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[ Read Online The Primacy of Politics: Social Democracy and the Making of Europe's Twentieth Century à benghazi PDF ] by Sheri Berman ✓ Political History In The Industrial World Has Indeed Ended, Argues This Pioneering Study, But The Winner Has Been Social Democracy An Ideology And Political Movement That Has Been As Influential As It Has Been Misunderstood Berman Looks At The History Of Social Democracy From Its Origins In The Late Nineteenth Century To Today And Shows How It Beat Out Competitors Such As Classical Liberalism, Orthodox Marxism, And Its Cousins, Fascism And National Socialism By Solving The Central Challenge Of Modern Politics Reconciling The Competing Needs Of Capitalism And Democracy Bursting On To The Scene In The Interwar Years, The Social Democratic Model Spread Across Europe After The Second World War And Formed The Basis Of The Postwar Settlement This Is A Study Of European Social Democracy That Rewrites The Intellectual And Political History Of The Modern Era While Putting Contemporary Debates About Globalization In Their Proper Intellectual And Historical Context In this book Berman analyses the Social Democratic Parties in France, Germany, and Sweden, among a few others She explains their political motivations and how some failed in the interwar period as others triumphed a good case being the German SPD versus the Swedish SAP , and outlines a realistic view of where Social Democracy will be able to go if properly revitalized.

This was one of those books which fell out of the sky at a precise time my own thought was taking a parallel turn As a result, I personally found this a remarkable confirmation of the validity of certain ideas I was then pursuing This is ostensibly a book of history, pursuing the intellectual and social roots of the social democratic and fascist approaches to embedding capitalism In this respect, the may be seen as a companion of sorts to the brilliant magnum opus of Karl Polanyi The Great Transformation Like Polanyi s exceptional work, upon which, as Sheri Berman clearly acknowledges, The Primacy of Politics is firmly based, the work transcends history to present us with valuable insights into our own times In the current neo liberal era of disembedded markets, against which Polanyi so clearly warned us in the 1940 s, politics are disparaged As Thomas Friedman puts it, we are expected to don the golden straightjacket and trade off politics i.
e democratic control of the economy for greater economic opportunity Like Polanyi before her, who argued that free market capitalism was a dangerous, impractical utopia that could work only on paper but never in practice, Sheri Berman makes an excellent case for the importance of politics, specifically defending the social democratic tradition Although I feel, she is too quick to write off the revisionist socialist position, seeing it as a necessary step towards non socialist social democracy, her vision is admirable and her case persuasive Certainly, her essentially Polanyian analysis of the history of 20th Century capitalism is, I feel, fundamentally sound and her detailed historical review of the evolution of the socialist movement into its socialist, social democratic and even in the form of an ideological rupture fascist branches is both enlightening and, at points, deeply inspiring A book to be heartily recommended to all students of 20th century history, socialism, social democracy, the history of fascism, political economy or political science Worthy of becoming a classic.
A very successful summary of how ideologies and regimes emerged I initially read it on kindle, so much liked it that I had to purchase the paperback