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[Emily Little] ó The Trojan Horse: How the Greeks Won the War [zombies PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ Illus In Full Color An Ancient History Lesson Emerges From This Account Of The Way The Greeks Tricked The Trojans And Rescued Helen Of Troy The Book Is Well Tailored To Younger Readers With Careful Explanations And Short Sentences A Pronunciation Guide Is Appended Drawings Portray The Story S Main Events A Nice Supplement To Units On Ancient Greece Or Mythology Booklist I bought this for my 7 year old daughter Gracie She usually isn t in to history but once she started to read it she didn t stop reading she read it 3 times And ask me to by books like it I was really pleased with this book I recommend this book I bought this for my five year old son He really loves it and I like that I m also teaching him about history and something worthwhile I feel like most children s books these days are nonsense Im very pleased with my order This is a great series for developing readers This specific title is always a good read with students.
This is a very competent introduction to The Iliad and The Aeneid for children the story really conflates elements of the two epics, e.
, there is no Trojan Horse in the Iliad The book presents a plausible political back drop for the conflict that does not appear in either epic but makes sense , as well as Helen s betrothal to Paris, as the catalysts for the conflict There are battle scenes The construction of the horse, Sinon s deception, and the ultimate fall of Troy are well dramatized in language easily undertood by children There are maps to orient the reader to the locations of Greece, Asia Minor, and the Aegean and Black Seas No, it s not eloquent but it s written in language easily understood by my seven year old boy and even enthralling to my near four year old boy in combination with the pictures That s quite an achievement given the relative complexity of the story that s told, I d say My boys love it, and nearly have it memorized They are already enthralled by a seminal element of Western literature and for that I am in debt to this little book.