groups and engage in critical thinking and dialog to further hone our knowledge about this topic Included in this activity is that we all watch designated on line videos, listen to podcasts, read articles and journals, etc.
, to enhance what we learn from reading this book.
I thoroughly recommend this groundbreaking book for anyone who has an interest in our country and how it relates to foreign countries.
Does America S Pro Israel Lobby Wield Inappropriate Control Over US Foreign Policy This Book Has Created A Storm Of Controversy By Bringing Out Into The Open America S Relationship With The Israel Lobby A Loose Coalition Of Individuals And Organizations That Actively Work To Shape Foreign Policy In A Way That Is Profoundly Damaging Both To The United States And Israel Itself Israel Is An Important, Valued American Ally, Yet Mearsheimer And Walt Show That, By Encouraging Unconditional US Financial And Diplomatic Support For Israel And Promoting The Use Of Its Power To Remake The Middle East, The Lobby Has Jeopardized America S And Israel S Long Term Security And Put Other Countries Including Britain At Risk