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[Anne Frank] × The Diary of a Young Girl [old-testament PDF] Read Online ✓ Libro tenuto molto bene anche se datato, emozionante sapere che proviene da un paese lontano e che qualcun altra o, di una lingua diversa, abbia potuto provare le mie stesse emozioni Tempi di consegna nella norma, consiglio vivamente This is the diary of the most courageous fourteen year old girl to ever live.
Anne Frank lived during the time of World War II, when you could be killed or put in a concentration camp for being Jewish or for not being blue eyed and blonde Hitler was ignorant in thinking that those with blue eyes and blonde hair were of the superior race, and anyone else should be killed.
Anne and her family went into hiding in 1942 and managed to hide for over two years.
Was Hitler finally overruled or was the family found by the Gestapo the police that worked for Hitler read this novel about a normal teenager in hiding to find out.
This is a really good book to read if you want to learn about World War II, or simply about being courageous and living a life in hiding Also, not only is this novel about the war but also about how Anne grows up and discovers life and writing.
Reviewed by Taylor Rector Ottimo acquisto, consegna rapida e puntuale.
Bella anche l edizione per il 60esimo anniversario Il libro lo conosciamo tutti dunque inutile parlare del contenuto

Ottimo libro Formativo I haven t the words to describe this book It s amazing to think that a young girl must go through this I mean, the holocaust it s impossible to think that a child or a normal person, must to live in hiding, without have a normal life.
This book is very good, i mean, it s a diary, but i love it We can discover how she lives in those years, and when i was reading this book, i was crying i m only 15, and i can t imagine a life as this.
One Of The Greatest books Of The Last CenturyGuardianA Deeply Moving And Unforgettable Portrait Of An Ordinary And Yet An Extraordinary Teenage GirlFirst Published Over Sixty Years Ago, Anne Frank S Diary Of A Young Girl Has Reached Millions Of Young People Throughout The World In July , Thirteen Year Old Anne Frank And Her Family, Fleeing The Occupation, Went Into Hiding In An Amsterdam Warehouse Over The Next Two Years Anne Vividly Describes In Her Diary The Frustrations Of Living In Such Close Quarters, And Her Thoughts, Feelings And Longings As She Grows Up Her Diary Ends Abruptly When, In August , They Were All BetrayedSince Its Publication In , The Diary of a Young Girl Has Been read By Tens Of Millions Of People, Now Reissued With A Fresh New Cover To Mark What Would Have Been Anne Frank S Th Birthday In June